Ace of Diamond Manga Review

Ace of Diamond Manga Review

Ace of Diamond is a manga series about Baseball. Yuji Terajima is the illustrator and writer of the series.

Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine serialized the manga. After I started reading manga, I figured I wanted to try the sports genre as I am a fan of sports.

That’s when I started reading Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu. I searched more and stumbled upon this piece of art.

I became a fan of baseball through and through. Ace of Diamond and Ace of Diamond Act II is the two parts of the manga series.

The first part ran from May 2006 to January 2015. The sequel picked up in August 2015 and is currently ongoing.

Ace of Diamond follows a southpaw i.e. left-handed pitcher, Sawamura Eijun. The manga also has an anime adaption, which last aired in March 2020. You should give it try, the cinematography is a wonder.


Ace of Diamond follows a southpaw i.e. left-handed pitcher, Sawamura Eijun. He is a pitcher with an eccentric pitching style, which comes naturally to him.

Sawamura plans to continue with his middle school baseball team and go to a local high-school in Nagano.

However, his plan takes a 180 when a scout approaches him with a sports scholarship. The scout happens to be from Seidou High, Takashima Rei.

She offers him a chance to play in national if he joins the team. He agrees to visit the school before making any decision. In his tour Sawamura Eijun finds himself facing a regular player.

With the help of the catcher Miyuki Kazuya, he strikes out the player. The play with Miyuki affects his decision and he agrees to attend Seidou High.

Ace of Diamond I

The first part of the Series focuses on the upperclassmen’s last chance to play in nationals.

Sawamura makes many connections with various team members.

His obnoxiously happy self makes him the team’s personal cheerleader.

Seidou faces its main rival, Inashiro Industries. Once the summer tournament ends the upperclassmen retire.

Sawamura along with his friends makes it to the first string.

Ace of Diamond Act II

The sequel continues to follow the journey of Sawamura, Miyuki along with Kuramochi Yoichi, Furuya Satoru, and Kominato Haruichi.

Many new players join the team through the fall tournament.

Once again, the whole team starts preparing for the nationals.

Ace of Diamond justifies real-life baseball games to the utmost level. You can see the players explaining gameplay in detail.

The different forms of pitching are thoroughly discussed. The positions and their roles are well structured.


Pitcher: Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, Kawakami Norifumi (Seidou)

Narumiya Mei (Inashiro), Amahisa Kosei (Ichidaisan), Yan Shunchen (Akikawa ), Sanada Shunpei (Yakushi).

Catcher: Miyuki Kazuya (Seidou), Tadano Itsuki (Inashiro)

Second Baseman: Kominato Haruichi (Seidou)

Third Baseman: Kanemaru Shinji (Seidou), Todoroki Raichi(Yakushi)

Shortstop: Kuramochi Yoichi (Seidou), Shirakawa Katsuyuki (Inashiro)

Coach: Kataoka Tesshin (Seidou), Kunitomo Hiroshige (Inashiro), Raizo Todoroki (Yakushi)

These are some of the active players from all the powerhouses, along with Seidou High. There are many new characters introduced ever since the first year joined the team.

I believe I was only able to improve because I came here and I think I can still improve even more. - Furuya Satoru

Seidou Baseball Team

All the characters bring something unique to the match. Though Sawamura is the main lead, other characters have their own story to tell. The entire team of Seidou has its traits.

Everyone contributes to the development of every other player. The rivalry between Sawamura and Furuya for Ace no. is absolute fun.

Their battle for the position on-field and their banter as best friends off-field is something that will make your day.

All the players are high school students, away from home, and playing to win nationals. They have only each other as friends and teammates, and family. Their opposite personalities make it a cheery environment.

Their video game night and their fight make them look like real brothers. Kuramochi and Sawamura pulling pranks on their new roommate.

Miyuki’s and Sawamura’s evil game plan is in the middle of a match. Haruichi’s fussing over his friends. Furuya’s picking a fight with Sawamura annoys him.

All such little episodes are what make the series a fun read.

I will try to draw out the best of your abilities. You should focus on the batter before you. Acclaim from others will follow. – Miyuki Kazuya to Sawamura Eijun

If you are a fan of sports and like sportsmanship, you must give Ace of Diamond a read. Give it a read, you might find your new favorite.

Thanks for reading!