5 Aesthetic Webtoon Series Recommendations to Binge Read!

Which series is worth checking out with good stories and visually appealing designs to binge-read?

5 Aesthetic Webtoon Series Recommendations to Binge Read!

The popularity of webtoons, known as internet or webcomics/manhwa (Cartoons), has risen recently. Webtoon is a popular South Korean App globally available for readers to read over 200+ series translated into multiple languages. When it comes to story and design, a unique and aesthetic plot could be an eye-open, immediately charming reader.

Aesthetic webtoon series has not only a beautiful plot with good characters, but the overall execution of the story due to the design is what makes the series even more interesting.

If you’re looking for some quality aesthetic webtoon series to binge-read, do check out the five recommendations immediately. The colour, the drawing, the setting, and the plot are definitely attractive.

You don’t have to be a design expert to know a good series when you encounter one. So, what are you waiting for, let’s explore! Vamos~

5. Blue

Another beautiful, aesthetic and colourful series from Indonesia, Blue is created by Kennsaty. The heartfelt story of Juni who lost her parents and began to drift into the world all alone. As she gets closer to the precipice of life and death, Juni encounters Jimmy a lively ghost who means no harm.

Juni’s life begins to change as she started living with her uncle in her old hometown and reconnects with her old friends. The mystery deepens as to who Jimmy really is and why he hovers around Juni.

What does Jimmy want from her and why did he save her from dying? Check out Blue which is a complete daily pass series with 54 chapters. The series is a true life changer, tearjerker and heartbreaking series that’s worth reading.  

4. Maya’s World

The creator of Laras’s Heart, Tupaikidal presents Maya’s World, a connected sequel to the series. What makes the webtoon Maya’s World so interesting, other than the beautiful story and visuals, are the characters, Maya and Radi who ended up with a bittersweet ending in the prequel leaving our hearts eternally broken.

As a reader, Maya’s World makes so much sense to show the growth, love and relationship of two individuals who are so different, unique and similar at the same time.

As fate brought Maya close to Radi once again in the university after literally being ghosted and heartbroken in high school, can they manage it all? Is love meant to be or will the break up?

The Indonesian story is a must-read which offers so many insights into the culture, context and differences in a diverse setting. Read Maya’s World which is a completed daily pass series with 93 chapters including an epilogue!  

3. Mystical

If you’re a sucker for supernatural romance, reading Mystical is a must. The visually compelling story of Mystical by Van. J will instantly attract you as a reader.

Meet Garam, the protagonist who loves to draw. He met an unfortunate fate when his parents passed away when he was young. As he grew up under the care of the foster family, visiting the granma’s house allowed Garam to feel a magical and mystical experience.

Garam meets Myst and develops a romantic connection with her, but due to her alien nature, she must be protected from humans. How will Garam fare on the journey to capture Myst in his drawings and become a renowned artist?

Can love overcome all barriers, especially with Myst’s father who does not trust humans and can easily go on a murder spree if needed? Mystical is a complete daily pass series with 93 chapters. 

2. There Must Be Happy Endings 

Another aesthetic masterpiece by Jaerim and Bulsa. This is a time-travel story done quite right. Yeonu lived a very unhappy contractual married life. After getting a divorce from his husband, Seonjae, things didn’t end well for her.

After witnessing the death of her husband right in front of her eyes, Seonu regrets her life. Life took pity on her and allows a redo as she travels back to 100 days before her divorce/accident with Seonjae.

Can Seonu make things right this time and save him from dying? Can she prevent the divorce and create her own happy ending? Check out the series to find out.

The ongoing series, There Must Be Happy Endings has 109 chapters with 3 spin-off chapters. The series is completed, so now is a good time to start binge-reading. 

1. Freaking Romance

When it comes to extremely good characters and aesthetic vibes, no one can surpass the creator Snailords. From the creator of Nightmare Factory, Freaking Romance introduces a supernatural romance transcending the barriers of two dimensions.

Well, love really can conquer all. Meet Zylith, an 18-year-old who cut ties with her toxic father for good. She gets kicked out of home and thus starts her extraordinary supernatural journey/love story when she discovers a stranger in her very own first apartment that she rents.

The tenant from another world, Zelan a popular musician discovers Zylith as they began coexisting, but they cannot touch each other. 

Verose, Zylith’s best friend and her first crush get entangled in a not-so-cliche love triangle and fights to be in each other's dimensional lives. Freaking Romance is a completed daily pass series with 79 chapters.    

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