Airi Sakura | Character Analysis

Airi Sakura | Character Analysis

Airi Sakura was a simple and shy girl from class 2-D and was a former gravure idol. Airi was pretty and shared a humble relationship with everyone. However, she always remained behind the crowd. Airi didn’t have to courage to stand up on the stage.

It was seen when she wasn’t able to stand up for Ken Sudo. Airi didn’t want to draw any attention. She was sort of an introvert who faced problems while connecting with people. Basically, Airi Sakura was always nervous in some way or the other.

Airi admired Kiyotaka.

Airi was photogenic. She even loved taking pictures of herself and always looked good in the pictures. Airi Sakura even wanted to click a picture with Kiyotaka. Her love for the camera was very special.

She often got disheartened when the camera needed to be fixed. However, Airi Sakura was sensitive to some extent. She believed in change. After Kiyotaka rescued her from the stalker, Airi decided to change her get up and look to feel the change.

She believed that without her glasses she can look at the world better. No wonder, Airi Sakura was pretty much self-conscious. Her body was like a temple for herself and she embraced it. She wore a rash guard instead of a bikini as she didn’t want others to see her.

Trying to socialize with Kiyotaka, she splashed water on him and then started reverting. The shyness took a toll on her and she reiterated it made her sink underwater.

Airi and Kiyotaka's Relationship

Her relationship with others was not bad as well. She came to light when Suzune noticed that Airi Sakura was present during the Ken Sudo incident. Suzune saw her hiding, which made Kikyo approach Airi. Due to this, she even came to the notice of Kiyotaka as well.

Airi and Kiyotaka conversing with each other
Airi and Kiyotaka

Airi Sakura admired Kiyotaka just the way he was. He inspired her; he believed she could do much better than she was doing. No wonder Kiyotaka was still with his words and Airi fell for him.

He came to Airi Sakura’s rescue when she was followed by the stalker. She fell for Kiyotaka even more. She started liking him differently. Airi blushed around him. She even tried to ask him out but failed due to her fear of rejection. She missed her camera while on the trip as she wanted a picture with him.

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