7 Anime Characters Who Powered Up Via Intense Training

7 Anime Characters Who Powered Up Via Intense Training

When characters turn from weak to powerful, it’s like watching a caterpillar bloom into a butterfly after weeks of hard work. What anime characters went through the most rigorous training to develop their powers? Read more to find out what anime characters powered up through intense training.

Transformations are awesome to watch. It’s rewarding not only for the character and the plot but also for the viewers who have spent their emotions on it. What’s better than a weak protagonist who powers up and defeats the evil guys with his newly found unbeatable power? While the end result is good, the rigor and hardships, as well as the intense emotions that the character goes through during their training, make it worth the watch. It brings out similar emotions in us, the viewers.

Anime characters who have had tough childhoods, or have do not have innate abilities and develop them give a lot more to the story. These characters have trained through sweat and grime and persevered to the point where they have outdone other characters.

1. Naruto

naruto with his whiskers and yellow hair

Naruto is on this list because it’s so obvious that he’s been through harsh training, for anyone who has watched the show. He’s one of the characters that worked relentlessly. Fortunately, he had a lot of support and willpower that fuelled the transformation. The entire series focuses on his growth from a weakling to the most powerful shinobi of the shinobi world.

Naruto’s transformations were one of the best transformations since there were so many times, we saw him fail and try again. For someone with that much willpower, he’s bound to be one of the strongest characters out there.

2. Sasuke

If Naruto is on the list, Sasuke should also be on the list since they are pretty much regarded to be the two most powerful shinobi. Since childhood, Sasuke had excelled at the basic shinobi training, but as the series progressed and Naruto got stronger, he also pushed himself to become stronger and stronger.

3. Might Guy

might guy after training

Another character from Naruto, one of the strongest, who came close to beating Madara Uchiha, is regarded as the most powerful shinobi, not only by fans but also by Madara himself. He’s not a main character but he’s one of those anime characters that powered up through intense training.

Might Guy’s transformation is on a whole other level considering that he can’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu. He used taijutsu to transform his skills into something that left even Kakashi stranded.

4. Rock Lee

rock lee during a fight

Rock Lee is the disciple of Might Guy. Similar to his sensei, Rock Lee cannot perform ninjutsu or genjutsu. Nonetheless, that never stopped him from training every day till his hands got beat. He also had a tough time opening the chakra gates for which he spent days and nights perfecting it.

The characters in Naruto are really fast. But Rock Lee is on a whole other level, moving faster than all of them even with weights on. He is also not a main character but he’s one of those anime characters that powered up through intense training.

5. Goku

goku floating in the sky

Goku is unmistakably one of the most powerful characters in the anime world. And, the Super Saiyan form is to thank for it. Goku was already a strong character before he trained to become stronger and breakthrough power caps. Furthermore, with Goku fighting in almost every episode, he’s bound to get stronger.

6. Vegeta

vegeta wearing a blue uniform

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z also went through rigorous training to become stronger than Goku. He underwent training at 450x normal gravity to increase his strength and to achieve a Saiyan state. He became so strong that he could survive a meteor shower but he does not give himself enough time to recover, which hinders his physical potential.

7. Saitama


‘One-Punch Man’ has a hidden meaning behind it, which is power. It’s a superhero name. Saitama is one of the strongest characters in new age anime, where he gains immense power, just like the classics.

Saitama found a perfect workout that worked for him since he was known as a weakling. He did a hundred different exercises until he gained immense strength and could fight anything and defeat them with one punch.