5 Anime Couples Who Didn't End Up Together

5 Anime Couples Who Didn't End Up Together

We always hear what true love is supposed to be but anime portray it honestly. Imagine anime without any romance! Boring, right? Ethereal love isn’t the only part of stories that ended with a couple making it out together, love is love, even if it doesn’t last forever. The list could go on but here are the Top 5 Best Anime couples who didn’t end up together.

5. Yukari & Takao From ‘Garden Of Words’

The two main leads sharing an intimate moment

The best part about Yukari and Takao’s relationship was that even though they came from two completely different worlds, they matured together. Takao who was a lonely teenager found the missing piece to his emotional puzzle when he met Yukari, the mysterious teacher.

We don’t have passionate kisses or tender touches. We didn’t even have a proper confession. What we did get, was daily heart-to-heart talks. Yukari and Takao both needed someone with whom they could share their feelings.

No matter how good or bad the situation got, they never judged each other. Even when Takao found out that she was his teacher, nothing changed between them. Thus, Yukari and Takao’s relationship was a beautiful secret affair.

4. Menma & Jintan From ‘Anohana’

The male lead booping the female lead's nose

Have you ever experienced a love incomplete yet complete? Jintan loved Menma so much that it consumed him. He was never able to tell her that he loved her and that was heartbreaking. Menma died the day of the superbase incident. Jintan always blamed himself for her death.

Jintan's love for her made his wish come true when Menma’s ghost returned for her last wish. Even though their love story didn’t have a happy ending, Menma found her peace when Jintan confessed his love for her.

3. Miyamizu & Taki From ‘Kimi No Na Wa’

The red ribbon scene between 2 friends

This isn’t a Hollywood romantic film. Their attraction towards each other slowly turned into love, the happy moments were memorable but turned into sad ones when Taki found out that Mitsuha’s town was destroyed by a meteor.

Even though by the end of the movie, Mitsuha and Taki did find each other, their memories were back and they were happy over the fact that they could finally remember each other. Mitsuha found peace in that dream swap. Taki gave her a chance to embrace every side of her and talked to her through her hard times.

In the end, that mattered more.

2. Takaki & Akari From ‘5 Cm’s Per Second’

The cherry blossom scene between the two characters

Akari shared her first kiss with Takai. They emotionally grew apart as they both went far from each other. Takai met her in elementary school and fell in love.

But as every love story had its ups and downs, they had them too when Akari broke the news that her family was deciding to move to another town. As he knew that they were going to move away farther, they decided to see each other one last time. Another incomplete yet complete story.

1. Sakura & Haruki From ‘I Want To Eat Your Pancreas’

The two main leads sharing an intimate moment

One of the most heartbreaking love stories. Sakura spent the last few months of her life with Haruki, enjoying and experiencing things she never got the chance to experience before.

The thought of Sakura dying made Haruki’s heart tremble with fear. He never made a friend before in his life because he never felt that he needed one to complete his life. but being with Sakura made him happy.

On their hotel trip, he finally understood that he had feelings for her which made the impact of her death worse. The letter that Sakura left was something he cherished the most in his life.

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