12 Best 90's Anime That You Will Wear Out Watching

Anime has come a long way. The recent anime series are amazing with better plots and amazing visuals and graphics, but nothing comes close to a popular 90s anime.

12 Best 90's Anime That You Will Wear Out Watching

Anime has come a long way. The recent anime series are amazing with better plots and amazing visuals and graphics, but nothing comes close to a popular 90s anime. 2000 was the end of a decade, the end of a century. People of all ages can enjoy anime even if it’s from the 90s. Let’s check out some of the Best 90s Anime and why they have created a benchmark in the anime world. Did your 90s anime make it to the list? Check it out.

Do note that this is a randomized list. There are no rankings and it’s pure fun and speculation. So chill and enjoy this list.

1. Cardcaptor Sakura


The famous clamp manga turned into anime series and was one of the most popular and best 90s anime. The visuals are really appealing despite it being a 90s anime. The anime aired from 1998 to 2000.

Cardcaptor Sakura is still a very popular anime. 20 years later, Clamp announced a sequel of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc. Madhouse announced the return of the series in 2016. Clear Card Arc was released in 2018. The new manga is ongoing and fans can read it.

2. Dragon Ball: Is Goku the Strongest Shonen Hero?

goku in DB

The famous Shonen franchise was so popular that it set the benchmark for many different and later the shonen series. The craze for Dragon ball will never fade away. Dragon Ball first aired in 1986.

It has 6 seasons. Famous Dragon Ball successors are Dragon Ball z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball kai, etc. Dragon Ball Heroes is airing from 2018 to date. Dragon Ball is the most popular Shonen series that gave us Goku.

Goku is the strongest Shonen hero, and there’s hardly anyone who can beat him. Dragon Ball reminds fans of the famous meme when Vegeta screamed “It's over 9000!”

“Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need.” – Goku

3. Great Teacher Onizuka


Famously known as GTO, by mangaka Tooru Fujisawa was released in 1999. The anime is a cult classic and the best 90s anime that everyone should definitely watch. The anime is available on Netflix so do check out this masterpiece.

4. His and Her Circumstances

Kare Kano

The popular 90s anime Kare Kano aired in 1998. The series is commonly known as His and Her circumstance. This Japanese series was drawn by Masami Tsuda in 1996. This is one of the best 90s anime that everyone should watch. It is a timeless romantic comedy that will surely make you feel emotions.

5. Pokemon

ash and misty

Launched in 1998, Pokemon has made the entire world crazy. Even decades later, the frenzy for Pokemon Go caught the world in its deadly grip. Pokemon is a famous franchise that no one can ever miss out on. Remember the famous tagline “Gotta catch ‘em all, Pokemon!”

6. Serial Experiments Lain: Did It Predict the Future?

Serial Experiments Lain

The Serial Experiments Lain series was quite ahead of its time. The famous anime aired in 1998. Watching this series is worth it. This is one of the best psychological anime and is totally worth watching. If you haven’t watched it yet, do check it out and get shooketh.

Some of the events in the series were really ahead of their time. It was almost like the series creator took a time machine and went to the future. Serial Experiments Lain might seem like a difficult series but it’s not actually.

There are very limited dialogues, which keeps space for viewers to interpret it in their own way. The series seems confusing, but it properly explains everything in due time.

7. One Piece

OP luffy

The famous Shonen manga by Eiichiro Oda began airing in 1999. Feels unbelievable no? It’s still ongoing in both the manga and the anime. One Piece anime has 20 seasons with 890 episodes till 2021.

Will fans ever know about the unsolved mysteries in One Piece? Only time will tell. In April 2020, One Piece sold over 470 million copies in 43 countries worldwide.

8. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

This 90s anime is famous in all cultures. Ever seen dramas or other media that do Sailor Moon parodies? Sailor Moon is an immensely popular anime that aired in 1991. The series created by Naoko Takeuchi shows the concept of magical girls who use their powers. Still not convinced, check it out for yourself!

9. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

The 1998 sci-fi anime is immensely popular even today. Cowboy Bebop will charm you away instantly. The character development and high-level sophistication make it easily one of the best 90s anime that one cannot miss.

10. City Hunter

City Hunter

Do not get confused with the popular Korean drama City Hunter! City Hunter is a widely popular 90s anime that aired in 1987. This action and detective comedy will make you nostalgic and chuckle up. This anime series is a must-watch!

11. Digimon Adventure


Who can forget the famous Digimon Adventure anime? The anime first aired in 1999 and made everyone crazy about digital monsters and the virtual world. This series was pretty advanced for its time.

Didn’t you wish you had a Digimon for yourself? Check out the series if you still haven’t watched it. The Digimon franchise had many different seasons and a brand new movie was released in 2020.

12. Detective Conan: Is Detective Conan Ever Going to end?


Gosho Aoyama’s Case closed or Detective Conan is an ongoing manga and anime series. The anime has 1003 episodes which first began airing in 1996. Detective Conan has 29 seasons to date.

Detective Conan has been immensely popular for over two decades and the craze won’t be over anytime soon. Watching Shinichi Kudo as a high school kid who solves mysteries is really intriguing. It’s actually quite surprising how no one in the series figured out his identity yet.

Detective Conan is really impressive as it gives us fresh content with so much mystery and suspense.