Top 14 Anime Powers We Wish Were Real!

Top 14 Anime Powers We Wish Were Real!

What comes to your mind when you think of a superpower? Anime most likely. Although we have the DC and the Marvel universe, nothing can beat the anime superpowers.

From Goku (Dragonball Z) to Nauto characters, different types of Jutsus, anime powers will leave you amazed. What are the Top 14 Anime powers we wish were real? Curious? Let’s find out which power made it into the list.

14. Mind Control

When you mention mind control, the first person’s name that comes to mind is Sosuke Aizen from Bleach who had the entire Soul Society fooled. He’s an honorable villain with the power to control his mind using his Zanpaktou. Mind Control is totally worth it.

13. Shadow Clones / Cloning Ability


One of the coolest abilities and superpowers is shadow clones or simply the cloning technique. Imagine a scenario, you need to go to work/class and there’s an exclusive anime event going on which you’ve waited for eons to go, but you can’t go because of real-life responsibilities.

Imagine having a clone who can go enjoy the event while the real person can attend work/school. Best of both the world. When it comes to cloning no one can beat Naruto. There are many cloning users along with Mori Jin (Mori’s clone Mori Hui) from God of High school doing the best of what they can. You can be at two places at once.

12. Healing


One of the must-have anime power is healing. You can heal yourself and readily get into adventurous sports or extreme sports, without a care in the world. Why; because you can heal quickly. There are many healers in anime history and some of them are Orihime from Bleach, Sakura, and Tsunade from Naruto.

11. Shapeshifting

One of the coolest anime power is shape-shifting. You can become anyone and whoever you wish. You wouldn’t have to worry about gaining or reducing weight. You can take any form you want. One of the coolest shapeshifters is Nyanko Sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends.

10. Super Saiyyan

DBZ warriors

Who doesn't love the power of Super Saiyaan? The transformation, Kamehameha, and the ability to fly, and deliver rock-solid punches make the ability such an OP kill. The transformation power of Super Saiyaan was damn good. Imagine the ability to become an overpowering advanced race with overwhelming power.

This is a power one can wish for any day hands down. The ability of Gotens and Trunks to merge and become cool might look weird because of the pose, but it’s an amazing ability without a doubt. The power of Super Saiyyan might be nice minus the rage and the thirst for overkill.

9. Alchemy

Who doesn’t like the power of Fullmetal Alchemist? The power of Alchemy is one of the anime power we wish were real. Honestly, apart from bringing back the dead, the power of Alchemy can be used for almost anything and everything.

Edward Elric’s alchemy and Roy Mustang’s Fire alchemy are hard to resist. The power of transmutation through alchemy can pretty much solve life’s problems. Imagine the transmutation of boring objects into beautiful things without drawing the transmutation circle would be a cool ability when can desire it.

8. Incredible strength

Who doesn’t want incredible strength like One Punch Man? The incredible strength as a superpower would make you invincible. Ofcourse having Saitama’s superpower would be nice without the going bald issue. His powers made him go bald. Undoubtedly, only Saitama can pull off the bald look as he beats the hell of the evil people in One Punch Man.

7. Byakugan


The ability to watch 360-degree vision is not only cool but highly coveted. The white eyes do look good as well. Byakugan is one of the anime abilities one can wish. Hinata Hyuga and Neji are some of the Byakugan users from the Naruto series. It allows one to see through, almost like an x-ray vision. Hey, don’t use Byakugan for weird activities though!

6. Sharingan


Let’s be honest, long-time Naruto fans would die to have Sharingan. It was like a childhood dream for many to possess a Sharingan. The Uchiha clan’s prized technique, the Sharingan allows one to become resistant against any Genjutsu. The ability to copy things using Sharingan is one hell of a cool anime power. Imagine the ability to visually process everything using the Sharingan.

5. Clairvoyance


Out of all the abilities, the power to see future events is definitely the most desirable. Saiki Kusuo uses Clairvoyance to see future events. Imagine you can use this power to escape the crisis in different situations.

4. Demonic Cultivation

The ability to control dead spirits and negative energy because why not. If you’ve read the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Wei Wu Xian’s power to control the negative energy and the power of the dead is spooky and amazing at the same time. Imagine the spirits at your beck and call, a trip to the underworld wouldn’t be so bad.

3. Power of Clow Card

clow cards

In case you’re unfamiliar with Clow Cards, let’s enlighten you. The Clow card or Sakura Cards are magical cards with different powers. There are 52 cards with different powers each from the elemental categories like Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water. Having the four elements in control doesn’t feel bad for anime powers. You just need to chant the right mantra to unravel the magic!

2. Power of Death Note

Death Note Hell yes!!!! The power to control life and death doesn’t sound so bad. Although the power of Death Note may seem tempting, the wrong use can be concerning. If you could possess a Death Note what would you do?

1. Teleportation


The coolest anime power of all time is Teleportation. Having the power to teleport anywhere in the world without requiring a passport, visa, or booking expensive flight tickets would be so cool. You can visit any country, city or place on earth. Who knows teleportation can let you visit the Moon or other planets.

It’s only a dream but would be so amazing if one can teleport. Saiki Kusuo can teleport but has a cooling period of 3 minutes. There are many anime characters who can teleport as well like the fourth Hokage Minato!

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