10 Anime that give Summertime Rendering Vibes

10 Anime that give Summertime Rendering Vibes

Summer Time Rendering is a recent anime that gained a following upon its release. This show may appear to follow typical slice-of-life conventions, but it is much more than that. It's no surprise that this show became some fans' favorite show to air during the 2022 summer anime season, thanks to its clever cliffhangers, engrossing narrative, mystery, and likeable characters.

What Is Summertime Rendering About?

The Story of Summertime Rendering follows Shinpei Ajiro, who returns to his island home after learning of his friend Ushio's death. Shinpei's best friend informs him at her funeral about Ushio's strange wounds around her neck, indicating that she did not die in a drowning accident. With murder on his mind, Shinpei conducts a brief investigation, which comes to a halt when strange incidents begin to emerge.

These cases involve people disappearing and leaving no trace of why they did so. Shinpei's friend Mio recalls a traditional folktale about supernatural beings known as Shadows. She claims that coming into contact with a Shadow can spell doom. Shinpei fights the fate of Hitogashima Island to protect Mio.

If you're having trouble finding anime similar to Summer Time Rendering, don't worry! We've discovered ten alternative shows that will provide you with an experience similar to Summer Time Rendering.

So, without further ado, here are ten TV shows to whet your appetite after you've finished watching Summer Time Rendering!

1. Shiki

female character staring an unconsious male character

While many fans consider Higurashi to be the king of Horror anime, others prefer Shiki. While the mystery in this show isn't particularly interesting, it does a great job of making viewers feel anxious and disturbed.

This show's imagery is intense, and, like Summer Time Rendering, there's always a sense of darkness hovering over our characters' heads.

In many ways, Shiki's village setting is similar to Hitogashima Island from Summer Time Rendering. Both have identical run-down areas, as well as residents who are filled with suspicion and angst. Furthermore, strange occurrences begin to pile up in both shows, leading to residents making false accusations against one another.

Both shows' protagonists conduct extensive investigations to resolve these issues. Many of their discoveries will lead to dead ends, causing them long-term stress.

The Shiki's goals are very similar to The Shadows' in that both want to control their environments. Shiki will appeal to Summer Time Rendering fans due to its similar setting, premise, and atmosphere.

2. Parasyte: The Maxim

the boy standing in front of the fire

Despite coming from different backgrounds, Parasyte: The Maxim and Summer Time Rendering have a lot in common. Both series feature protagonists who are determined to protect those they care about while also dealing with supernatural entities that can assume human form.

Summer Time Rendering is more action-oriented than Parasyte. Both shows feature intelligent protagonists who employ ingenious strategies to overcome challenges. Parasyte's Shinichi, on the other hand, uses the powers of his alien-like companion Migi to match his enemies in strength.

Nonetheless, the situations in which both characters find themselves will cause them great stress and guilt. The series will take several dramatic turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Check out Parasyte: The Maxim if you're looking for another supernatural thrill ride with a similar premise but more action.

3. Higurashi: When They Cry

the girl sitting on stairs

Despite its horrific imagery and traumatic moments, Higurashi's When They Cry has a fantastic story structure that is layered with mystery and suspense. This series, like Summer Time Rendering, successfully blends supernatural, thriller, and mystery elements.

The first season raises questions and scenarios that are not addressed until the second season. This allows viewers to interact with the circumstances presented in the first season and come up with their own solutions. While this may be irritating to many new viewers, both seasons deliver satisfying events that will leave fans with a lasting impression.

Higurashi's characters, like the cast of Summer Time Rendering, have remarkably distinct personalities and receive enough screen time for fans to develop attachments to them. These characters, like Shinpei, will almost certainly die on multiple occasions. The deaths in this show are traumatic, gruesome, and, in some cases, religious.

Higurashi: When They Cry is a satisfying horror anime with a distinct and compelling story structure.

4. Re: Zero – Starting A Life In Another World

the boy standing in between other power girls

Re: Zero is an intriguing isekai anime full of surprises around every corner. Re: Zero, like Summer Time Rendering, features a protagonist who goes through a death loop every time they are killed. Time travel is essential in both worlds because our protagonists use it to solve problems and challenge fate.

The anime is slow to introduce characters into its world. Fans of Summer Time Rendering will enjoy Re: Zero's distinct characters and their relationship with the show's protagonist, Subaru. Subaru does a good job of playing off these characters, and his interactions with them lead to him developing more respectable traits.

Re: Zero contains both terrifying imagery and satisfying suspense. Characters can expect to be placed in situations where they are subjected to severe psychological torture or hardships. If you're looking for another anime with a lot of mysteries to speculate about with your friends, I'd recommend Re: Zero.

5. Erased

cropped image of the main couple

Another anime with time travel and murder mystery elements is Erased. The protagonist, like in Summer Time Rendering, uses his supernatural abilities to defy fate and save lives. Both anime contain minor amounts of blood and gore but are popular for their mystery and tense elements.

Erased also deals with mature subjects. Child abuse, murder, depression, and other issues are discussed. The scenes that accompany these topics are tear-jerkers designed to help you empathize with the characters who are subjected to these outcomes.

At the same time, Erased has a lot of heartwarming scenes to take a break from the intense storytelling. While the climax of Erased may not satisfy most fans, they will enjoy the build-up and quest that Satoru, the show's protagonist, goes through to get there. Erased is a fun murder-mystery-themed anime with supernatural elements that fans should check out.

6. Tokyo Revengers

the boy beating and scaring the other boy

Tokyo Revengers is a new Shonen Jump series that gained a large following after its anime premiered in early 2021. Takemichi is the protagonist of this story, who went from being loved as a middle schooler to being shunned as an adult. Takemichi is transported back twelve years before being killed by an oncoming train.

He arrives at the point in his timeline where he was dating Hinata, who was murdered. Takemichi, who has knowledge of the future, warns Hinata's younger brother of their impending demise before being sent back in time. While Takemichi saved their lives, something else is different about his current timeline.

As a result, our story focuses on Takemichi's quest to travel through time in order to make the future a better place for everyone. Takemichi, like Shinpei, uses his time-bending abilities for the greater good.

He's a selfless person who looks out for others and does not want them to die in horrible ways. Unfortunately, this show does not go deep enough into Takemichi's abilities, and some of his mistakes are ridiculous.

Even so, this anime features some strong characters who defy common shounen tropes. Check out Tokyo Revengers if you're looking for a fun time-travel anime to watch.

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

the five friends in school uniform

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya transitions from a suspenseful show to one in which characters engage in multiple activities. This show's environments and activities have a similar summer vibe. The characters in this show have distinct personalities that will allow them to stand out.

At the same time, this anime has a happier tone than Summer Time Rendering. While there are some scenes in this show that explore ideas of death and murder, they are not consistently featured.

However, because of Haruhi's latent god-like powers, this show incorporates some twisted elements from its famed Endless Eight arc into its interdimensional locales.

Although such scenes are few in this show, fans will enjoy following our cast on their many hilarious adventures. Haruhi is involved in a variety of amusing situations, ranging from attending school fairs to bullying computer geeks. Kyon, the male protagonist of Haruhi Suzumiya, shares Shinpei's mature personality and mindset.

8. Eden of the East

the main couple walking together

Eden of the East offers an excellent blend of romance and mystery. Each episode contains enough suspense and nuance to keep viewers interested. Despite a lacklustre second half that feels rushed, this show looks to be a worthwhile experience.

Saki, the protagonist of this anime, meets a strange man named Akira. She learns that he has amnesia, which convinces her to befriend him. Unfortunately, she discovers he was a wealthy terrorist. Saki is unaware of the dangers that may befall her as she befriends a random and dangerous stranger.

Shinpei and Akira share many similarities in their attributes and characteristics. Akira may appear to be a homeless man, but he is a man of pure intelligence and wit. Eden of the East brilliantly builds on each mystery presented in the show while also developing Saki and Akira's relationship.

9. Durarara!!

the three friends in school uniform enjoying each others company

Regardless of the month or holiday, urban legends are a fun way to elicit amusing reactions. What would happen if that urban legend were true? Durarara brilliantly explores that concept while also providing a fun story full of mystery and suspense.

Durarara approaches its storyline in a different way than most mystery shows. This anime includes several narrative story arcs to increase the viewer's complexity and complication. Having said that, Durarara wraps everything up nicely, making things feel more enjoyable and less bizarre.

This is one feature that distinguishes it from Summer Time Rendering. In addition, everything in Durarara takes place in a more metropolitan-themed setting.

The urban legends that circulate in this city, as well as the mischief our characters get themselves into, are on par with what Shinpei and his allies go through in Summer Time Rendering.

Expect a lot of plot twists and turns that will catch you off guard. Suspense is important in this story, as you'll always feel tense as you watch our characters solve these mysteries.

At the same time, the characters in this show have fantastic personalities and wit. Fans looking for a series with entertaining supernatural scenarios should check out this show.

10. Anohana: The Flower We Saw Day

the five friends playing outside

Finally, we arrive at a show that enjoys torturing viewers with emotional dialogue and scenery. Summer Time Rendering and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Anohana) have similar themes and story beats. Both anime contain scenes that deal with death, depression, and other depressing topics.

These shows, however, have a similar story structure. Both male protagonists are looking for closure for a deceased friend. While Shinpei faces more obstacles than Anohana's Jinta, both protagonists struggle to achieve their common goals.

Summer Time Rendering, on the other hand, is more mysterious and violent. Fans should not expect nightmarish imagery or thrilling action sequences from Anohana.

This is a show that thrives on sadness, trauma, and heartbreak. As a result, Anohana tells an engrossing story about friendship, following Jinta and his friends' struggles to advance in life.

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