What Exactly Was The Flower In Anohana Anime?

Anohana was already an anime that made us bawl our eyes. However, who was the flower in the anime? Read to know more

What Exactly Was The Flower In Anohana Anime?

Anohana: the flower we saw that day is one of the most beautiful anime out there. It imparts many life lessons which one will cherish forever. We all know that death is inevitable. You cannot run from it or escape it. All you can do is accept it when it is your time.

What was the flower in the anime, Ano Hana: the flower we saw that day talks about? Was it an actual flower? Or was it Menma?

Hanakotoba: The Japanese Tradition In Context Of Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day

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In order to understand the meaning of the title of the anime, one must have an understanding of the Japanese custom Hanakotoba ( 花言葉, “language of flowers”). This custom is one of the most significant customs of Japan which foreign anime viewers are unaware of.

One of the flowers i.e. Japan Wasurenagusa which is used in the custom and is even featured in the anime is commonly known as ‘the forget me not’ plant in English.

As the meaning of the flower implies, it shows us the emotion of friendship and love, reminding someone to not forget about their loved ones and always keep them in their memory.

In reference to the anime, even after five years, Menma’s death affected everyone in different ways. Jintan was the one who was affected the most by Menma’s absence.

It was Menma and Jintan’s efforts that led to the formation of the super peace busters group in order to help other people. The significance of the flower Wasurenagusa was shown in comparison to Menma.

Just like the forget me not plant, it was tough i.e. to forget Menma. She was that light in everybody’s life that she became the Wasurenagusa plant.

The title is a metaphor used to describe their youthful lives and childhood playful childhood. It tells us that no matter how people leave our lives, there is always a hole that is left behind.

However, it is A void that can’t be filled.

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