AnoHana: Which one is better the series or the movie?

Anohana was released both as a series and a movie. But which one is better? What to watch first?

AnoHana: Which one is better the series or the movie?

Ano Hana is an anime about a group of six childhood friends, who drifted apart, after one of them, Meiko ‘Menma’ Honma died in an accident. Five years after Menma died, the leader of the group, Jintan Yadomi had withdrawn from high school and lived in isolation and as a recluse.

One summer day, a ghost of an older-looking Menma appeared in front of Jintan claiming that she had an unfulfilled wish which needed to be fulfilled in order to move on.

Both the series and movie are good and worthy to watch. The movie contains snippets from the series.

It’s a shorter version of the series and from another character’s point of view. It is better to watch the series first and then the movie, as watching the series first would give you a wider perspective in relation to the plot. You will be familiar with the characters and their backgrounds.

The series gives a better view and understanding of what happened. The movie will provide you with the gist of the series but you will not get to see the full scenes about how they all met and how Menma died.

You will feel a lot more connected to the series and the characters of the anime.

The two main leads sharing an intimate moment
The Heart Throb | Menma And Jintan

It is very important to feel connected to the anime because it talks about emotions like life, love, and friendship. The series has one season consisting of eleven episodes and the movie is approximately two hours long. Unlike other anime, it is short.

The series offers a more in-depth understanding of their life. Both will equally hurt your heart to watch and fill your heart with many emotions. You will not be disappointed.

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