AnoHana: Super Peace Busters, Episode 1 Explanation

AnoHana: Super Peace Busters, Episode 1 Explanation

In Super Peace Busters, Jintan Yadomi, is peacefully living his life as a recluse, spending his days away from school and playing video games at home instead. one hot summer day, his childhood friend Meiko ‘Menma’ Honma appears and pesters him to grant her last wish. Jintan ignores her as he thought Menma is not real which annoys Menma, but he really doesn’t care. after all, Menma already died years ago.

At first, Jintan thought he is merely hallucinating as he misses her every day and the summer heat was taking the best out of him. but later on, he is convinced that Menma’s ghost is very real. Jintan and his friends grew apart after Menma’s unexpected death, but they are reunited to grant Menma’s last wish. living with the heavy guilt of Menma’s death will they be able to help not only Menma move on but themselves as well?

Was Jintan Actually Seeing Menma? Or Was It Just A Mere Hallucination?

In Super Peace Busters, Jintan Yadomi is seen in the pilot episode playing video games in his house in the summer season. Jintan is a very quiet and alone kind of kid. He doesn’t attend high school and doesn’t have any friends left. He is seeing a ghost of an older-looking Menma.

Menma being Menma the lively kid she’s always been is very excited beside Jintan. When Jintan sees Menma he thinks it’s the stress and trauma which he’s been carrying since Menma’s death which is why he’s getting visions of Menma.

Menma says she has a wish that hasn’t been granted which is why she is not able to pass it on to her afterlife but she is not able to remember what it is. Soon, she recalls her wish to see her friends together. As they are having this conversation, Jintan hears a knock at the door which Menma rushes to open and spots her friend Naruko ‘Anaru’ Anjou.

Menma and Jintan's chilhood memory of having fun in the forest with their friends
Super Peace Busters

She has dropped by to give Jintan the summer vacation homework. Jintan and Anaru are not on good terms right now and they have an argument. Menma gets irritated by this new obnoxious behaviour of Jintan so she forces him to go after Anaru and talk to her.

So they both go to the city where they run into two former friends Chiriko ‘Tsuruko’ Tsurumi and Atsumu ‘Yukiatsu’ Matsuyuki. He reacts very harshly when Jintan accidentally drops Menma’s name. He criticizes him for not paying attention at school and not being regular.

Frustrated Jintan Yadomi runs off leaving Menma behind. Jintan begins to recall everything that happened in the past. Even to the day when Menma was very alive and they were all together.

They were all a part of their group named “super peace busters” with Jintan as its leader. Super Peace Busters was made by Jintan and Menma. both of them wanted to work for the people of Saitama. Super Peace Busters was a major reason why they all were so close to each other.

How Did Jintan Hurt Menma’s Feelings?

One day, Anaru asked him if he likes Menma to which he replied and hurt Menma’s feelings. He decides to apologize to her, but before he could Menma dies in an accident.

Jintan has been carrying this guilt for the last five years over his head. Every time he closes his eyes he sees Menma’s face when he rejected her. Back in the present, Menma visits her family house where she sees his brother, mother and father.

She gets emotional when she sees her brother has grown up so much. And how her father was reading the newspaper as he always does. Jintan decides to find Menma again. He wanted to apologise to her so he runs to their old spot where he meets one more former friend Tetsudo “Poppo” Hisakawa.

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