Who does Anzu End up With in Romantic Killer?

What will happen to Anzu Hoshino when are three precious things in life get confiscated by Riri? Can they traded for love?

Who does Anzu End up With in Romantic Killer?

What if the three most prized possession of your life gets confiscated from you and the only way to get them back is to play a real-life Otome game with Ikemen? Sounds harsh but exciting no?

The new ONA (Original Net Animation) from Netflix Romantic Killer revolves around a high school student Anzu Hoshino who only cares about video games, chocolate and her cat Momohiki.

What happens to Anzu when a wizard Riri enters her life and gets entangled with Ikemen and a mission to make her fall in love?

Will Anzu fall in love? What happens to Riri? Who does Anzu end up with?

What is Romantic Killer Anime about?

Meet Anzu Hoshino, a high school girl with no desire for romance. The only three things Anzu cares about are video games, chocolate and her cat Momohiki.

Anzu’s laid-back life gets disrupted when a wizard Riri forcibly enters her life and transports her into an unrealistic otome game with Ikemen.

As Hoshino Anzu has no regard for men or romance, Riri confiscates her three priced items to compel her to join the ridiculous love challenge.

The otome hell challenge for Anzu began with Riri’s interruption and the introduction of three hot bishonen in her life.

Not only that, but suddenly Anzu’s parents went overseas due to work taking away her cat and leaving her behind to live a flexible and solitary life.

This gives Riri the perfect opportunity to mess with Anzu’s life to make her crazed in full-throttle romance. The battle between Riri and Anzu begins!

Who are the Ikemen in Anzu’s Life?

Anzu Hoshino’s life was disrupted by the presence of three different Ikemen ready to make her fall into the romance trap or is it?

Tsukasa Kazuki is a popular guy from class 7 who had an accidental encounter with Anzu.

Anzu ended up breaking Kazuki’s phone due to an accident. Kazuki seemed distant and aloof, he has his own reasons not to get involved with people, especially girls.

Seeing how Anzu avoided him like a plague, Kazuki was relieved to be near her. Due to unnecessary meddling by Riri, Kazuki ended in an unplanned cohabitation with Anzu.

Of course, there’s no romance as neither of them sees one other in a romantic light. Sucks to be Riri, but she is relentless and has no plans to give up on Anzu.

Anzu is a hardcore game lover and had spent her entire life wrapped in video games. Her middle school friend Tonto turned out to be a hot bishounen, a perfect Ikemen.

Tonto is actually none other than Junta Hayami who is her school’s famous baseball player. Anzu’s childhood friend became one of the top romance candidates.

girl playing a game

Junta is head over heels for Anzu and it wasn’t because of Riri’s meddling but he always liked her since they were kids. Due to Junta’s appearance, others didn’t play with him except for Anzu.

It was because of Anzu’s words that she liked guys who played sports, Junta became interested in sports. Not only that, but because Anzu said Junta would make a good Baseball player due to his reflexes, he actually tried that sport!

What an admirable level of dedication Junta has, he deserves a lot of respect. How can a romance story especially an Otome game be complete with a Prince or a typical rich young master? The third candidate for Anzu’s romantic adventure is Hijiri Koganei.

Aided by Tsuchiya san, Hijiri is a true Tsundere. The Ouijasama (Prince) of class 8 first misinterpreted Anzu when she got into an accident. Thanks to Riri’s meddling, Anzu was late for school and nearly got into an accident.

a cat sleeping on a women's lap

This is pretty much of a typical troupe for Hijiri when girls tried the accident cliche to get close to him. No wonder he misunderstood and thought Anzu was interested in him.

This is typical of Anzu as if she would give in to romance and fall for Hijiri. It was the other way around. Anzu and Hijiri went on a forced date but she ended up giving a straightforward rejection to Hijiri.

As Tsuchiya san later pointed out, thanks to Anzu’s rejection, Hijiri became more self-aware. Thanks to more meddling by Riri, Anzu’s cohabitation involved Junta and Kazuki.

Saki Takamine, Anzu’s best friend came to know about the situation but she is trustworthy enough to keep secrets.

It’s not a direct love candidate and it even made no sense when Riri transformed into Rio and pretended as Anzu’s cousin. Rio intended to create a romantic spark of rivalry for Kazuki, Junta and Hijiri, but it didn’t work much.

Potential Spoilers ahead!!!

What happened to Riri? Why was she punished?

Wizards cannot use their power other than to make the person fall in love or help them in their romantic pursuits. Riri crossed the line when he tried to save Anzu from Kazuki’s stalker.

This didn’t fare well for Riri as she was punished for using her magic on the stalker to erase her memory of Kazuki. As a result, Riri was punished to serve in the dungeon for her entire lifetime.

The corporate world surely sucks, especially for Riri. Of course, Riri negotiated and returned Anzu’s precious items back.

Who does Anzu End up With?

Previously, Kazuki wasn’t interested in Anzu romantically.

He cleared the situation with Junta and later told him that he started feeling romantic feelings towards Anzu, especially after the stalker situation.

Anzu isn’t like others and makes him feel safe when she’s with him. As Riri was punished, Kate was sent as a replacement. Knowing Anzu, she wasn’t happy that Riri was punished and he didn’t even tell her goodbye.

This is Anzu we are talking about as if she would give up that easily. Anzu manipulated Kate and pulled up the love card to bring back Riri as her argument said Rio could be her love interest.

Romantic Killer anime ended with Riri back from exile but no clear romantic ending for Anzu. As usual, both Kazuki and Junta are beside Anzu and Riri is back.

The love route is open for Anzu as Riri challenges her to the romantic game threatening to take away her favorite three things again.

In short, the series ended with no clear romantic ending for Anzu. In short, Anzu is enjoying her carefree single life.

The series has 12 episodes and it focuses more than romance but rather on the relationship around Anzu.

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