Are Karaka and Wangnan Brothers?

Are Karaka and Wangnan Brothers?

Tower of God has many characters but no one comes close to Karaka when it comes to savage and mystery. Karaka is one of the famous antagonist characters with very little to reveal even after many chapters.

He is literally shrouded in mystery and no one knows what Karaka looks like. Forget about the looks, no one really knows who Karaka is or his origins. Many theories are circulating about Karaka and some of them do make sense.

Who is Karaka in The Tower of God?

Karaka is the FUG's Slayer whose sole mission is to slay King Jahard. He was trained by Ha Jinsung and he respects his mentor a lot.

Karaka is a very special character who will leave you with mixed emotions.

Karaka was one of the 13 Slayer candidates like Baam. He was enraged when Ha Jinsung was captured and helped Baam and others escape because of his mentor.

He teamed up with Baam, his arch-nemesis just to save his teacher. Karaka may seem cold-hearted but he cares about his teacher the most.

He wants to bring chaos to the tower and overthrow the powerful families ruling the tower.

Karaka is never seen without full-body armor and Karaka's secret hideout location is floor 97.

Are Karaka and Wangnan brothers?

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This is one of the most popular theories that Karaka and Wangnan are brothers.

Interestingly, Wangnan has a ring that signifies Jahard's emblem or insignia. Feel free to call it whatever.

Unfortunately, Rachel stole Wangnan's ring, and currently, she is in possession of the ring. Karaka has the same range.

It's not just similar, it's definitely identical. Karaka and Wangnan did have a discussion and it's true maybe Karaka is searching for his brother.

Wagnan told Karaka that he had a similar ring, but sadly Karaka didn't believe him and it's quite logical.

Wangnan told the Fug Slayer that Rachel has her ring. Wangnan and Karaka have parted ways and that's the last we saw of them.

Karaka was currently with Baam and Yama. Meanwhile, Wangnan is a hostage of Rachel. Sadly the incorrigible Rachel won't stop harassing Wangnan.

Is Karaka stronger than Yuri?

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When Yuri and Karaka fought, both of them were evenly matched. Yuri gave a tough fight to Karaka and she was barely able to make a dent in Karaka.

Yuri is a high-level ranker and a Jahard princess and she cannot be taken lightly. In terms of strength, they are both evenly matched.

Karaka is a potential threat to Yuri and his enemies in terms of combat, close-range fight, and techniques. However, in the fight, Yuri gained momentum even though it looked like she was losing.

For Baam and others to escape, Yuri and Karaka fought and she created a distraction.

But, Karaka is smarter than Yuri. He saw through h

er deception and directly attacked Baam and his teammates. Yuri was able to stall him and even gave him one hell of a fight.

In the end, Karaka had to retreat. For more check out the fight between Karaka and Yuri in the Hell train arc of the webtoon!

Is White stronger than Karaka?

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White was sealed in the hell train for many years. When White was reawakened he was barely at his half capacity. There's a reason White is a ruthless Slayer who has no qualms about killing people without giving a second thought.

Karaka seems more rational and level-headed than White. In terms of strength, White could be stronger. But in the series, White's strength degraded and didn't fully restore.

Unless there isn't a real fight, no one can predict who can win. But for money's worth, the bet is placed on Karaka for sure. He isn't a Slayer for not just any simple reason.

Is Karaka stronger than Baam?

Baam is the strongest character in the Tower of God. Baam did start as the weakest character in the series, but Baam certainly made quite a progress from season 1.

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It has been a long journey for Baam from a simple guy chasing Rachel to becoming FUG's puppet Jyu Viole Grace.

Karaka doesn't like Baam and is always bloodthirsty towards him.

Karaka and Baam have two similarities, they were both trained by the same master Ha Jinsung and they are both associated with FUG.

The biggest difference is Karaka is affiliated with FUG by his own choice whereas Baam was forced to become a part of FUG to protect his friends.

In terms of strength and Shinsu use, Karaka may even be better than Baam.

Baam is powerful, but he's emotional and relies on thorn's power. Baam had advanced and increased his power but Karaka cannot be underestimated.

He gave a well-matched fight with Yuri Jahard and cannot be taken lightly.

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There needs a proper duel between Karaka and Baam, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Baam and Karaka had teamed up temporarily and were last trying to get Yama to join their alliance.

Let's hope the hiatus ends soon so fans can resume reading the Webtoon once again.

The fans can only wish for more Karaka and Wangnan's scenes. But that might not be happening anytime soon.

It's almost a half-established fact that Wangnan and Karaka are brothers and are somehow related to Jahard.

The ring is the biggest proof and more than that Wangnan's features are very similar to the young Data Jahard.

The similarities are way uncanny and hard to ignore. What if Karaka and Wangnan are the secret sons of Jahard.

It's confusing but worth noting that Jahard was crazy about Arlene (Baam's mom). His blood is highly potent which is why he didn't marry or have any offspring.

Well not marrying anyone was another reason, maybe his obsession with Arlene was never over, but if Jahard didn't produce offspring then how are Wangnan and Karaka related to Jahard?

Why does Karaka hate Jahard so much that he wants to kill him?

There are so many mysteries and so many questions and only the author SIU can answer and satisfy the fans!!!