Are Touya and Yukito Canon?

Are Touya and Yukito Canon?

A huge shout out to Clamp manga for making Cardcaptor Sakura especially in the 1990s. Cardcaptor Sakura series is a Shoujo manga that ran from 1996-2000. Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tuskishiro are two of the secondary characters who share the same feeling of protecting Sakura.

Sakura is Touya’s sister and is acquainted with Yukito through Touya. Toya x Yukito is one of the best things CLAMP has done and it’s surprising how microscopic Japan let it pass. In other countries, kindly take notes from CLAMP.

Touya and Yukito are entangled with each other and more than just friends. Whether you like it or not, accept it or not, Clamp has made Touya x Yukito legit in ways more than you can count in the manga and the series. Cardcaptor Sakura was a gentle and sweet experience for fans, and Touya x Yukito is one of the reasons.

If your queer senses are tingling, then it’s rightfully so because Touya x Yukito are here to stay, forever. The original 1998 series made it perfectly clear why Touya X Yukito is credible and good to go! If you have complaints, now is the time to exit, because CLAMP FTW for Touya x Yukito!

The new arc, the Clear Card arc may have toned down, but the subtleties are there, you can’t possibly miss them. With CLAMP manga’s strategy, which might I add is a good one, Touya x Yukito have appeared in all of the Clamp universes, and without a doubt, they are legit.

Is Yukito in love with Touya?

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Cardcaptor Sakura was careful and sly at the same time. Yukito and Touya are best friends forever, but it’s more than that. When Sakura confessed her feelings to Yukito, he politely declined her.

He clearly expressed how Touya is his number 1 and Sakura affirmed it’s the same for Touya as well.

Yukito didn’t confess to Touya, and he doesn’t have to. These actions were more than a strong confession, and he didn’t hesitate for once. Meanwhile, Touya deeply cares about Yukito and doesn’t want him to disappear.

He has expressed to Kaho that he was not in love with her anymore, and was in love with someone else. The series was never explicit and neither of them directly ever speak it out loud, but honestly, it’s not even needed.

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When Yukito was about to disappear, he gave all of his powers to Yue, so that Yukito won’t disappear. Of course, he asked Yue to protect Sakura and himself, indirectly asking to protect Yukito.

Touya was there when Yukito collapsed and almost disappeared during the New Year. Touya was gravely concerned for Yukito’s wellbeing and wanted to inform him so many times, only to be disrupted by Nakuru. Did Nakuru like Touya or was messing with Yukito is still unknown.

Is Yue in love with Touya?

Objectively speaking, Yue cared a lot about Clow Reed and admired him only. His affection made it difficult for him to acknowledge Sakura as his new master.

Though, later he accepts Sakura and is moved by her actions. When it comes to Touya though, they didn’t have many interactions.

Yue is aware of the affection that his alter ego, Yukito has for Touya. Yue has no plans to interfere with Touya and Yukito and is aware of how both of them have feelings for one another. Yue is mostly a spectator in this case.

Yue cares about Sakura, Yukito and is extended to Touya by default, but Yue does not have any romantic interest in Touya.

Are Touya and Yukito together?

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They always hang out together. They were in high school, work in the same part-time jobs, and even went to the same local college. Fans can only hope to see more of them in the Clear Card arc. The Clear Card manga arc is still ongoing, and fans can expect a new season anytime in the future.

If it’s Clamp, it’s possible. There’s no reason for Touya and Yukito to not be together. As for the relationship concerned, the show doesn’t have to explicitly say everything, fans know how to read between the lines. Touya x Yukito is ultimate and no one can change it.

Are Touya and Yukito canon?

The original series had many direct hints and a subtle portrayal of Touya x Yukito scenes. They are always together in the series, and Touya listens only to Yukito. Fans have noticed how close they are and it’s more than just being besties.

They are concerned about each other, cherish each other, and want to protect each other. Touya gave up all his magical powers just to save Yukito, and nothing can be a greater sacrifice than this, and if this isn’t true love, don’t know what really qualifies.

Not every single emotions have to be expressed explicitly. Yukito and Touya have openly expressed their feelings in the show, not directly to each other, but that counts as well.

Yukito felt guilty after receiving Touya’s powers and was feeling anxious thinking he wasn’t real and his existence only serves the purpose to Yue. Touya assured Yukito and told him that he was a very real and different person.

The balance of gentle and calm Yukito and Touya devilish outside and gentler inside was a good CP. Undoubtedly, Touya xYuki is canon like it or not, it’s the best CP.

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