Momobami Clan: Is Yumeko Related To Kirari In Kakegurui?

The momobami clan was quite a big family, it gets so confusing to know the members. This article explains the full family tree.

Momobami Clan: Is Yumeko Related To Kirari In Kakegurui?

Kakegurui is one of the most famous psychological thriller anime. The story of Kakegurui revolved around a private high school named the Hyakkaou Private Academy, one of Japan’s most prestigious schools where only the rich spoiled kids went.

Unlike other schools, Hyakkaou Private Academy was quite different. In other schools, the student’s results were based on their academic and co-curricular activities results. It was the opposite at Hyakkou Private Academy.

The Hierarchy Of Kakegurui

The hierarchy was determined by gambling. Students were ranked by their monetary contributions to the student council. Those who won, earned popularity, money, and fame whereas those who lost, fell into debt and become house pets known as ‘dogs’ and ‘kittens’.

The protagonist was Yumeko Jabami, a beautiful girl who recently transferred to Hyakkou. As soon as she stepped in, the tables turned and the system changed. Unrestrained by rules or logic, Yumeko threatened to destroy the twisted hierarchy of the school as she continued to seek thrill in her life.

As soon as she became aware of the fact that the whole system was disrupted because Yumeko, the student council head Kirari Momobami, was hell-bent on destroying her. The students of the Hyakkou Academy enjoyed the system instead of being against it.

Especially, students like Kirari Momobami and Midari Ikishima straight away went for death bets. They had no respect or regard for human life. They sought their fun and thrill by torturing other people.

The hierarchy was in the hands of the student council. There were many people who were a part of the student council holding different positions. The student council was the foundation of the dirty politics that were followed in the school. Kakegurui takes many different directions.

The characters weren’t fighting or creating some sort of harem or chaos but, instead, the focus was on gambling, winning, drama, and the competitions.

The Hundred Devouring Families: The Momobami Clan

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The Hundred Devouring Families, also known as the Momobami clan (百喰一族, Momobami-ichizoku) were a mix of various branch families that were distantly related to each other.

Most of the clan was wealthy and super powerful in terms of relations. They held a fair amount of political relations around the town. The surname usually ended with the suffix ‘bami’ meaning  ‘devouring’ in Nihongo, that is, Japanese.

The whole Momobami clan specialized in different types of businesses, dealing majorly with entertainment and medicine. The current leader of the Momobami clan, Kirari Momobami, was the president of the Hyakkou Private Academy’s student council.

She has upheld the foundation of the hierarchy in the Hyakkou Private Academy. She even made gambling compulsory. Gambling was their source of income in her life. Inspire by being from such a big family and having so many relations, they were quite hostile towards each other.

They showed no mercy once they got into competition with each other. Even if they killed each other in the game, they lived with no regrets. But the person who gave the highest competition out of all was Kirari. Almost every branch of the family was hell-bent on taking away Kirari’s position as her position brought power and fame.

Since the family was heavily influenced by politics, whoever got the position inherited the power. Since this hard stake competition existed in the Momobami Clan, it became very hard to get along with each other. No matter if it was your close cousin or distant one or even your own sibling there was no love when it came to taking away power.

The meaning of the clan says it all. Most of the family members were being devoured by each other during the gambling matches, meaning they lost everything, even their humanity.

Every dispute was solved with gambling. There was nothing like talking it out in the Momobami Clan. This even meant each and every member of the Momobami Clan was very much aware of gambling from early on. It was very much clear from Yumeko’s surname ‘Jabami’ that she was a part of this conglomerate branch of families. Her surname ended with the suffix ‘bami’ which made her a member of this diverse clan.

Yumeko was the perfect threat for Kirari. As soon as she stepped into the Hyakkou Private Academy, she changed the estranged rules. Since there wasn’t much screen time where Yumeko’s past life or her family were discussed, there wasn’t much that could be said or predicted about her family.

Main Family

The Momobami Family had Kirari Momobami and Ririka Momobami as known members. Kirari possessed most of the power whereas, Ririka was quite the loner.

Other Members In The Family

Jabami Family with Yumeko Jabami as the known member, there wasn’t any discussion about Yumeko’s family as their business was unknown.

Totobami Family with Terano Totobami and Yumi Totobami as the known members were known for maintaining peace and keeping a balance between the various branches of the family.

Inbami Family with Miyo Inbami as the sole known member had a very wide business of medicines, mainly poisons.

Yobami Family with Miri Yobami as the known member specialising in the medication sector.

Honebami Family with Miroslava Honebami as the known member was known as the ‘cleaning-up family’. Basically, they were responsible for getting rid of all the impurities in the family.

Mushibami Family with Erimi Mushibami as the known member was one of the most dangerous ones.

They were known by the name of ‘torturing family’. They specialised in torturing people.

Warakubami Family with Sumika Warakubami as the known member were known for their involvement in the entertainment sector.

Obami Family with Rin Obami and Ibara Obami as the known members were known for being best at swindling, which meant they used deception in order to deprive someone of their money or possessions.

Komabami Family with Nozomi Komabami as the known member don’t have much to discuss them.

The Momobami clan was introduced in the second season of Kakegurui by Kirari Momobami. This was one of the most interesting turning points in the series.

The Momobami clan changed the whole game. They were surely the best part of Kakegurui.

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