3 'Not So Main' Assassination Classroom Characters

3 'Not So Main' Assassination Classroom Characters

Assassination Classroom is a manga illustrated by Yusei Matsui. The manga is also adapted into an anime series with two seasons. All the Assassination Classroom characters are fascinating enough to receive individual introductions.

The plot revolves around the students of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School and their attempt to assassinate their homeroom teacher Korosensei.

However, in this post you will read about the three Assassination Classroom characters that play side roles or minor roles. Anywho, let’s get to know them.

1. Tadaomi Karasuma

Karasuma is an agent sent to supervise Korosensei, by Japan’s Ministry of Defense. He works as a physical education teacher for Class 3-E.

He is a professional soldier who comes across as aloof and emotionless.

As the series progress, you can see him becoming more friendly with the class though strict when required.

He feels responsible towards the students; coming to their rescue anytime they get in trouble.

Karasuma has time and again prioritized the safety of his students.

After the incident with the God of Death, he puts in a request to his superior that Class 3-E should not be put into any mortal danger.

His friendship with Korosensei and Irina Jelavic starts a little off balance. But he grows fond of them as the story goes on.

In the Graduation Album, Karasuma and Irina are shown to have a daughter. He is not that heartless after all.

Among the Classroom Assassination characters, in the poll of the 12th volume, he ranked 4th.

2. Aguri Yukimura

Yukimura is the former teacher of Class 3-E. She is shown to be a cheerful person who loves her job as a teacher.

She is very emphatic and is the only person who was kind to the original Reaper. She is known for her odd sense of fashion.

Her soft-spoken personality makes her well-liked among everyone. She did her best to encourage the students of Class 3-E and support them.

She was loved by all the students of Class 3–E.

Her wish to restore the self-esteem of the misfit students of Class 3-E becomes the motivation for Korosensei to become their teacher.

This makes her an important Classroom Assassination character.

Aguri Yukimura and Korosensei developed a bond after spending time when he was kept in the lab for experiments.

She was appointed to keep guard of Korosensei. Later on, she grew genuine feelings for him.

If you have only one year left… if you would give your time… Go teach those children… They are lost in dark, just like you… Look at them straight in the eye… and I know you will find your answer.

3. Gakuho Asano

Gakuho Asano is the board chairman of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He acts as the complete opposite of Korosensei in terms of a teacher.

He is performance-oriented and is overly obsessed with perfect A+ results from his students.

He prioritizes his own educational ideals and enforces them on all the students of the school.

It was Asano’s plan to drive the entire Class 3-E out of the main building in order to scare the rest of the students and to keep his ideals in force.

In the past, his teaching method and personality were a mirror image of Korosensei. He too used to play mock assassinations with his students.

However, when one of his three students, whom he cared deeply for, commits suicide, his entire personality is flipped.

He blamed himself for the death of his student. He started to believe that only strong adults survive in this world, there is no place for good people.

Towards the end, he reverts back to his old personality when Class 3-E and Korosensei prove his teaching ideals to be wrong.

These three Assassination Classroom characters may not be in the main line up but they are responsible for the progress of this beautiful story.

In a sense, they push the story forward and give us such a memorable ending.

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