Attack on Titan Season 2 Final Battle, Explained

Attack on Titan Season 2 Final Battle, Explained

The Attack on Titan Season 2 final battle certainly made the fans grip the edge of their seat. The season started off with the heavy cliffhanger from season 1 that left the fans hanging with many questions in mind.

This season was particularly important to the story; a big secret was unveiled about the titans. In addition to that, motives and loyalties were questioned.

The season follows Eren Yeager, who is revealed to have the power to turn into a titan, betrayed by Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan.

Annie chased the Scout Regiment with the intention of capturing Eren.

creatures fighting amongst themselves

This left the fans in turmoil… Who is the real “villain” here now? Who is working against the people within the walls?

As the season progressed, the staggering events that took place only confused the fans even more.

Annie gets caught within the walls after fighting Eren to the death after which she immediately crystallizes herself with a focus on not being interrogated. This led to an uproar within the center of the Walls.

Commander Erwin Smith took sole responsibility for the damage and disturbance caused within the Walls.

Soon after, the Scout Regiment decided to investigate further with the intention of gaining more information as to why the Titans are after Eren.

During the investigation, they discover many villages vacant, almost like the whole village being devoured and wiped out.

This season cultivated a new side to the characters gaining sympathy from the fans.

Each character went through a different trauma, some losing their family, some turning titan, some having to face the barbarous reality of the tyranny of the titans.

Sasha Braus and Connie Springer went through emotional turmoil after witnessing the ruins of their respective villages.

What could be more agonizing than losing family and losing your childhood?

Season 2 Final Battle

The Attack on Titan Season 2 final battle lasted a few episodes. All the conspiracies that were formulated in their investigation about Annie Leonhart created unrest amongst the Scout Regiment members.

Halfway through the season, Reiner and Bertholdt’s true form was revealed, along with their mission.

One thing was clear to the fans, from the complexity of the story from this point on, no one could be trusted.

What instigated the battle? When Reiner confessed that he is the ‘Armoured Titan’ and Bertholdt as the ‘Colossal Titan,’ in desperation to save humanity he professed an idea. A solution that could save mankind.

a severely injured man telling his secrets

Reiner showed signs of a bipolar personality. In a way, his mission drove him to forget his identity. So, when he spilled his secret to Eren, his suspicions got confirmed. As expected, hostility arose between them.

When they transformed into their titan forms, this became one of the biggest plot twists in the show, possibly in the anime world.

Soon after their transformation, Eren and Ymir were kidnapped. Eren fought to run away from them. He didn’t get out of the battle unscathed.

With his healing amputated leg and hand, he learned more of the truth.

Reiner and Bertholdt being Marleyans, sent on a mission that could end humankind only felt remorse and helplessness in the situation they were in.

Mikasa, Armin and Levi being protective of Eren, immediately charged into battle with the rest of the Scout Regiment.

In the meantime we learned of the painful past that Ymir had to go through. Gaining sympathy for her helpless state, she finds solace in her friendship with Historia Reiss.

This battle tilted in the favour of the Eldian people. Together with their oneness, with a collective goal in mind, Eren was able to discover new powers to his titan side.

Fans speculated, from this heated battle, what does the new power mean? Who’s right and who is wrong? What is the real truth?

This season brought a whole new meaning to the word “betrayal”.

While betrayal comes from one side of the parties involved, almost all of them have a ulterior motive.

Who is the villain?

This question is posed numerous times throughout the Attack on Titan series.

This battle marks the beginning of a whole new theory. Up until then, we knew of the villain in plain sight but what was to come next? Betrayal comes in all forms.

Perhaps, this was a misunderstanding or worse, an actual goal to keep humans in a state of fear for power.