3 Talented Ace Of Diamond Pitchers You Must Know About

3 Talented Ace Of Diamond Pitchers You Must Know About

Ace of diamond characters has more than Seidou as a baseball team. Among all the other characters, I have chosen 3 pitchers to focus on.

All the teams get a considerable amount of chapters showcasing their game.

It will turn into a long list and an even longer post, if I try to talk about all of them. So for now let’s focus on these three characters.

1. Furuya Satoru

Furuya Satoru during a critical moment of the game

Furuya Satoru is the rival of Sawamura Eijun but also one of his best friends.

He came from Hokkaido all the way to Seidou to find a catcher who can catch his pitches. Furuya has a fastball that often gains a speed of 155km/h.

Satoru’s teammates in Hokkaido could not catch his pitch. His overwhelming fastball caused his team to call him “monster”.

Satoru ended up not enjoying baseball and started practicing alone pitching into a wall.

After joining Seidou he asks Miyuki Kazuya to catch his pitches. He becomes shocked when Miyuki successfully catches his pitch.

Furuya declares he will become the ace of the team which begins his rivalry with Sawamura Eijun.

He is the only first-year to become a part of the first string and play an official match in his first year.

Moreover, he becomes the Ace of the team in the Fall Tournament.

Furuya Satoru is aloof in nature and ends up sleeping everywhere and anywhere.

Being from Hokkaido, he can’t tolerate the heat in Tokyo and often goes into hibernating mode. He hardly speaks which makes his interaction with Eijun more fun.

Even though I was given this jersey number, I am still not trusted as the ace. [I want to achieve] the level of pitching that doesn’t let anybody complain about either the results or the substance, pitching that is acknowledged by everyone.

2. Narumiya Mei

Narumiya Mei showing his aggression during a match

Narumiya Mei is a southpaw pitcher from Inashiro Industrial.

He is popularly known as “The Prince of the Capital” but he calls himself the King of pitching.

Well, he is not entirely wrong for he has crushed even the best of batters.

Mei is a confident person who hates to lose. The only players from the opposing team whom he respects are Yuuki Tetsuya, the ex-leader of Seidou and the only member of Seidou who could hit his pitch, and Miyuki Kazuya.

Narumiya is mostly known for his air-headed and spoiled personality.

However, he accepts his mistakes and for a brief moment shows his humble gratitude towards his team members during Summer Koshien Finals.

Only Harada Masatoshi, his former catcher can keep Mei’s attitude in check. They were the “Golden Battery of Inashiro”.

Harada believes in Narumiya’s talent and skill as a pitcher and that he will represent Japan in the future with his pitching.

He’s a cheeky and irritating kohai, but I believe he will become the pitcher who represents Japan in the future. He is irritating though. – Harada

3. Amahisa Kosei

a player throwing a ball

Amahisa Kosei is the current Ace of Ichidai Sankou succeeding Manaka Kaname. He is a talented pitcher and is never fazed by strong opponents.

Though, he does get distracted by a batter who catches his interest like Todoroki Raichi.

Amahisa is very confident of his team as shown again and again. He tells them frankly to score points so that he can pitch without trouble.

Even makes bets on how many runs they can score. His teammates also show their faith in him.

Amahisa during his first year in Ichidaisan plays for the team. But, when they get eliminated from Spring Koshien he feels bored of the long practice sessions.

He quits the team in his second year to have leisure time for himself.

However, after he sees his upperclassman failing to win the 89th Summer Koshien, especially Manaka, he rejoins the team.

Amahisa works hard to gain the trust and acknowledgment of his teammates.

Looks like he has managed to become a crucial part of the team and win over his team member.

Amahisa’s pitch has a velocity of 151 km/h. he has Slider, Curveball, and Slutter (a hybrid of Cutter and Slider) as his arsenal.

He begins a bit shaky but gradually gains control of his pitches. When the pitches begin to work they become harder to hit.

There are many more Ace of Diamond characters worth mentioning. Well, you oughtta watch the series to know more about them.

For sure won’t get bored or disappointed by these characters.

Thanks for reading!!!!!