10 Best Anime Sensei's We'd Want Lessons From

10 Best Anime Sensei's We'd Want Lessons From

Several anime characters have senseis who have assisted them in reaching greater heights. These mentors served as role models for their students, either through comprehensive instruction or by leading by example. Some of these overpowering teachers were undoubtedly better than others, which is why they made our list of the 10 finest anime senseis we'd like to take lessons from.

10. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

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Goku may be one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z, but Master Roshi is a significant reason he got there. Roshi, a hermit who has committed his life to martial arts, understands close combat like few else in his society.

Despite his age, his strength and speed are still remarkable, and he's even capable of achieving a semi-perfect form of Ultra Instinct - one of Goku's strongest transformations.

However, he is unconcerned about using this power for himself. Instead, he strives to pass it on to others, assisting them in becoming stronger and better in the same manner that he has.

This is what inspired him to take on Goku, Krillin, and so many others as students when they were younger, and what kept him teaching them as they grew older. He keeps them motivated to study and grow no matter how old they get, either by showing them new heights they can achieve or by acting as confirmation that there is still someone stronger out there.

He isn't flawless - his perverse nature ages like milk - but he's still the best anime sensei the Z Fighters could have wished for.

9. Biscuit Kreuger (Hunter X Hunter)

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Biscuit Kreuger may not get as much screen time as other anime senseis, but she's still one of the best instructors around. With several decades of Nen experience, she has mastered the fundamental concepts of her world's superpower system and knows how to optimally increase these powers.

She can detect someone's skills and shortcomings at a look and how to bring them out as efficiently as possible using a range of training tactics. This is not to suggest she hasn't worked hard to improve herself. When she or an ally is threatened, she isn't afraid to use overwhelming force to decimate her adversary, employing Nen with chilling precision.

This is why she has stayed with anime fans who have witnessed her power, and why she has remained one of the key catalysts of Gon and Killua's evolution throughout the Hunter X Hunter anime.

8. All Might (My Hero Academia)

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Don't be fooled by All Might's sunken eyes and gigantic size; he is easily one of the most loving anime senseis to ever grace the screen. In the superhero-filled universe of My Hero Academia, he is the closest thing to Superman.

His very existence has brought about a new period of peace, and his immense might allows him to easily defeat practically any challenge he encounters. But he hasn't allowed this power to corrupt his principles.

He recognizes the necessity of doing right by those who came before him and using one's strength to aid as many people as possible as an inheritor of the enormously powerful quirk One for All.

This is what he attempts to instill in his students, whether it's through inspiring speeches or battling with them in fights that will test their idiosyncrasies and strategy. He also understands what it's like to be powerless, having had no quirk before inheriting One for All.

This understanding allows him to empathize with people like Deku and Bakugo who are feeling hopeless and incapable of progressing further. Even after his talents diminish, these aspects of his character linger, helping to solidify him as a mentor to Class-A and the rest of the world.

7. Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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If Izumi Curtis hadn't been Ed and Al's mentor in Fullmetal Alchemist, the tale would have most certainly taken a considerably darker turn. Granted, this may not be obvious immediately away. On the surface, Izumi appears to be a severe and brutal teacher, just as likely to lash out with a butcher's knife as she is to teach pupils the finer points of alchemy.

She expects complete obedience from her apprentices, and any deviation might result in them being thrashed to within an inch of their lives. But beneath this harshness is a genius ready to pass on her knowledge in the greatest way possible.

She understands alchemy in a way that few others do, and she knows just how to impart this knowledge to others in a way that they will never forget. She also has a strong attachment to any student, current or former.

If they are threatened, she will not hesitate to use her immense strength for the sake of saving them, all while ignoring her own health difficulties. For these reasons, Ed and Al took all of her lessons to heart and knew they could rely on her without hesitation when they needed assistance. They would not have become the heroes they did if she hadn't been there. They might even have been vanquished by the end of the series.

6. Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

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One of the most crucial truths an anime sensei can teach is that no one person can be the strongest forever, and no one personifies this notion better than Yu Yu Hakusho's Genkai. Genkai, formerly an incredibly powerful user of Spirit Powers, accepted her demise into old age a long time ago.

However, with this acceptance came another realization: she could use everything she had learned to help the next generation accomplish greater heights, which they could then do for others.

This is how she became a mentor to people like Yusuke, Kuwabara, and countless more. Though she is severe and demanding of them, she understands how to bring out their actual strength and push them to their limits.

Even if her own life is what prevents them from progressing, she will not hesitate to give it up. She'll gladly face grave risks to keep her pupils safe, and even if it means her death, she trusts her students to carry on her legacy of doing what's right for the next generation.

5. Eikichi Onizuka (GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka)

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Eikichi Onizuka is a terrible person. He's obnoxious, and crass, and entered the teaching profession for all the wrong reasons. In his endeavors to aid people, he routinely destroys the lives of others, and if it weren't for anime logic, he'd have been arrested ten times over for all the destruction he's caused.

Few, though, could hope to compete with him as a teacher. Whereas some would dismiss difficult kids as lost causes, he is eager to provide them with all the time and attention they require.

He knows how irritating it is to be abandoned by anyone who could help you because he was once one of these pupils. He goes to great efforts to ensure that stated kids know they will not be abandoned in their hour of need.

This could involve creating the aforementioned destruction, or sticking with them long after they've tried to push everyone else away from them out of fear. It's motivating, to say the least, and makes it difficult to regard Onizuka as anything less than an outstanding anime sensei.

4. Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece)

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Silvers Rayleigh is one of the best anime senpais in the universe of One Piece and beyond. He is one of the last surviving figures from before the Great Age of Piracy, and he knows what it takes to fight, explore unexplored places, and otherwise survive in the New World.

His Haki is on par with even the Marine Admirals, and he knows enough about the ocean to determine if a crew would survive or perish. It is because of these characteristics that he is able to save Luffy from early death at the hands of the Marines and the Seven Warlords.

Not only that, but he imparts practically all of his wisdom to Luffy during the two-year time jump, ensuring that nothing he learned through his adventures with Gol D. Roger goes to waste.

And why is he doing this? Simply put, Luffy reminds him of Roger, right down to his unbridled desire to experience everything the world has to offer. In a world where people cling to the past, Rayleigh is content to stand back and pass on what he can to those who will shape the future age.

3. Urokodaki Sakonji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

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Urokodaki Sakonji is a bit more difficult to read than other anime senseis, which isn't always a bad thing. This former Water Hashira is one of the few members of the Demon Slayer Corps to have lived to a ripe old age.

He's fought the Demons' worst, mastered extraordinarily difficult sword skills, and passed on his wisdom to several apprentices throughout the years. Even after a huge number of his apprentices were killed in battle, he continued to train new recruits, always resolved to spare one more life from being snuffed out.

Unlike other Demon Slayer Corps members, he is also empathetic enough not to take a tough position against his formerly human adversaries. He can see the humanity that remains within Nezuko despite her partial demonic metamorphosis, and he reassures Tanjiro that he, too, will not consider every demon as an adversary.

Bringing it all together, he teaches Tanjiro some ways of dealing with Demons. While some are clearly dramatic and aggressive, others are peaceful and loving, removing Demons from their eternal life with compassion they won't find anywhere else.

It all belies his genuine aims as a Water Breathing master. His true goal is and has always been to produce young individuals capable of saving mankind while also defeating Demons without sacrificing their humanity. It's a difficult line to walk, but he stays to it no matter how difficult it becomes.

2. Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

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Because of his multifaceted personality, Osamu Dazai is both an outstanding and awful sensei. Dazai, who has grown tired of existence, is continually looking for an appropriate means to die.

He puts himself at risk on a daily basis and is the first to jump into a fight despite the fact that he lacks a supernatural skill that lends itself effectively to combat. Though this was useful during his time as a mafia member, it is inconvenient in his current duties as a detective and causes issues for everyone involved.

Nonetheless, these characteristics are what make him one of the best anime Senseis around. He devotes all of his energy to teaching and assisting the next generation because he has no attachment to seeing tomorrow.

Whether it's Atsushi or Akutagawa, he's delighted to play a supporting role, nudging or forcing them to the optimal solution as needed and ensuring they find ways to improve their abilities both individually and through collaboration.

He doesn't, however, set them loose with their newfound strength. He makes it a point to teach them the most important thing he has ever learned: the ends do not justify the means, and one should always live in such a way that they desire to see out each and every day of their lives.

1. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is an odd fit for an anime sensei character, but one that makes more sense the longer he's onscreen. He enjoys saving the world in the most damaging and cunning ways possible as a personification of the Chaotic Good alignment.

He wields unimaginable cursed powers to annihilate adversaries both human and cursed, and he enjoys undermining the more rigorous Jujutsu Sorcerer society's hierarchy. This is one of the main reasons he ended up as an instructor for aspiring Jujutsu Sorcerers.

By training them directly, he may ensure that the following generation does not inherit his predecessors' stiff and callous attitude toward the world. Similarly, he can safeguard those deemed unwanted by the older guard of Jujutsu Sorcerers, assisting those undesirables in proving their worth to the world.

Not only that but he's assisted them in gaining the degree of powers that he possesses, ensuring that the planet would not be left defenseless if something happens to him. He's still a tumultuous presence in his pupils' lives, but few could dispute that there's nobody better to prepare them for the long journey ahead.

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