11 Fan-Favorite Bleach Female Characters That Will Amaze You

11 Fan-Favorite Bleach Female Characters That Will Amaze You

Bleach universe had a successful manga and anime run over the last decade.

From the fierce and determined warriors to the cunning and intelligent strategists, Bleach female characters are sure to impress.

And also because the characters are amazing and wonderful. So which of the Bleach female characters are your favorite? Did they make the list?

Let’s check it out!!! Here’s a list of the top 11 popular female characters from Bleach.

11. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is the vice-captain of the 13th squad.

She is one of the main female protagonists in the Bleach series.

She is funny, quick-witted, and really cares about Ichigo and his brother Byakuya.

Rukia is a shinigami who shared her powers with Ichigo to save his and his family’s life.

10. Orihime Inoue

Orihime is one of the main female characters in Bleach.

She played a significant role during the Hueco Mundo arc.

She is a healer and has attack, defence, and healing powers.

Orihime likes Ichigo and is also close with Rukia. She is a carefree character with a bubbly personality.

Orihime often looks like an airhead but she gets serious during fights.

9. Hiyori

Hiyori is a visored and the ex-vice-captain of squad 12.

During her time as a shinigami, she served under Kisuke Urahara.

She has a short temper, is a brat by nature, and would get into childish fights with Shinji and Ichigo.

Hiyori has dual powers as she is a shinigami and part visored. She’s one of the funniest Bleach female characters.

8. Unohana

Retsu Unohana is the best healer of the soul society and also the former captain of squad 4.

Apparently, she is the first “Kenpachi”, the name she has taken. She has also served as the captain of the 11th squad.

Unohana has a gentle and polite demeanour and is always soft-spoken.

7. Nel

Nel or Nelliel is an Arrancar and the former third Espada.

Nel’s family consists of Pesche and Dondchakka, along with their pet Bawabawa.

Together with them, she lives in Hueco Mundu. She first met Ichigo and is quite attached to him.

Nel even followed Ichigo to Las Noches despite disliking shinigami.

Nel was introduced as a child, but later she transforms into a full-grown woman.

6. Yoruichi

Yoruichi is the ex-captain of squad 2 as well as the former captain of the stealth forces. She can transform into a cat back and forth.

Yoruichi is close with Kisuke Urahara and they helped Ichigo reach Soul Society to rescue Rukia.

She is intelligent, witty, and has extensive knowledge about Soul Society. Yoruichi trained and mentored Soifon and cares about her a lot.

5. Soifon

Soifon is the captain of squad 2 of the Gotei 13 and the captain of the stealth division.

She is a follower of Yoruichi and has extreme devotion and loyalty toward her.

Soifon is highly protective of Yoruichi and would not forgive anyone who disrespects her.

4. Lisa

Lisa Yodumaru is the former lieutenant of squad 8 under Shinsui Kyoraku.

Like Hiyori, she’s also visored and has dual powers of both Shinigami and visored.

She loves reading Josei manga and swimsuit magazines.

In the series, Lisa is seen reading a book to Nanao Ise, who later becomes the lieutenant of the 8th division.

3. Harribel

Tier Harribel is an Arrancar and third Espada in Aizen’s army.

After Aizen’s defeat, she becomes the de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo.

She is calm and level-headed and analyses everything from the sidelines. Harribel is one of the popular female anime characters from Bleach.

2. Rangiku

Matsumoto Rangiku is a shinigami and lieutenant of the 10th division.

She served Hitsugaya Toushiro and has also served Isshin Shiba.

Rangiku and Gin are friends, even after Gin parted ways, he cares a lot about Rangiku.

1. Yachiru

Yachiru is the lieutenant of the 11th division and serves Zaraki Kenpachi.

She is also the president of the Shinigami Women’s Association.

Yachiru is a small, childlike, fun-loving, and cheerful character.

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