4 Best Demon Slayer Memes That Fans Must Not Miss

4 Best Demon Slayer Memes That Fans Must Not Miss

Demon Slayer Memes are loved worldwide, just like the very anime/manga Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba. Demon Slayer is a story about two siblings and their harsh life. Tanjiro, a young child, lived happily with his family.

One day, a demon slaughtered his entire family except for his sister Nezuko. However, Nezuko became a demon. Demons eat humans and gain magical strength and sorcery as a result. Tanjiro joined the Demon Slayer Corps to help his sister.

Demon slayer corps’ was an organization that was plotting the demons’ annihilation for years. Now coming back to our very top Demon Slayer Memes. Over time, this topic is pretty much in trend. So here are the 4 Best Demon Slayer Memes that a fan must not miss.

1. Muzan & Michael Jackson

muzan and michael jackson

Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist of Demon Slayer, looks so much like Michael Jackson. The way Muzan dresses also resembles this favorite pop idol.

According to one of the Demon Slayer memes, Kimetsu no Yaiba should be named “That Time Michael Jackson Got Reincarnated As a Demon.” They should also note out correlations of Jackson and Muzan Kibutsuji.

2. Nezuko for Tanjiro- The Protective Sister

the protective sister meme

No doubt, Nezuko is one of the cutest characters in Demon Slayer. Her acts are just as like her cute. But, she was equally fierce. She did not get any training, but her moves were indeed amazing.

Nezuko even got used to her powers as a demon quickly. As the picture indicates, Nezuko cannot resist her brother getting hurt. Moreover, She aims to go to any extent possible to save her brother, Tanjiro.

Also, they are a good team together. However, Nezuko is just something more than a cute girl, which is the best thing about her.

3. The Netflix Adaptation

netflix adaptation of demon slayer

It isn’t easy to move anime to another format. It more often leads to disappointment than anything else to make a move to live-action for the series. It hardly fails not to disappoint the fans. There are many such live-action adaptations where the thing has just gone wrong.

Just the choice of characters goes wrong at times. This is one of the truly relatable Demon Slayer Memes.

4. The Neighbour’s Kids

neighbor;s kids meme

Well, this particular meme is one such meme that only a true fan can understand. This is one of those Demon Slayer Memes that are simple yet pretty hilarious. After just a simple sentence, “Mom: why don’t you go to play with neighbor’s kids?”

The meme then demonstrates who these “neighbor’s kids” are by displaying a horrific picture of some demons obviously prepared to kill some poor children. They are totally not the best people to play with.

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