10 Best Moments of Edward Elric

10 Best Moments of Edward Elric

After losing an arm and a leg while performing Human Transmutation along with his brother, Edward Elric became the youngest State Alchemist to be known. Edward Elric is short and is often made fun of because of it but he’s got great skills and humor that make him likable.

Ed is like most shonen protagonists who had a traumatic past that shaped their personalities into headstrong, ambitious, and impulsive people. The series focuses on the Elric brothers’ journey to finding the Philosopher Stone so that they can get their bodies back.

Performing Human Transmutation is forbidden for a reason and a child who was desperate to meet his mother might’ve just created a great plot for the anime world. Furthermore, in his endeavors, dark truths about the world are revealed which turns everyone’s lives upside down. He’s also got one of the best character developments in anime.

Considering that Edward is one of the best fighters in the series and here are 10 of some of Edward’s best moments:

1. Edward Became the Youngest State Alchemist

Edward became the youngest state alchemist, at the age of 14 and became very powerful at a young age. One of his best moments being acknowledged as one of the best at a young age allowed him to secretly search for the Philosophers Stone which could possibly restore Alphonse’s and Edwards's body.

Moreover, his rank is equivalent to that of a “major”. Despite his height, he’s extremely powerful as he can perform Transmutation without the signs.

2. Edward vs Father Cornello

father cornello during a fight

While he was on a journey to find the Philosopher's Stone in Liore, he came across Father Cornello who claims to have the stone and can perform “miracles” with it. Needless to say, Edward figured out the secret which led to him fighting Father Cornello.

Edward is smart and he was able to find the fraud and confront him like a true protagonist.

3. Edward vs. Isaac McDougall

isaac wearing a blue uniform

The first of many of Edward's fights took place in the first episode of the series. Isaac was a wanted man by the government and Edward did a good job catching him. We also got to see Edwards’s skills in this episode. With an overenthusiastic Edward chasing Isaac, the seeds of distrust were planted in his mind about the government.

What was the government hiding? Well despite all that, Edward succeeded in his mission.

4. When Edward Used Dynamite Gas

Edward Using the Dynamite Gas

It’s as clear as day that Edward is a genius. He’s got unusual ideas that make him all the funnier. In the Briggs Arc, Edward was in a mining town where he stumbles upon chimeras and battles them. Since they are trackers, they have strong noses and so Edward came up with a plan.

Ed used dynamite which although it was soggy, used the ingredient elements and knocked them right out with smelly gases.

5. Edward vs Armour Brothers

armour brothers fighting with ed

This was an intense fight indeed and one of the best moments in the anime. While infiltrating the abandoned Laboratory he found two armored brothers similar to Alphonse, who had a soul and a number in the armor.

He fought them only to discover their similarity to Alphonse. He also discovered that they were made to guard the place. Though he didn’t finish them off, Lust and Envy killed them.

6. Edward vs Scar

Edward vs Scar

The scar was one of the best formidable opponents Edward had to face. In a way, it was exciting to see Edward falter. Edward is strong, yes, but he’s also hot-headed and impulsive and that won’t work with an enemy like Scar.

This fight was pretty intense as it was a dragged-out fight that involved many people. Their first time was quick- Scar broke his automail arm and almost killed him.

7. Luring Out Scar

Edward Luring Out Scar

Edward might be impulsive but he’s a really smart guy. Edwards wanted to lure out Scar and so he decided to act like a hero who helps everyone. And so, he went around helping everyone in the town by fixing everyone’s problems.

He and Al devised a plan to lure out the homunculi Lust and Gluttony and get them to chase Scar. Well, his plan worked pretty well. Although it was an act, it was funny to see the way he used his alchemy in different ways even though it was all an act.

8. Edward & Ling vs Envy

ling terrified to see envy

Ling helps Ed escape Gluttony’s stomach through a portal. After their escapade, they had to fight Envy in his giant lizard-dog form which almost swallowed up Ed. It was difficult fighting Envy since they were overwhelmed with Envy’s form.

They fought Envy endlessly until he comes up with an idea to defeat him. On that note, they defeated Envy and managed to escape.

9. Edward & His Friends vs Pride & Gluttony

pride with dark background

Ed and his friends and allies had a hard time-fighting Pride and Gluttony, who are two of Father’s homunculi. As seen before while fighting Pride, it was very difficult to defeat him. Pride fights from the shadows and Gluttony have the nose of a bloodhound.

On the Promised Day, Ed along with Alphonse, Hohenheim, and the Xingese warriors, fought them. But, in a twist of events, Pride ate Gluttony to gain his powers!

10. Edward vs Father

Edward vs Father

This was one of his best moments, hands down. For anyone who’s watched the show, this fight would be one of the most satisfying ones in anime. Edward vs Father was also one of the most awaited fights in the series. Father seemed like a God after the Promised Day only to be defeated by Ed and the good guys.

After Edward got his right arm back, he pummeled Father with his alchemy and finally delivered an epic hands-on fight and defeated him. Father was humiliated but let’s be honest- he deserved it!