4 Best Entrances of Yami Sukehiro, The Black Bulls Captain

4 Best Entrances of Yami Sukehiro, The Black Bulls Captain

Yami Sukehiro is the captain of the Clover kingdom’s Black Bulls squad of magic knights. He is a foreigner who is also a former member of the grey deer squad in which the Wizard King was also present.

He is someone as rough as a ‘black bull’ and gets angry easily. But deals with every opponent in a calm and collected manner. Having been discriminated against and looked down upon by several people, he does not do the same with others.

He believes in surpassing their own limits to grow stronger. But he does come in to fight and save his subordinates and friends.

1. Licht vs Yami in the Cave

Captain Yami comes with Fineral to help Asta and Gauche. The duo came face to face with Licht, the leader of the Midnight Sun. Yami makes it in time as the light magic was about to injure Asta.

Yami and Licht then fight each other. Both possess opposite types of magic- light magic and dark magic. Not only does Yami counters Licht’s every attack but also counters Licht’s sad story with his.

2. During the Attack on the Sea Temple

The Black Bull squad goes to retrieve one of the magic stones from the sea temple. The high priest of the temple makes them participate in a game. While the high priest and the captain watches, the rest of the squad plays the game. During the game, there is an invasion by Vetto, a member of the third eye. He came to take the stone.

Realizing this, Yami’s first instinct was to save his subordinates but he was trapped in a barrier by Abori. When Vetto decides to self-destruct and destroy the sea temple, Yami breaks the barrier with a dark-cloaked dimension slash and goes to his squad and kills Vetto.

3. Kills Zagred the Devil

Zagred gets killed due to the combined efforts of many magic knights. Some of them include the first wizard King and the elf leader Licht. But it was due to Yami’s equinox which spilled Zagred in half. This helped Asta deliver the final blow to kill the devil.

4. Save his squad members from Dante

Dante came to Black Bull's headquarters to abduct captain Yami upon finding out he is not there, he tried killing the rest of the members. But was unable to do so because of Rouge and Vanessa.

Dante was captivated by Vanessa’s power and beauty. He decided to make Vanessa his mistress. Asta fought Dante to save his teammates but is overpowered. Yami arrives at the right time to protect his squad. Yami Sukehiro surpasses his own limits and injures Dante along with Asta. But then Zenon arrives and takes Dante and Yami with him.

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