10 Most Memorable Characters in Fairy Tail Anime

10 Most Memorable Characters in Fairy Tail Anime

Fairy Tail series created by Hiro Mashima in 2006 has diverse and unique characters. The Fairy tail characters are lovable and enjoyable to watch. The series centers around the wizards of Fairy Tail, Natsu, Happy, and Lucy and their adventures. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Most Likeable Fairy Tail characters and what makes them the best!

10. Natsu

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Natsu Dragneel is one of the main Fairy Tail characters. He is a fairy tail wizard who started his journey to find his father, Igneel the dragon. He’s the younger brother of Zeref. Natsu is a dragon slayer who uses fire dragon slayer magic. He’s also one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters. Natsu is close to Happy and Lucy.

9. Lucy

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Lucy Heartfilia is a fairy tail wizard who uses celestial spirit magic. She is also one of the main Fairy Tail characters. Together with Natsu and Happy, they often go on missions and adventures. Her father put a bounty on her head when she ran away from home. Natsu and others went to save Lucy and fight Gajeel and Juvia who belonged to the Phantom Lord guild at that time.

8. Erza

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Erza Scarlet is one of the most powerful Fairy Tail characters. She is an S-class wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. During Makarov’s absence, Erza has served as the 7th master of the Fairy Tail guild.

She is a warm, impatient, and very strict person. Natsu and Gray are very scared of her and immediately resolve their fights if she arrives on the scene. Erza has a very tragic past but she overcame all the adversities.

7. Gray

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Gray Fullbuster is an ice-make magic user from Fairy Tail guild. Natsu and Gray often compete with each other for every silly and trivial thing. Both of them are friendly rivals but they also care about each other. He has a casual and chill personality but when he gets serious, he means business.

6. Juvia

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Juvia Lockser earlier belonged to the Phantom Lord Guild. She together with Gazeel was responsible for kidnapping Lucy. After the disbandment of Phantom Lord, Juvia joined the Fairy Tail guild. She is water magic used and is extremely skilled in using water for control and manipulation. Juvia likes Gray to the point of obsession and even took Lucy as a rival.

5. Gajeel

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Gazeel Redfox is an ex-member of the Phantom Lord Guild. He is an Iron Dragon Slayer like Natsu (fire) and Wendy(Sky). Metalicana (dragon) is his foster father. Gazeel likes Levy and has romantic interests in her. He later joins the Fairy Tail guild with Juvia. Natsu and Gazeel have a fire and ice relationship!

4. Wendy

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Wendy Marvell is an ex-Cait Shelter Guild member. She is a Sky dragon slayer and Grandeeney (dragon) is her foster mother. Wendy is a polite and very shy person. She is close with her exceed Charla. Later both of them join the Fairy Tail guild and join Natsu and Lucy on their adventures.

3. Mirajane

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Mirajane Strauss is one of the most popular and powerful Fairy Tail characters. She is an S-class wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. Lisanna and Elfman are her siblings who are also in the Fairy Tail guild. Mirajane uses Take over magic.

2. Happy

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Happy is an exceed who came from Extalia. Natsu found Happy as an egg and decided to raise him. He thought that it was a dragon egg. Happy and Natsu are really close and it’s so satisfying to hear Happy say “Aye Sir” every time he responds to Natsu.

He is also close with Lucy and other Fairy Tail members. Happy has a crush on another exceeds Charla. He is extremely loyal to Natsu and his teammates in the Fairy Tail guild.

1. Jellal

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Jellal is one of the most mysterious Fairy Tail characters. He knows Erza since his childhood days and he likes Erza. Initially, he was a negative character, who sought to revive Zeref and used dark magic. Later, he becomes a member (co-founder) of Crime Sorciere with Ultear and others.