9 Best Fantasy Anime Movies To Watch!

9 Best Fantasy Anime Movies To Watch!

Watching anime movies brings a different delight for anime fans. Anime movies have an altogether different feel and some fans who are not willing to commit to long anime series take refuge with anime movies. Nothing can beat the charm of Fantasy anime movies and it’s always interesting to watch them.

If you’re looking to expand your movie base and explore fantasy movies, this is just the list for you. Explore, stream, and happy binging!

9. Ni No Kuni

The 2019 fantasy anime movie Ni No Kuni involves two teenage boys who get transported to a magical world to save the life of their best friend. Love can be a complicated thing and when friendship is tested what choices will they make?

Watch Ni No Kuni on Netflix and find out. Guess who voiced the main characters? Hell yeah, Yamazaki Kento and Mackenyu gave voices to the main cast, one more reason to watch the movie! You can watch it on Netflix.

8. Modest Heroes

Modest Heroes is one of the best fantasy anime movies to watch on Netflix. The Short 53-minute anime movie was released in 2018. Modest Heroes shows three different stories with an equally compelling plot.

The first story is about two siblings and their courage underwater. The second story is about a kid with a serious egg allergy. The last story is about a man who is invisible to everyone. The journey of three stories was a good watch. Totally recommended watching! You can watch it on Netflix.

7. The Cat Returns

The 2002 fantasy anime movie made by Studio Ghibli is a highly recommended movie. The Cat Returns will make you like and dislike cats but all for a good reason! Some might say that A Whisker Away is a blatant copy of The Cat Returns, but it’s not true.

The story revolves around Haru who saves a cat from getting run over, turns out to be the prince. The old King pays Haru a visit and forces her to be wed to his son! Will Haru escape her fate or become a cat bride, watch to find out! And oh well, the MVP is Muta San!

6. My Neighbor Totoro

Who doesn’t want a cute neighbor like Totoro? Don’t you wish you had a magical and helpful neighbor like Totoro? But sadly we get nosy and bitchy people as neighbors.

The anime world sure is better by that standard. Join the adventures of two younger sisters and their magical neighbor Totoro who lives in a nearby forest. Totoro is a kind of mystical creature that is only visible to them and comes to their aid when in trouble!

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most recommended fantasy anime movies that are available on Netflix.

5. Howl’s moving castle

Howl’s moving castle is a Ghibli masterpiece and it’s sad if you haven’t watched this fantasy anime movie which is available on Netflix. Join the adventures of Sophie who gets cursed and becomes an old woman.

Howl is a magician who’s busy escaping the queen and fighting some other monsters. Something about Howl’s Moving Castle will hook you and compel you to watch. And Of course, the thirst for Howl is real, no use denying it! You can watch it on Netflix.

4. The Place Promised In Our Early Days

Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho is also known as The Place Promised In Our Early Days. The Place Promised In Our Early Days is Makoto Shinkai’s work released in 2004. The plot shows Japan in an alternative reality and explores the concept of parallel universes/timelines. Well before there was inception, we had The Place Promised In Our Early Days.

The protagonist gets locked in her sleep and falls into a coma due to a mysterious tower designed by her grandfather. Is a parallel world reachable? Or is it just a dream? What will happen to her if the war destroys the tower? The choice to save the world or save their best friend is now on two friends who have the same common goal - to save their friend. You can watch it in Amazon Prime Video.

3. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo or Children Who Chase Lost Voices is one of the masterpieces of Makoto Shinkai. If you’re aware of his other works like Your Name and Weathering With You, you can’t miss out on this movie. Makoto Shinkai’s movies are always amazing and heart-gripping.

Asuna is a responsible girl who is in charge of her household. After the death of his father, she is alone most of the time as her mother works somewhere far away, Asuna uses the crystal left behind her dad and listens to voices through the radio static. Somehow she gets involved with a mysterious world and creatures of the underworld or gatekeepers.

Asuna gets attacked but a mysterious person Shun saves her. The movie deals with resurrection, but is it really without a price? Watch Children Who Chase Lost Voices to follow Asuna in the land of Agartha where she tries to back Shun back from the dead. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

2. A Whisker Away

Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu or A whiskey Away is a 2020 fantasy anime movie available on Netflix. If you like cats, this movie is totally for you, even if you don’t like cats do watch it still. The movie concept was something new and refreshing. A Whisker Away is a 105-minute duration movie.

The story revolves around a girl who can transform into a cat to catch the attention of her crush. It wasn’t intentional but she kept transforming into a cat to get close to him. But nothing in the world is free and everything comes with a cost. Explore the adventures with A Whisker Away and witness the lines get blurred between humans and cats! You can watch it on Netflix.

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is one of the best fantasy anime movies made by Studio Ghibli. You can watch Spirited Away on Netflix and enjoy the 125-minute movie! Chihiro is a girl traveling with her parents going somewhere but having a detour. Well, greed is always bad and her parents are the best example that excess greed comes with a price.

Chihiro’s life gets turned upside down when her parents are converted into animals and she gets lost in the spirit world. With nowhere to run, she meets a boy whose name was stolen by the witch who rules this world. You can watch it on Netflix.