5 Fights Of Goku that took Dragon Ball Super to new heights

5 Fights Of Goku that took Dragon Ball Super to new heights

Dragon Ball Z was known for its overpowered characters, but Dragon Ball Super took that to new heights. These 5 best fights of Goku will justify that. Dragon Ball Super takes place around 10 years after the fight with Majin Buu. When the god of destruction Beerus awakens, he wants to fight the super Saiyan god, Goku. The whole storyline focuses on how they meet and fight each other till one of them falls.

Despite the slow start, the character building and the world-building really show and takes off roughly after Episode 29, the start of Universe 6 or 7. It isn't like DBZ but it's got the atmosphere. Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God, no one is able to beat him. His kind and compassionate nature cannot be taken advantage of. So, here are 5 of his best fights from Dragon Ball Super.

1. Goku vs Beerus

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The Goku vs Beerus fight served as the true sequel to Dragon Ball Z's saga. Though the fight originally showcased the two battle it out in the movie, 'Battle of The Gods'. The fight was added to the main storyline. With its addition to Lord Beerus, the 'God of destruction' Goku is faced with a new power to overcome.

While it may be that Beerus turned out to be among the good guys, the fight remarked on the potential that Goku could have never obtained if it was not for this fight. Yes, we know you're wondering, "Goku did not win the fight".

But if you think about it, he still won, kind of? Goku convinced Beerus that he is capable of being stronger and one-day becoming Beerus's prophesied contender. And Beerus being the God he is, has no match in power whatsoever leaving him with the urge to fight someone who can give him a good fight. Hence this fight earns a spot on our list.

2. Goku Vs Goku Black

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This fight might be an argument for some, but when it comes to it watching your favorite character duke it out with an evil version of himself is something we can't pass by. While the assumption that both versions of Goku should have been equal in power, Dragon Ball Super did it differently. Goku Black was way more powerful than Goku.

In fact, Goku black was stronger than Vegeta, and Goku fighting him in unison. Despite the Odds, both Goku and Vegeta showed that having the soul and determination was also important to achieve strength, the two surged in power and at times surpassing even Black's power. The oddities made this fight earn a spot on our list.

3. Goku vs Frieza

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The Battle of Goku vs Frieza makes its return to Dragon Ball Super from its prequel Dragon Ball Z, with both characters showcasing newfound power. What makes this fight luster is how the fight remarked on the experience Goku had over Frieza.

Despite Frieza outclassing Goku's Super Saiyan Blue for over half the fight, Goku's Super Saiyan Blue was no pushover, burning less faster than Frieza's new form Goku was able to quickly turn the tables on Frieza. By the end of it all, the brawl taught Goku a new lesson on forgiveness but that is a topic for another day.

4. Goku vs Hit

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The fight between Goku vs Hit was among the most epic battles of the Dragon Ball Super franchise. While the franchise revolved completely on strength and speed, it was not shy of trying new things, like Hit's technique. While at first glance the fight seemed to be the same as usual, another foe with remarkable speed and strength, or at least that's what we all thought.

But to our surprise, Hit was not strong, he just had the ability to perform strikes with the precision of stopping one's movement and even stopping one's heart from functioning. Well, at least he's fast? No, he wasn't fast either, Hit possessed a technique called 'time skipping' which allowed him to enter a time-space and exit it at intervals which allowed him to strike at his desired range and time.

Leaving Goku to fight with instinct alone. All that said and done the fight gave the fans something new to enjoy and hence takes the number 2 spot on our list.

5. Goku vs Jiren

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You knew it before you read it, the Goku vs Jiren fight was in fact the most anticipated fight during the Universe survival saga. The inevitable face-off between Goku and Jiren and the relentless teasing of the two facing off in small intervals left fans in a frenzy.

The irrefutable power of Jiren, a man who is said to be stronger than universe 11's destroyer God made the fight all the more exciting. On the other hand, the series portrayed a new form of struggle, two universes faced destruction and the two warriors faced an all-or-nothing situation.

While that being said, they all just added to the frenzy, what the fans truly wanted to watch was the battle and that is what they were given. The artwork, fight choreography, music, and story all satisfied the hype around the franchise and ended the series with an urge for more.