10 Best Food Wars Memes That Will Leave You Hysterical

10 Best Food Wars Memes That Will Leave You Hysterical

Food Wars is the ultimate food anime for food lovers. Food makes everything better. Bad day? Grab a cone of chocolate ice cream or whatever you’d like.

This anime has its good share of humor which has turned into memes. Read more to know about 10 funny food war memes that will get you hysterical!

We’ve seen great choreography for fights, for dances, and for sports in anime but not so much for the art of cooking.

If you’ve never cooked before, Food Wars is the right anime to motivate you. It’s also a great Netflix and chill type of anime.

Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute is no different from any other institute which promotes competition between students to get the best out of them.

Souma wants to become a chef like his father Jochiro. And, so he enrolled in culinary school to become the top chef.

The anime has a humorous, playful tone which makes it enjoyable to watch. Brilliant visuals with well-choreographed cooking set the right tone for this anime. Here are 10 funny food war memes that true fans will know:

1. Watching Alone vs Watching With Parents

image 10

It’s happened to most of us. Watching anything with our parents almost always ends up in a weird situation.

Food Wars is not only about food, you can expect explicit reactions after every taste test. Expectedly, these reactions are just what get us in trouble.

This meme is a perfect example of when watching Food Wars alone vs watching when parents pass by. Only a true otaku would be able to cover his tracks.

Nevertheless, the candid reactions only elicit a funny reaction amongst the audience which makes it enjoyable to watch.

2. Masterchef vs. Food Wars

image 9

What Food Wars is to an otaku is Masterchef to a non-otaku. While Masterchef shows ambitious food lovers fulfilling a dream, Food Wars depicts the art of cooking with brilliant visuals. This famous meme of Drake is as accurate as Souma with a kitchen knife.

If you’ve watched Masterchef, Food Wars is a much more humorous and playful take on competition about food. Although Food Wars has many unrealistic elements, the series displays delectable Japanese food.

3. Late Night Bingeing

image 8

We’ve all been there and done that. Sometimes, the best part about bingeing is the unhealthy snacking at the prime time of the night. Perhaps watching Attack on Titan would kill your appetite.

Food Wars should NOT be watched late at night. Not only does it make you hungry, but it’ll also inspire you to experiment in the kitchen at 3 AM. Never go to bed hungry. The anime will give you cravings for food you’ve never had.

4. Wants to Cook but Doesn’t Know How To

image 7

Cooking food is an art and a skill that one learns over time with many burnt remains and cuts on our finger. Food Wars is the type of anime that motivates you to pick up a vegetable and cook it.

Souma might make it look a little too easy, but don’t be fooled. We all start small and that’s the way to becoming a good cook.

For those who have never cooked before, this meme is an accurate representation of them. Food Wars is an inspiring show for amateur cooks and professionals alike.

5. Erina vs Megumi

image 6

Soma has to give attention to the heroines of the series, Erina and Megumi. Fan’s love seeing the different pairs together on-screen especially because the two of them have completely different personalities.

Megumi is a shy, honest, and polite girl who needed Soma’s push of confidence to get her through the competition.

Whereas, Erina is confident, and admired for her talents in cooking. While Megumi feels nothing but admiration, Erina realizes she has feelings for Soma.

6. Indifferent Masterchef Shino

image 5

Masterchef Shino is the perfect example of a Tsundere. Who doesn’t love them? With their cold and indifferent exterior that surrounds their soft and kind inner feelings, Master Shino is a Tsundere indeed.

He might not show it, but if you whip up a delectable meal that is mouth-watering, you’ll get approval from him. Though he might be a Tsundere, that doesn’t stop him from appreciating a good meal.

7. Masterchef Shino as Gordan Ramsay

image 4

This meme is the anime version of Gordan Ramsay’s epic meme. There’s no one better to represent him in the anime world. Shino knows what he’s doing and he’s a brilliant chef who just wants to nurture the kids.

Furthermore, if there was a meme to represent the relationship between Soma and master chef Shino, it’s this. This meme is a hilarious take on the series.

8. Expectation vs Reality

image 3

Watching Food Wars for the first time might not be what you expect. Firstly, the expectation of a series like ‘Food Wars’ is a show about delicious food that can make your mouth water.

But you'll be surprised. One of the funny things about anime is the sudden explicit scenes that follow a completely normal scenario.

And you'd be seeing a lot of those in the series. Nevertheless, even if it’s different it’s still a funny show that deserves its own seat at the table.

9. Decrease your Volume

image 2

An unexpected and unnerving part of the show is the elements of hentai in it. Although it is not direct, the openness of the show will get you laughing awkwardly.

Don’t worry… this might just be your entry into the other side of anime. Also, being an otaku is not easy.

The hentai elements also include explicit noises that will get you nervous about the range of your volume. So, after a few episodes, you’ll automatically know when to turn your volume down.

10. Food Wars or Something

image 1

Another one of the non-otaku memes, this is a hilarious take on what a non-anime watcher would think about the anime ‘Food Wars.’ The title can be misleading… if you’re not an anime watcher.

Nevertheless, don’t judge a book by its cover and never take anything too literally. This anime has a charm that has gained millions of fans but sometimes there’s always that one guy who would probably say “Do food fight against each other or something?”