10 Dark Fullmetal Alchemist Memes

10 Dark Fullmetal Alchemist Memes

Fullmetal Alchemist has a good measure of humor and darkness mixed together. Fullmetal alchemist memes are also a perfect mix of the above.

The Elric brothers who had a tough childhood also manage to humor themselves.

While they have a funny take on their own insecurities, fans have gone up a level and turned the dark plot into a bunch of funny memes.

In some ways, Fullmetal Alchemist memes are one of the best ways to introduce anyone into the world the Elric brothers.

1. Edward Elric and the Different Ways He is Perceived.

Image 2

This classic FMA meme format did justice to the protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist.

In the series, Edward is known as the hero who survived along with his brother and gained the sympathy of many.

This meme portrays what everyone thinks of him.

He’s got the looks and the fight in him but he’s also a pipsqueak with a sassy side where he roasts others (mainly Roy Mustang).

Furthermore, those who know him view him as a passionate young Alchemist with dreams to follow, and those who don’t, well… they will surely be surprised.

Appearances can be deceiving, nevertheless, Edward Elric is a prodigy of sorts.

2. The Main Characters and their Wives

Image 3

Technically, none of them have tied the knot officially but this meme speaks volumes of their relationship with their significant others.

While Alphonse is a less assertive and easygoing man, Edward is the complete opposite.

His relationship with Winry is more so like best friends and love all tied into one.

Consequently, Roy’s relationship with Riza might have some unsaid words but they have a good understanding.

This Fullmetal Alchemist meme depicts each of the female character’s personalities funnily.

3. Shou Tucker’s Detestable Train of Thought

Image 4

While this meme plays on the dark humor of a dark incident, the reality is far more gruesome.

This anime focuses a lot on the seven sins of humanity.

Shou Tucker might not be a Homunculi but he can be regarded as someone on the same level.

Turning your daughter and dog into a chimera is not a good way to get on the good side of the government.

Fans were pretty shaken about this disturbing incident and have probably shed a tear or two.

4. My Plans vs. 2020

Image 5

After COVID-19 hit, all of us had to kill our plans and stay at home.

This Fullmetal Alchemist meme is accurate in terms of how 2020 turned our whole life around into something completely different.

What Shou Tucker did to his daughter Nina Tucker was the same. He turned her life into something completely different.

Facing 2020 was like facing Shou Tucker’s deceiving smile. So, stay safe and wear your mask, folks!

5. Fma'b in Real Life vs Reality

Image 6

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a dark fantasy with a captivating plot.

Sometimes there are real tears that follow an emotional incident and sometimes they look like memes.

This anime has a good balance of humor and a rollercoaster of emotions. A good part of the humor is the fun art style.

It’s like a meme version of themselves.

6. Alphonse Drinking Milk

Image 7

This meme is almost too brutal. Anyone who has watched Fullmetal Alchemist will know this meme all too well.

Alphonse lost his body at a very young age but managed to survive with his soul in empty armor.

But contrary to his appearance, Alphonse is surprisingly optimistic about his situation.

Moreover, Alphonse was desperate to get his body back so that he can taste food and feel the warmth of another human being.

7. Alphonse’s Body Armor

Image 8

Alphonse lost his body at a young age due to a mistake he made as a child with his brother Edward.

This meme is a funny take on how he must have gotten his armor Getting this armor not only cost him his arm and a leg but his entire body.

With his soul trapped inside, this is the only way he’s alive.

Alphonse often struggled with his identity, there was always a part of him that thought he wasn’t real because he doesn’t have a living body to experience what others do.

8. RIP Maes Hughes

Image 9

Maes Hughes is undeniably one of the best characters and the best dads in the anime world.

He’s got a heart of gold and is incredibly smart. Sadly, his curiosity horrifically led to his demise.

Going against a Homunculi as a non-fighter is not easy, nonetheless, Maes played a key role in the series.

He was also a dear friend of Roy’s and welcomed the Elric brothers with open arms.

He was also funny and is one of the most loved characters in the series.

Maes’ death was a shocker which was a good twist to the anime.

9. Winry’s Personality

Image 10

This meme describes Winry’s reaction to Edward every time he destroys his mechanical arm.

This meme relates to that particular scene in the series when Edwards's automail was destroyed to the point where she upgraded it.

Turns out, his arm got destroyed because she forgot to attach a bolt.

She’s a passionate mechanic who loves fixing and creating automail.

She’s also a perfect match for Edward.

10. Edward vs. Milk

Image 11

Edward Elric is shorter than the average height of any male anime character.

We’ve all been made to drink milk to get nutrients and grow taller and stronger but most of us hated it.

Hiromu Arakawa definitely emphasized how important it is to consume milk in the series since she grew up on a dairy farm.

Edward hates milk and he always tries to escape from drinking it.

Fortunately, he had only one girl in his eyes so he didn’t actually have to drink that milk.