Kakegurui: Who Is The Best Gambler?

Kakegurui: Who Is The Best Gambler?

Kakegurui, which translates to "compulsive gambler", is set in the Hyakkou Private Academy, which educates the most elite Japanese students. Everyone's reputation is determined by the type of game they play and the position assigned to them.

Those who win receive money, popularity, and status at the academy, while those who lose go into debt and become house pets. Yumeko, our main character, is a compulsive gambler, and the school she attends is built around the concept of gambling: Those who win get perks. Those who lose... lose everything, including their right to choose what they want to do with their lives.

With this in mind, it's critical to understand who the best gamblers are. Who can bluff their way out of a huge loss and trick their classmates into incurring more debt? After all, it's a survival game.

10. Jun Kiwatari

Jun Kiwatari was fortunate for a long time. Because he was not from a prominent family, his modest fortune was sufficient to keep him in the black in terms of betting and as far away from the School Council's scrutiny as possible.

In that regard, he was free to enjoy the benefits of being a winner in his classroom, primarily abusing the female pets who had the misfortune of catching his eye. Tsubomi, a girl with a 20 million yen debt, was among those who suffered the most.

Jun is also a risk taker, as he decides to pretend to be in debt to the Student Council in order to play the debt relocation game. His strategy was to win so that his debt would be "erased" with a ten million yen check.

He saw it as an easy 10 million because he didn't have any debt, to begin with. After all, none of the students with real debts could be as skilled at gambling as he was.

9. Ryota Suzui

At the start of the series, Ryota appears to be one of the characters with the least aptitude for gambling. In fact, he despises gambling, and we meet him as he loses his right to be a person in the face of Mary Saotome.

We'll get back to her later. And, yes, he considers himself a bad gambler, but after meeting Yumeko, he begins to learn by watching her. Most of the time, he wishes she'd quit when she's ahead or suspects she has a plan that he still doesn't understand in order to win, but he still pays more attention than her opponents.That is what distinguishes him from his classmates. He pays attention and begins to make connections, implying that if he gambled on his own, he'd be quick to determine if his opponent cheated.

But after meeting Yumeko, he stopped gambling and began simply watching. This makes determining how much better he has gotten at the actual table difficult, but we do get to see that his poker face has greatly improved.

8. Itsuki Sumeragi

At the start of the story, Itsuki is one of the most approachable and seemingly nice members of the Student Council. She is the daughter of a toy company owner, so she gets her own personalized cards and games to continue betting against other students.Nonetheless, she is not well-liked by the other members of the Student Council because she obtained her position not through gambling, but through a large donation from her personal fortune.

Itsuki initially only serves to support the theory that she has no gambling skills. Her duel with Yumeko reveals one specific trick: because she can have personalised cards made, she can also mark them in thermal ink that fades quickly.As a result, she knows what cards her opponent has as if she were playing poker, and she knows exactly where each pair is as if she were playing memory. But after being defeated once, she begins to climb back to the top off-screen by joining Yumeko and displaying her incredible poker face.

7. Yuriko Nishinotounin

Yuriko is the Culture Club's president and a member of the Student Council, which means she's one of the best gamblers in the school. The games in her club are designed in such a way that there is a house advantage, but it is so small that most people are unaware that Yuriko cheats.

This may appear unfair, especially when she forces pets into increasing debts, but we must remember that the school's gambling philosophy includes the ability to bluff and cheat without being caught, not the fairness of the game. And, despite the fact that she appears meek and easily bullied by the rest of the Student Council, Yuriko is the only Council member who appears to be against the Pet system.

She has made arrangements so that no member of the Culture Club is allowed to be a part of the system so that none of her girls can become Pets and thus keep some sort of freedom for themselves. To keep her girls free, Yuriko must maintain her position in the Council, so she is ruthless when it comes to gambling.

6. Yume Yumemite

Yumemi is the only member of the Student Council who is completely uninterested in internal political battles. While she enjoys the benefits of being a member of the Council, she has bigger goals than simply controlling the school. She aspires to be a Hollywood star and is willing to go to any length to achieve that goal.

She intends to use the contacts she makes at Hyakkaou, as well as her growing fan base, to catapult herself to a role in the United States, as she believes Japanese actors have little chance of success in the international market.

While she does not gamble as frequently as other council members, that does not mean she is not ruthless when she does. She does not directly cheat, as others do, but rather ensures that all the odds are in her favor while pretending to be the underdog.

Yumeko is also impressed by her decision to stake everything on her dream rather than a game, and she even uses her losses to stay ahead. While we never see her gamble in a traditional game because she prefers events where her fan base gives her a slight advantage, we must admire her ruthlessness in defeating her opponents.

5. Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima heads the Beautification Club as a member of the Student Council, which means she is in charge of ensuring that no one violates the school's ethics and moral rules. But the thing is, she's not particularly interested in that, and she rarely intervenes if there's no danger to her own life.

There isn't much gossip about how she gambles, mostly because her bets are insane: where others bet for money or, at most, physical harm, she bets on life or death. She, in particular, enjoys playing various variations of Russian roulette, not because she wishes to kill her opponent, but because she wishes to die.

Despite the evidence, Midari is not completely insane. Every one of her bets is rigged so that she will lose so that the person betting against her will not be badly hurt - except for the fact that they will be a murderer, which Midari does not consider.

This is because, prior to joining the Student Council, she was so good at everything that she lost interest in life until she took her own eye to repay a gambling debt. She's looking for that rush again and believes she can only get it if her life is in danger.

Unfortunately, this causes her to cheat frequently, earning her the scorn of the anime's only other character who understands the desire to bet everything on a long shot.

4. Kaede Manyuda

Speaking of ruthlessness, Kaede Manyuda, the Treasurer of the Student Council, embodies it. He's in charge of all of the Student Council's money, and in many ways, he's in charge of how they can cash in on the debts of other students.

He takes pride in being able to tell if someone is more than a puppet by looking at them, and has been raised to believe that if you can't be the best on the road you've been put on, you're worthless. Yes, his parents told him that if he didn't reach the pinnacle of the career they had chosen for him, he was a failure.

He only plays a safe hand when he gambles. He's good at mathematics, so he can easily consider all possible outcomes and thus always bet on a winning hand. His ability to read people, even when they try to maintain a straight poker face, also aids his particular brand of bluffing.

He'll go for the kill once he figures out your strategy. If he can humiliate the opposing party while winning, he will feel even better when he destroys his opponent.

3. Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome is the first serious gambler we encountered in Kakegurui, and she is dooming Ryouta to life as a school pet. She has an excellent poker face and can fool you into thinking you have the upper hand simply by smiling. Before Yumeko arrived, she was the top winner in her classroom, and her winning streaks had reached the ears of the Student Council. Sure, she cheats; everyone at Hyakkaou does if they want to win.

Whereas others continue to cheat with the same strategy in the hope that no one will notice, Mary learns from her mistakes with Yumeko and begins to change her betting strategy. Not only that, but her particular style of cheating originally left enough chance for her to enjoy the thrill of the gamble.

Mary is one of the few people who realise Yumeko's gambling style will change everything in Hyakkaou, especially after she loses badly to the newcomer and is forced to live as a pet for a short time. This makes her realize how much the Student Council looks down on the rest of the student body, and if there's one thing she can't stand, it's when people look down on her. She resolves to bring down the council before allowing them to take control of her life again.

2. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko is the series' main character, and she lives and breathes gambling. Nothing makes her happier than the thrill of putting everything on the line in a high-risk bet. Even if she isn't the one gambling, she enjoys watching others follow her down the same path to insanity.

Normally, such a gambling addict would be completely broke and in desperate need of family intervention: after all, she has no limits when it comes to a bet and, if allowed, will bet billions of yen even if she doesn't have them on hand; however, she is also an excellent gambler, and if someone cheats on her, she will find a way to turn it against the cheater.

This is not to say that she always wins.

On the contrary, we see her suffer some significant losses in the anime, and at one point she even loses enough to become a pet and have her life controlled by the Student Council. But that's what makes her so good at gambling: as long as she's alive, she'll find a way to make even crazier bets and still come out on top. Or, at the very least, continue doing what she enjoys: gambling and making others gamble their lives with her.

1. Kirari Momobami

The President of the Student Council and the absolute ruler of Hyakkaou Academy, to the point where she doesn't consider it a school, but rather her own personal aquarium in which she can observe human nature at its best. She was the one who turned Hyakkaou into the gambling den it is when Yumeko arrives, by defeating the previous President and making gambling a requirement rather than an extracurricular activity. We rarely see her play, but when she does, the stakes are so high that even those watching the games feel as if their lives are on the line.

Kirari, unlike Yumeko, appears to be content with the act of gambling itself. She has numerous methods for concealing her plans, even from her own allies, such as her assistant Sayaka Igarashi and her right hand, the Vice President. She appears to have no morals and is only interested in amusement. This causes her to have direct influence over other people's gambling, either by allowing increasingly large bets or by outright cheating.

Yumeko's goal is she will not to rest until she has the opportunity to bet against Kirari. And Kirari is willing to bet that Yumeko will go to any length to make it happen. It should come as no surprise that she is the best gambler because she never loses and manages to draw everyone into her web.

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