10 Best Levi Ackerman Moments

10 Best Levi Ackerman Moments

Levi Ackerman is the Commander of the Survey Corps. Not only is Levi Ackerman humanity’s greatest soldier, but he’s also a well-respected man with possibly an OCD for cleanliness. Levi Ackerman is one of the best soldiers and we’ve witnessed many of his best moments throughout the series.

For someone as skilled as him, who is not only skilled with the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, he possesses the Ackerman clan’s skills that allow him to be a level above the others.

Furthermore, he’s meticulous and cleans up after himself. Those are attractive qualities of any character that can make you an instant fan. So, here are the 10 best Levi Ackerman moments that make him a cut above the rest:

1. Levi vs. Female Titan

Levi vs. Female Titan

Levi vs the Female Titan was one of the best fights in the anime, period. Levi is determined and very focused when he’s in battle. Levi’s tactical skills are brilliant. Fighting the Female Titan is not easy, especially since her abilities make her one of the most powerful Titans and difficult to beat. Moreover, it was one of the most intense fights where she was able to kill many soldiers without blinking an eye. Consequently, Levi did the best he could and actually managed to bring her to her knees.

2. Levi vs Kenny

a young man during his fight with kenny

This fight was different from the others mainly because it involved guns and was the perfect introduction to the notorious Kenny Ackerman. Kenny is Levi’s uncle which was revealed later in the series. While Levi lost most of his comrades, Levi was eventually able to fight him. It’s not often that we see Levi injured during a fight so when he fought Kenny, it showed a side of him that didn’t label him as “invincible.”

3. Him vs Beast Titan

 Levi vs Beast Titan

If you’re an otaku, this is probably one of your favorite fights. A calm Levi fights like he is invincible but imagine him in rage mode! He’s got determination and anger like no other. Fighting the Beast Titan seemed like a cakewalk to him. He slashed him up and brought down his Titan form. He brought down a huge ape-like Titan all by himself. Moreover, if there’s anything we know about Levi, it’s that he’s a loyal soldier and avenged Erwin.

4. His Introduction

Levi standing on the roof

Levi’s introduction will make you go “Now there’s an introduction!”. Besides, Levi is one of the most famous and loved characters of Attack on Titan so his first appearance was a powerful one. The scene opens with Levi fighting a Titan swiftly and effortlessly. He’s often seen wearing the Scout Regiment’s uniform or occasionally in a suit. He’s also famously known for his signature drinking style.

5. Levi’s Decision

a young man sitting around the dead body of erwin while other characters looks on

We’ve all had to make tough decisions. This scene takes place in Season 3 when he and the entire Survey Corps were fighting Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Beast Titan to death. When Erwin and Armin were both on the brink of dying, Levi, who possessed the Titan serum had to choose between the two. Needless to say, it was one of the hardest decisions he had to make. Even though he chose Armin, he honored Erwin’s wishes till the end.

6. Levi meeting Erwin

 Levi meeting Erwin

We’ve all wondered when Levi trusts so few, why does Levi only listen to Commander Erwin Smith? When Levi was a criminal who with his other friends learned how to use the Vertical Maneuvering Gear, he was confronted by Erwin Smith. After Erwin saw his potential, Levi was given a choice: join the Survey Corps or see his friends die. He eventually agreed to join the Survey Corps. Their relationship grew from hate to becoming close friends.

7. His Entrance in Liberio

a young man making a jump so as to enter

Season 4 was a rollercoaster with many twists and turns. Like any other of his fights, this was definitely done Levi style. Levi’s appearance in Season 4 was when they decided to attack Marley by Eren’s orders. Since he was up against many skilled Titans, he again, proved his skills were better than the others. Levi appeared to ‘kill’ Zeke Yeager by dropping a bomb on an open wound.

8. Levi’s Rage Moment

Levi’s Rage Moment

Levi is known to be calm during battle. He’s calculative and smart. But, the death of his dear friends caused him to act on his anger to the point where he brutally killed the Titan. It was also seen during the fight against the Beast Titan in Season 3. It’s not every day that we see Levi in any extreme emotion- he’s usually indifferent and unreadable. Although this was a sad and twisted situation, Levi’s best fighting moments were seen.

9. Levi Beating Eren

his fight with eren

Levi can read others well which allows him to act the right way. This was one of his best moments in Season 1. When Eren was rebuked for his ability to turn into a Titan, Levi saved him by beating him in front of the government officials and the court. It was surprising and cold-hearted but that particular action saved him from being killed. Levi’s actions were questionable at that moment but considering him, he will do anything to save humanity.

10. His Final Fight with Kenny

hi’s Final Fight with Kenny

One of Levi’s finest moments, the final fight between Levi and Kenny was an absolute thrill. Seeing how desperate Levi was to kill Kenny, he finally got his sweet victory. The fight happened in the finale of Season 2 when Eren was kidnapped to give away his Titan powers to Historia Reiss. In the fight, Levi and the squad were desperate to save Eren because of the damage it would’ve caused if something would’ve gone wrong.