10 Best Moments Between Misaki and Usui

10 Best Moments Between Misaki and Usui

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama gave us some good laughs and adorable moments between one of the most loved anime couples, Misaki and Usui. These 10 best moments of them together will have us wishing for more.

The story revolves around the love story of the two main characters Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi, students of Seika High School. The series is a light-hearted rom-com that brings out the best of both worlds. Furthermore, the series focuses on the ‘poor girl, rich guy’ storyline that is almost always fun to watch.

Misaki is head-strong, tough, and smart. She’s the President of Seika High for those reasons. She’s a disciplinarian but she can also be a big softie for her friends and family.

Misaki has a Tsundere-like personality which is definitely a refreshing take on the female character of a high school rom-com series. Misaki has a secret, that no one knows, she works in a maid café to help her family pay off bills. Might be embarrassing for her but she totally pulls off that look.

Usui, on the other hand, is one of the most loved male characters not only for his looks but also for his personality and the way he treats Misaki. Usui is a gentleman and an all-rounder that is also mysterious. No one knows a lot about his life, except perhaps, Misaki. Usui comes from a rich family.

With Misaki’s tsundere-like personality and Usui’s up-front personality, their blossoming relationship was beautiful. There were many funny and sweet moments between them throughout the series that made them one of the best anime couples in the anime world.

So, here are the 10 best moments between Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi:

1. When Misaki fell sick

There’s no doubt that Usui will come to her rescue right when she’s on the verge of collapsing. Misaki is a hard worker. So, when she fell sick, he made sure to take her care of her and take her home before she got worse.

Misaki was grateful to him, which is where the start of their romantic relationship began. Though Usui is persistent, he wished nothing but good things for her and never pitied her for her situation. In fact, he got along really well with her family too.

2. When Usui Confessed his Love for Her

When Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi were on the rooftop of their school discussing the fact that she works at a maid café and she wanted to hide it, Usui teased her. Moreover, the picture of her in a maid outfit freaked her out.

One of the best moments was when the picture flew from her hand, right then, Usui confessed to her and kissed her. He was even ready to jump from the rooftop to save her picture and her humility.

A sweet moment between them that left her flustered, Usui caught her off-guard which messed with her mind. But he always made sure she knew that he would never jeopardize her position as the school President.

3. When He Saved Her from Igarashi

Misaki is a strong woman, both mentally and physically but sometimes, she needs a little saving. And Usui is just the right man who saved the day when she was in trouble.

When Misaki went to decline Igarashi’s offer to switch schools, he jumped her assuming she was like any other girl who wanted money. Although she was pinned down, Misaki was somehow able to escape his clutches.

Knowing Usui, he’s always around her and always there for her. Like a typical hero, he saved her from Igarashi and took her back safely.

4. When Usui Won the Race for Her

Misaki is also an all-rounder and makes sure everyone knows it. She’s good at sports, academics, and being the school president. So, when she had to win the race but couldn’t do it, Usui helped her.

Usui understands Misaki’s need to win. They never had to voice out their feelings. When Usui took her place and won, that moment proved that he was what she needed. Though she is strong, Usui has always helped her when she most needed it.

5. When Misaki Took Care of Him When He was Sick

Usui Takumi is a mysterious guy. Coming from a rich family, popular, a heart-breaker, and most of all, Misaki’s biggest fan. It is unusual for someone like Usui to fall sick.

Misaki decided to help him and take care of him. That was the result of an adorable moment between them that made them seem like friends turning into lovers. This moment between Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi brought them closer.

6. When Misaki was Drunk

A hilarious scene and one of the best moments of Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi that made us all laugh, Misaki got hypnotized by Kanou, a student who hated her guts. And so, she acted drunk which resulted in a cute prez roll being filmed by an amused Usui.

Somehow, Misaki always has trouble following her. After he calmed her down, he went after Kanou to set him straight. Like always, Usui saved her from the trouble that could’ve ended her in a bad place.

7. Misaki’s Head-pat to Usui

Usui shows his love through this adorable gesture, a head-pat. A wordless act that depicts just how proud he is of her. Those moments are cherished not only by Misaki but also by the viewers.

So, when Misaki did the same to him, it meant much more to him than anything else. That simple gesture proved that their relationship had progressed quite well. Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi are indeed some of the best anime couples that make us understand that small acts of love make a big difference.

8. When Usui Gave Her a Hickey

Misaki can be quite naïve when it comes to Usui. She’s got a lot of problems that take up a lot of her time but never lets it get in the way. Though she’s smart, she takes a while to understand Usui’s actions.

This particular scene was funny yet naughty. Usui didn’t want anyone else to see her in a swimsuit and so he did a completely inappropriate thing- he gave her a hickey. That definitely proves that Usui is possessive and wants her to be his.

9. When Usui and Misaki Had a Love Trial

With great power comes great responsibility. President Misaki has a lot of responsibilities such as disciplining bad behavior and making sure the school festival runs smoothly.

During their patrol, Usui and Misaki decide to participate in Love Trial, an event for couples to prove that their love is strong. Safe to say, they won and proved that the unaddressed romance between them is indeed very strong! That is exactly of the key elements of the best anime couples.

10. Misaki’s confession

Lastly, in the most-awaited scene of the series that takes place in Episode 26, Misaki confesses her love to Usui. Unexpected and completely heart-warming, Misaki confesses at the end of the school festival.

With the fireworks in the sky and them alone together, this confession was one of the best moments in the series that made us love them even more.

For a girl like Misaki, she needs someone who supports her in every possible way, and who is better than Usui to be her partner forever? Though we couldn’t see more of Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi's relationship in the anime, the manga has the rest of the story from there.