10 Best Naruto Crossover Fanfictions You To Check It Out

10 Best Naruto Crossover Fanfictions You To Check It Out

A classic like Naruto that is popular to this day even after its end, is bound to have fanfictions that are inspired in thousands. These 10 Naruto crossover fictions will turn you into a fanfiction lover.

With the thematic music of mezzo-piano that descends into a much softer tone along with the plot or the upbeat music that plays during a fight, the many elements that add up to Naruto make it different and special.

Apart from that, Naruto has one of the best character developments in the history of anime that makes us love all the characters all the more.

Naruto’s popularity thrived not only because of the plot but also because of the well-choreographed fights and the entire moral that was delivered.

There’s always an exciting element to re-writing a story to your fantasies.

Creative stories are born from existing ones by the talented fans of the anime, giving us some brilliant stories to read.

Naruto has many crossover fictions ranging from the Marvel universe to famous anime such as Bleach.

This time, these only-word Naruto crossover stories can let your imagination run wild!

This list ranges from completed to hiatus stories and is in no particular order.

1. Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds by The Carnivorous Muffin

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This humorous Naruto fanfic is a crossover of Naruto and Harry Potter.

With two of the most famous series ever, this story is a mix of adventure, friendship, magic, and Jutsus all in one.

October 10th, a fateful day when the Kyuubi no Kitsune ravages Konoha, Minato Namikaze makes a bargain with Death.

But, a few years earlier, the overpowered and bizarre Eleanor Lily Potter arrives at Konoha.

They quickly became best friends. This well-written story can make you laugh and excite you with some insane adventures.

2. Marvel’s Maelstorm by Pibbinator

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Ever wondered what would happen if you combined the powers of our favorite worldly heroes to our favorite anime heroes?

This story is a great Naruto Xover fanfiction between Naruto and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Naruto was transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the battle with Kaguya Ototsuki.

Now, Naruto has to figure out a way to go back to his world and finish battling Kaguya.

Inspired by the plotlines of the Marvel Netflix franchise, this story is a fictional, and drama-filled adventure.

From The Marvelous Beginning to a perfect Goodbye, don’t let the slow beginning slow you down from reading this story!

3. Soul of Fire by Zeionia aka Disturbed

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This Naruto crossover fanfiction happens after Ichigo and his sisters are betrayed by the Soul Society.

What happens when a Soul Reaper meets a Ninja? A story filled with adventure and romance is born and ready to be read.

Ichigo and his sisters leave Karakura behind and find shelter in the Land of Fire in what was left of his grandfather’s remains.

The story follows Ichigo and how he fights to protect his sisters and new home.

The plot is pretty straightforward and is a perfect blend of drama, action, angst, and comedy.

4. Of Organized Crime and Schizophrenia by AshGopal

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Ever believed in rebirth? This story is a great Naruto crossover fanfiction with a blend of humor and adventure that centers around the theme of rebirth.

This story is filled with exactly what the title says- organized crime and a schizophrenic Tsunade.

After Tsunade died, she expected to live a peaceful life in heaven.

Unexpectedly, she ends up being reborn into an elite crime family and a soon-to-be heir.

The story revolves around Tsunade and her dear teammates from Konoha, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

Sadly, this well-written story stopped at 11 chapters.

5. The Next Dimension Over by Yusagi

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This story is a crossover between two classics- Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

The beginning of Dragon Ball Z and Sakura from the end of the Naruto series, she suddenly falls into their universe completely changing their fate.

The plot revolves around Goku and Krillin who were sent to find Roshi a ‘Pichi Pichi’ girl when suddenly Sakura Haruno falls from the sky into their world.

And instead of taking Launch, they take Sakura home.

The story is funny and the interaction between the characters, especially Goku and Sakura’s friendship.

Don’t miss out on this Naruto crossover fanfiction between the two most popular anime ever!

6. Abandon by LadyKG

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The Death Note in the wrong hands could be disastrous. When Obito’s Kamui lands him into Yagami’s world, chaos descends.

After Obito Uchiha dies, instead of landing in the afterlife, he arrives in the world of Death Note.

A very detailed and well-written story of how Obito tries to fit into the world of Death Note.

His characterization is done really well and is definitely a worthwhile read.

It has an interesting concept for a crossover story of two anime on opposite sides of the spectrum where there is an imbalance of power.

It is definitely a Naruto crossover fanfiction you don’t want to skip!

7. A Bond Beyond Worlds by Symbal21

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One-piece and Naruto are two completely different worlds.

This crossover fanfiction brings them together in a unique way.

Luffy’s a pirate and Naruto is a ninja. But with clashing personalities, the ultimate fight between the Straw Hats and the elite ninja of Konoha is definitely an exciting read.

The dynamic is definitely interesting and brings out the best of both worlds. Along with humor, adventure and suspense, this read will make you revisit it again.

8. Cracked Mask by Denim88

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In another crossover fic of Naruto and Bleach, the story takes place in the world of Bleach.

When Naruto becomes a Hollow, he is determined to prove that he is still the same person he always was.

But with a Hollow, there’s always bound to be fear and rejection.

The story revolves around Naruto as a Hollow and how he tries to adjust and prove himself as not a typical Hollow.

A great read for those who are curious to see Naruto with different powers.

Even though Naruto might seem weak, he’s actually got true power that could cause serious damage. It’s worth the read for a short fic.

9. The Hunter by Kur0kishi

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Two of the biggest anime with big fandoms will definitely have a crossover fic.

This Naruto crossover fanfiction takes place in an era without modern technology available at its disposal.

Yet again, an interesting concept for a crossover just for the mix of genres alone.

Imagine if the hot-headed and strong-willed Naruto joined the raven black-haired Kirito in the game from Sword Art Online?

That is exactly what you would be expecting from this Naruto Xover fanfiction.

10. Naruto and Pokemon: Power of Partnership

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An important part of a story is the pace of the story. This Naruto crossover fanfiction is in between Naruto and Pokemon.

What better than a bunch of animals playing around with their powers?

This story follows the new graduates of ninja who are presented with a Pokemon.

Imagine a way to get ninjas to control Pokemons? Chosen by Arceus himself, the ninja protects their pokemon and their pokemon protect their partners.

This is one of the best Naruto Xover fanfictions with Pokemon because of its battles and not containing the typical Naruto x Pokemon storylines.