Top 10 Best Setter & Spiker Duos In Haikyuu!!!

Top 10 Best Setter & Spiker Duos In Haikyuu!!!

Haikyuu is one of the most famous and loved sports anime. The anime has a very unique vibe that fits with the viewer's mood every time. Not just this, it is also filled with cram-packed players who are aces in their own categories.

The main element of volleyball is teamwork, and this teamwork is majorly required between the setter and spiker. A spiker can be anyone, and with the right training, it can be an official position of the player.

Same works with the setter. A setter also has its own specific training to see the right time, the position of the other player. Both the roles require an extreme level of attention and focus to read the other team players.

There is no doubt that Haikyuu has the best setters and spikers. They share teamwork which is very pleasant to the eyes. It gives the viewers chills to see the climax moments.

The setter and spiker tend to give each other challenges on their respective parts and turn out the best. Today, we've rounded up the top 10 Dynamic Duos of Setter and Spiker of Haikyuu.

10. Futamata & Terushima

Takeharu Futamata & Yuji Terushima, are 2nd-year students at Johzenji High. Futamata usually starts off with a foot save in the match against Karasuno. Terushima's spikes come from an element of surprise and from across the court. Both know how to play with their opponent.

Johzenji's are known to be energetic but this nature somewhat leads to stupid mistakes too. The constant taunts from Karasuno help them in keeping their head up in the game. One of the things that makes them different from other teams is the constant support amongst each other.

9. Koganegawa & Futakuchi

players appreciating after wining a point

Belonging to the team of well-built players, Kanji Koganegawa & Kenji Futakuchi are students at Date-Tech High. Date Tech was one of the first teams Karasuno had to battle, and they are a team with the all-famous Iron Wall.

Setter and first-year, Koganegawa, and their captain and ace, Kenji Futakuchi, are a pair that stands out amongst everyone. Both of them have an adjusted focus which they know how to use at the right time. Koganegawa admires Kageyama's skills which makes him better every day. Futakuchi is great at keeping Koganegawa grounded.

8. Ushijima & Shirabu

players nervously staring at the opponents

Wakatoshi Ushijima is the captain, wing spiker, and Ace of Shiratorizawa High. Kenjiro Shirabu is the team's second-year setter. They both are very well-composed with each other.They have amazing sync which helps them in executing their shots. They have a different outlooks when it comes to volleyball and playing on the court.

Ushijima's ability comes from his power, while Shirabu's comes from his ability to adjust to Ushijima no matter what the situation is. Among everyone in Shiratorizawa, Shirabu pulls off feints well, which serves Shiratorizawa in the game against Karasuno. They work well together out of all pairs on their team.

7. Sakishima & Daishou

players waiting for their practice session

Isumi Sakishima, the third-year setter, and Suguru Daishou, the third-year captain at Nohebi Academy. Nohebi Academy was part of the Top 4 for the Spring Tournament and lost to Nekoma. But, when their setter, Isumi Sakishima and captain/ace partnered up things took a drastic change.

The way they can pull intimidating feints over the hands of Nekoma's blockers. Sakishima and Daisho put pressure on their opponents by taunting them. Even without any special strategy, they manage to make the most out of themselves.

6. Atsumu & Osamu

2 players observing the gameplay

The all-famous Miya Twins of Inarzaki High are 2nd-year students. The Miya twins are a force to be reckoned with when they team up for a set and spike. Both of them have good sync with their ace, Aran Ojiro, as well, but they earn the best pair because of their surprising abilities and also their funny relationship.

Atsumu Miya, the setter, and Osamu Miya, the wing spiker, grew up fighting and challenging each other as every sibling. But when it came to working together, they know how to do it. They proved this in their quick attack that surprised even Hinata and Kageyama.

5. Bokuto & Akaashi

The second year students watching the players train

Kotaro Bokuto and Keiji Akaashi are second-year students at Fukurodani Academy. Bokuto's strength, cross-shots, line-shots, and mentorship goals are his best moves on the court, but he is easily pushed into what teammates call his "emo mode" where he forgets moves that are normally second nature to him.

Akashi and Fukurodani's Manager, Kaori, have plans to get Bokuto out of his slumps, and, because Akashi knows Bokuto so well, he also makes for the best setter to get the ball at just the right height and arc for Bokuto to nail the spike and remember his true talent. Akashi also doesn't fold under the pressure of having a captain lose his head.

4. Kenma & Fukunaga

The two main players fighting over a petty issue

Kenma Kozume and Shouei Fukunaga are second-year students at Nekoma High. Nekoma's team uses most of their players to spike off of Kenma's sets, but, during the Spring High Preliminaries against Nohebi Academy, Shohei Fukunaga proved to be the most reliable.

Kenma was losing energy and Fukunaga had been a solid spiker for him in this game because he was able to throw off Nohebi's groove with Kenma's sets.

3. Sugawara & Asahi

The previous ace of the school with his best hand man

Koshi Sugawara is a huge motivator for his teammates whether he is benched or on the court. He gets subbed in when Kageyama needs a break or when there needs to be a switch in the flow of the plays.

Asahi benefits from this because his confidence level rises when he is surrounded by the friends he has been playing volleyball with since his first year. Sugawara's mind and Asahi's power fit perfectly together.

2. Oikawa & Iwaizumi

The rivalry group of the school

Tooru Oikawa and Hajime Iwaizumi are dynamic duos for the Seijoh team. Despite being Kageyama's senpai, Oikawa's rivalry with Kageyama motivates him to be the "better setter". Iwaizumi's motivation comes from knowing that he and Oikawa can be unstoppable if Oikawa would just focus on himself rather than his rivalry.

Their best set and spike was in the game against Karasuno when Oikawa had to leap out of bounds and set across the court to Iwaizumi.

1. Kageyama & Hinata

The best players of Karasuno High showing hand gestures

Shoyo Hinata and Kageyama Tobio are the main characters among the many teams in Haikyuu!! When they both meet each other, at their first and last middle school volleyball match, they realize how far they have to rise to meet their goals. Kageyama and Hinata fulfill the enemies-to-friends trope while still maintaining a competitive edge against one another and their teams.

Their quick attack was a good surprise in the first few games they played on the Karasuno team, but, once word spread, they had to find new ways to keep the competition on their toes. Make Sure you watch Haikyuu if you haven't already

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