The Best SK8 The Infinity Characters, Ranked

The Best SK8 The Infinity Characters, Ranked

Sk8 The Infinity anime is one of the most ambitious projects of 2021. Fans have been entertained by Sk8 The Infinity season 1 which had 12 episodes. Sk8 The Infinity shows the story of a group of skaters in Okinawa who participate in an underground competition called “S” created by Adam.

The story begins when Reki, a high school student visits the “S” to deliver a skateboard to a client but fails to do so. His friend, the new transfer student Langa joins the competition in his place and wins the beef against Shadow gaining immense popularity. Let’s explore some of the SK8 The Infinity Characters and what they bring to the story!

8. Snake/ Tadashi Kikuchi

Snake/ Tadashi Kikuchi

Tadashi Kikuchi is Ainosuke Shindo's secretary and takes care of his chores. He was the one who taught Adam to skate and later comes to regret teaching him. Adam’s family did not like him pursuing skateboarding and burnt his skateboard. Since that instance, Adam harbours a grudge against Tadashi.

He entered the competition as Snake to defeat Adam and stop him from playing. He thinks that skateboarding is wrong and doesn’t support Adam’s passion for skateboarding. However, after meeting Reki, he withdraws from the competition and leaves Langa to have a beef with Adam.

In terms of professional abilities, he might be better than Adam as he managed to beat his time in the tournament but it can’t be verified as they never have any match together.

7. Shadow/ Hiromi Higa

Hiromi mocking

Shadow or Hiromi Higa is a violent skater who would do anything to win. He has created a violent person for shadow and uses rowdiness and violence when racing against his rivals. However, his counterpart, Hiromi is a kind florist and works in a flower shop.

Shadow is well known for his customer service and maintains positive energy in his workplace. Shadow is the self-proclaimed villain of S. he had a beef with Reki at the beginning of the series and defeated him, where Reki ended up with injuries.

6. Adam/ Ainosuke Shindo

duality of adam

Ainosuke Shindo or Adam is the most talented and veteran skateboarder that founded S. He is a politician and does not have a good relationship with his family. His twisted personality can be attributed to his family who disciplined him when he was young.

Adam has a twisted psyche and thinks violence is showing love. Adam is a dangerous player who has caused several accidents and was the reason why Reki and Cherry both got hurt during beef. Adam has taken an interest in Langa/ Snow and wants to pursue him (in skateboarding).

He wants to skate beside him and doesn’t pay attention to others. The romantic pursuits by Adam are ambiguous and limited to skateboarding. It can be interpreted in several ways. He has a love-hate relationship with his secretary Tadashi Kikuchi.

5. Joe / Kojiro Nanjo

buffed up joe

Joe or Kojiro Nanjo is an elite skater like Cherry and one of the founding members of S. He is friends with Adam and knew him since high school. He works as a professional chef and Cherry often frequents him. The group sees him as a playboy who gets along with women.

Joe is a flirt and can be seen flirting with countless girls. He cares deeply about Kaoru and carried him when he got hurt during a match against Adam. Although Joe and Cherry bicker a lot, they are extremely loyal to each other.

He is kind and often is seen as a father figure type to younger players. He helped Reki when he was having doubts about skateboarding.

4. Cherry Blossom/ Kaoru Sakurayashiki

Cherry Blossom/ Kaoru Sakurayashiki

Kaoru Sakurayashiki or Cherry Blossoms is a skilled skateboarder who knew Adam from the early days. Cherry is one of the founding members of “S”. He uses an AI called Carla, which is a cutting-edge technology that helps Cherry to make calculated decisions.

Kaoru, Kojiro, and Ainosuke were friends from high school, but they grew distant over the years. Cherry and Joe often bicker and do not get along with each other, but there is no animosity between them. They both want to challenge Adam into the beef to settle their old grudges.

He often visits Kojiro’s restaurant despite wanting to beat him in skateboarding beef. He has a cold personality externally but truly cares about his friends. Kaoru Sakurayashiki is a professional calligrapher and is well renowned. He doesn’t like to be called Cherry outside “S” when Reki almost disclosed his skater persona.

3. Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen is a middle school student and an elite candidate for Japan’s national team. He was a carefree person when he was young and enjoyed skateboarding with his friends. As he grew up and his talent was discovered, his relationship with his friends grew bitter.

They started avoiding him due to their complex and this impacted Miya. Miya became wary and distant from others. He has a habit of trash-talking and calls Reki untalented slime. Miya was burdened by the expectations from others that somewhere down the line, he stopped enjoying skateboarding.

Miya is competitive and tried his best to win against Langa, but lost eventually. Eventually, he became close with Langa, Reiki, Shadow, Cherry, and Joe.

2. Langa Hasegawa

Langa Hasegawa is a transfer student from Canada. He and his mom moved back to Okinawa. His father taught him snowboarding. After Langa’s dad passed away, he became unmotivated and stopped snowboarding.

In his first beef against Shadow, he taped his legs and performed skateboarding using snowboarding skills. People were impressed after he defeated Shadow and earned the nickname “Snow” which caught the interest of Adam.

Adam calls Langa his Eve and wants to skate with him, declaring him his ultimate competitor and love. Langa deeply cares for Reki and holds him in high regard. When Reki didn’t support him in the competition, his spirit for skateboarding was not present, he felt lifeless and contemplated why he was even participating.

He used skateboards designed by Reki and can’t use anything other than those as he finds them precious and lucky.

1. Reki Kyan

Langa and Reki fist bump
Langa and Reki 

Reki Kyan loves to skateboard and was the one who taught Langa about skateboarding. He has the knowledge and technical stuff about skateboarding. He designed his and Langa’s skateboard.

Reki and Langa frequently attend “S” where skateboard events are held. In terms of skateboarding skills, he is average and not as good as Langa. This made him insecure and he did not attend the underground competition. He even had an argument with Langa and they drifted for some time.

However, when Reki saw Langa had no spirit for skateboarding, he cheered for him and Langa won in the end. Reiki and Langa have a supportive, emotional, and great friendship where they trust each other.