Our 9 Favorite Skip Beat Characters from Season 1

Our 9 Favorite Skip Beat Characters from Season 1

Skip Beat is a famous Shoujo series that has been popular for over two decades. The Shoujo series first began in 2002. Skip Beat anime aired from 2008-2009. The Shoujo series centers around Kyoko Mogami, Tsuruga Ren & Sho Fuwa. Skip Beat still remains popular among fans and they desperately wish for a new season. Let’s check out some of the Skip Beat characters from Anime Season. Which Skip Beat Character is your favorite?

1. Kyoko Mogami

determined Kyoko

The main character of Skip Beat is Kyoko Mogami. Skip Beat! Revolves around Kyoko Mogami, a 16-year-old girl who comes to Tokyo with her childhood friend Sho Fuwa. Sho Fuwa treats her like a maid and leaves her.

Determined to take revenge on Sho, she enters showbiz where she meets Tsuruga Ren. She enters L.ME and becomes friends with Kotonami Kanae.

Kyoko initially joins showbiz for revenge, but as time passes she falls in love with acting. She has made many people in showbiz acknowledge her acting talent.

2. Sho Fuwa

 Sho Fuwa

The main love interest of Kyoko and the love rival of Tsuruga Ren. His real name is Shotaru Fuwa. Sho is a famous Idol singer who reached success and fame after tricking Kyoko.

Sho is a very ruthless Skip Beat character. He is sarcastic, gets easily jealous, and feels possessive of Kyoko. After Kyoko has a transformation, Sho couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Sho is jealous of Tsuruga Ren and feels insecure and acts childish toward him. Sho likes Kyoko but realizes it quite late. He gets angry when he finds out that Ren is in love with Kyoko.

Even though he treated Kyoko like a doormat, he likes her, romantically perhaps and that is quite ironic.

Is Sho in Love with Kyoko?

sho fuwa and kyoko

Sho Fuwa is clearly in denial. He has feelings for Kyoko but he realizes them only after she is gone. Kyoko wants revenge and enters Showbiz to make Sho regret his actions.

When Sho first saw Kyoko in his MV, he was startled and felt something was slowly shifting. He was really jealous and childish when she was contacting Tsuruga Ren.

Fuwa went as far as to snatch her phone and disconnect the call just to tease Kyoko Mogami. He further said that he feels that Kyoko is his.

3. Tsuruga Ren

Tsuruga Ren

Ren is a popular actor in the LME talent agency. Tsuruga Ren was ranked as the most desirable man in Japan.

Sho sees him as a threat in showbiz and in love. Ren initially dislikes Kyoko because he thought her motive to enter showbiz was impure.

But slowly he falls for Kyoko as time progresses. He acknowledges her acting talent and thinks she is made to shine in the showbiz world. Tsuruga Ren is a complicated character, who has many shades but we love him.

Are Ren and Corn the Same Person?

Corn is a 10-year-old boy as a Skip Beat Character. He met Kyoko when they were kids when Kyoko was 6 years old. Kuon or Corn saw Kyoko crying and gave her a magic rock that became a charm for Kyoko.

Kyoko is unaware that Kouon or Corn and Tsuruga Ren are the same people. She has met Kuon much later in the manga again, but Tsuruga Ren deceives Kyoko. Naïve Kyoko believes in Kuon and doesn’t question their identity of Kuon. She is happy to meet Kuon again and she truly cherishes him as a friend.

4. Kanae Kotonami

Kanae in LME

Famously known as Moko chan, Kanae is the only female friend of Kyoko Mogami. Kanae and Kyoko first met at an audition, where Kyoko was eliminated first. She is a very good actress but she lacked emotions. Kanae was later eliminated in the audition process.

Moko chan is the second L.ME member. She seems like a hostile person at first, but she is very caring. Kanae cares about Kyoko a lot. They even starred in an audition together.

5. Yukihito Yashiro

Yukihito Yashiro

Yashiro is the manager of Tsuruga Ren. He is a very capable manager. By nature, Yukohito Yashiro seems to be a very serious person, but he’s very playful. He suspects that Ren has feelings for Kyoko, but he is in denial.

Yashiro is responsible for managing Ren’s busy schedule. Later in the manga, he becomes the manager for Kyoko, which catches a lot of attention from everyone.

He often teases Ren, but he fully supports Ren. Yashiro often encourages Ren to take action and tells him to accept his feelings.

One interesting thing is that Yashiro is bad with electronic gadgets, and has to wear latex gloves to handle them. He can break them if he touches them directly.

6. Lory Takarada

LME president Lory Takarada

The flamboyant and eccentric President of the LME talent agency is Lory Takarada. He noticed something in Kyoko and created the L.ME (Love Me) section for her.

Under his instructions, the company recruits Kanae as well. He has a somewhat misunderstood relationship with his granddaughter Maria, but he deeply cares about her.

Lory san has a somewhat complicated nature in the relationship with Ren. Lory Takarada is one of the most interesting Skip Beat Characters in the series.

7. Maria Takarada

Maria Takarada with Kyoko

Lory Takarada’s granddaughter is Maria Takarada. Her mom passes away when she was young. She had a strained relationship with his dad, due to many misunderstandings. Maria as a Skip Beat character is a brat. She initially dislikes Kyoko, but later takes a liking to her. Maria is close to Tsuruga and really adores him.

8. Takenori Sawara

Takenori Sawara with kyoko

The head of the talent division at LME is Takenori Sawara. Kyoko tormented him to audition at LME. He was later made the manager of the Love Me section. Kyoko often reports to him regarding jobs.

Sawara played an important role in getting Kyoko to audition at LME. Sawara san gave Kyoko tips from time to time and truly wishes her success. He is a very likeable Skip Beat character.

9. Ushio Kurosaki

Ushio Kurosaki

Ushio Kurosaki was looking for talents to shoot a commercial for Curara. He holds auditions where Kyoko and Kanae try out. Director Kurosaki was impressed by Kyoko’s out-of-the-box thinking and quick thinking and improvisation. He wanted raw talent for his commercial and refused a rich actress Erika who offered him money for getting the role.

Kurosaki dislikes people who use money and connections to get ahead in showbiz. Kurosaki shows a lot of interest in Kyoki for her acting skills. He was really intrigued when he saw Kyoko slap Kanae who was about to give up due to Erika.