5 Most Iconic Sword Art Online Characters

5 Most Iconic Sword Art Online Characters

Sword Art Online Characters or specifically the anime Sword Art Online is indeed a smooth watch for virtual world lovers. The best part about this anime was its huge casting and different in-game virtual worlds.

It was a manga series whose anime got huge popularity and further video games were made out of it as well. So here are the 5 best Sword Art Online Characters in SAO/ Sword Art Online.

1. Kirito - The Best Player

kirito with his sword
“Whether here or in the real world, you can cry when it hurts. There’s no rule that you can’t show feelings just because it’s a game.” – Kirito

Kirito or Narusaka Kazuto was the protagonist in Sword Art Online. He was basically a perfectionist. However, his humbleness made him indeed one of the best SAO Characters.

He was a beta tester and knew almost everything about the game. Kirito was a calm and simple-minded person. He was great at combat and that is what made him more popular. Kirito lacked even a single flaw and Asuna motivated him like no one.

He was very blunt but he never missed care for the ones who actually needed it. Perhaps these characteristic features made him more adorable and the BEST.

2. Asuna

asuna with a beautiful background
“Life isn’t just doing things for yourself. It’s possible to live in such a way that other people’s happiness, makes you happy too.” – Asuna Yuuki

Asuna was one of the strongest SAO characters. Her sword art was one hell of a watch. She was a very soulful character who was ready to help anyone. Meeting Kirito was a whole different experience. She started valuing life because of him. She trusted Kirito with everything even with all her decisions.

However, she demanded to be heard. Asuna was never afraid of death; she didn’t even wish to return. This factor made her a fearless player as she wasn’t afraid of losing. She was a healer but she didn’t bother to charge with her rapier. These are the things that make Asuna, our main female protagonist, one of the best Sword Art Online Characters.

3. Yui

yui sleeping
“I want to stay with you forever!”-Yui

Yui was an Artificial Intelligence and in-game child of Kirito and Asuna. They found her in the floating castle of Aincrad and Yui seemed to have no memories of her past.

The couple looked after her. She was originally designed as a mental health coordinator, who looked after the mental health and psychological situation of the characters.

the image displaying yui's curious nature
“Everyone smiles when they are with you. Please… from now on, go and help people in my place. Share your happiness with them.” – Yui

Fans love Yui because of her sweet and nurturing nature as a kid. However, she was one of the most powerful sword art online characters. She was able to trace the real life of the players and change codes in their system. Yui was even able to switch virtual worlds. Initially, Asuna and Kirito didn’t know about her qualities, but later Yui revealed them herself.

4. Leafa

leafa with a rod in her left eye
“Hey, Do your best. You can’t give up on the one you love so easily!”- Leafa

Leafa or Kirigaya Suguja was Kirito’s adoptive sister. She was a middle-school student. Leafa was one of the most passionate Sword Art Online Characters. Leafa joined for the first time in the Alfheim Online arc.

She was fearsome and yet not aggressive. Perhaps, this is what made her character, even more amazing. Fans acknowledge her a lot because of her uncommon feelings for Kirito, her adoptive brother.

However, it was because she didn’t know that her in-game crush was actually her own brother. Yet, Leafa is a fulfilled and pleasurable character. She gives utmost respect to her own self-respect and is self-independent. She even punched Recon when he tried to kiss her. These situations and her traits show, how lovable Leafa is.

5. Sinon

sinon with her arms
“I Wished to become stronger going beyond this sadness.” – Sinon

Sinon or Asada Shino was a big gaming enthusiast and perhaps one of the best Sword Art Online Characters. She first appeared in Sword Art Online II with the game Gun Gale Online.

With a dreadful past and traumatic story, Shinon rose even higher. Later, she was considered to be the most popular female character. When she was a child, she had to kill the robber in the bank.

She is also quite uncomfortable around male counterparts and guns as that robbery left a huge mark on her life. However, she is still a passionate and humble character who helps people when required.

One thing that gave her the huge popularity she deserves is her skills as a sniper. The way she overcame her fear of guns and became one of the best snipers is truly inspiring. The more she learned to adjust to her past, the stronger she became.

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