Why Is Black Bulls The Most Overpowered Squad?

Why Is Black Bulls The Most Overpowered Squad?

Black Bulls is one of the nine squads of magic knights in the Clover Kingdom. Initially, it was regarded as the worst squad in the kingdom. Even the commoners looked down at the squad. The state of the Black Bulls changed when Asta got into the squad.

Seeing his determination and resolve, other squad members got motivated to push their limits. The reason why Black Bulls were underestimated a lot was because of the manners and conduct of the squad members. Yami, the captain of the Black Bulls is a foreigner and the people looked down on him.

Yami, recruited magic knights not only from the magic knight’s exam but also from anywhere if he deems them worthy. Social status or being a royal is not one of the criteria for him to recruit other squad members. Known throughout for their unruly behavior, the squad had gathered -31 stars for their behavior.

The Wizard King awards star for any good performance by the squad in any mission and take stars if the behavior of the magic knights caused any harm. After Asta arrived in the squad, the rest of the squad members started taking the missions more seriously and successfully completed them.

It was Asta’s grit and resolve which pierced through everyone’s heart and encouraged them to do better. Although Black Bulls was still looked down upon, the other squads and the Wizard King could clearly see the change.

Black Bulls: The Over-Powered Squad

The squad members of the Black Bulls each have either a unique form of magic or some above-the-average scale magic. Yami, the captain of the Black Bulls could cut a devil with his spell, dimension slash. He is an arcane stage mage with immense strength. Nacht, the vice-captain of the squad is a devil host, having control over four devils.

He has been a spy in the spade kingdom which is run by the dark triad for years. This proves he is a very powerful character. Vanessa has got control over fate which proves extremely useful in life-and-death situations. She is the daughter of the Witch Queen. She is also an arcane-level mage.

the squad enjoying themselves

Asta is the wielder of the five-leaf grimoire and possesses anti-magic type swords. His strength and endurance are overwhelmingly high. He too is an arcane-level mage. Noelle could fight with her brother Solid and self-possessed members of Golden Dawn and defeat them.

Also, she fought Vanica, a member of the dark triad at seventy percent power. Charmy is half-human and half-dwarf and could beat the elf-possessed captain of the aqua deer squad on her own. The rest of the Black Bulls members are also quite powerful like Secre Swallowtail, Gauche, Grey, Gordon, Magna, Finral, Harry, and Zora.

The reason why they are overpowered as a squad is their unique magic, with many arcane stage mages. But also, the bond among the squad members is more like a family one. This makes their teamwork extremely good and they can each utilize one another’s strengths.

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