Black Clover: Finral | Character Sketch

Black Clover: Finral | Character Sketch

Finral is one of the members of the Black Bull squad in the Clover Kingdom. He is a user of space magic. He is the womanizer of the squad. All though, at first sight, he does appear to be a coward but as the series progress, he gains courage. Finral goes from doing dull and tedious tasks like transporting Captain Yami to fighting and supporting other characters in difficult battles.

He had to repeatedly keep on repeating to the others that he is superior to them in rank but no one pays much attention to his seniority. Let’s take a look at an in-depth characterization.

Finral’s Personal Relationships

Finral performing magic

Finral is a member of House Vaude, one of the royal families in the Clover Kingdom. But one year after his birth, his mother dies. Soon, his father remarries and he becomes a big brother.

Langris, the younger brother, possessed much stronger magic than him. One fine day, both of the brothers are introduced to a lady who seems very fragile. Finesse Calmreich, the young lady, is engaged to the next head of the House Vaude.

The head of the house is Langris instead of Finral as he outperformed his older brother in everything. Finral accepts this, takes his mother’s title, and eventually joins the Black Bull squad. Before the royal knight’s exam, both the brothers come face to face where the younger mocks the older.

Finral takes it without any fighting back but when his younger brother starts mocking his teammates, he is offended. After the eye of the midnight arc, Finral promises finesse that he will be the one to marry her as he will start improving and leave being a womanizer. He tries his best to honor his words.


He is the womanizer of the squad. Captain Yami regards him as his “wheels”, a personal transport. Initially, he has been shown as a coward who runs away from any difficult situation or battle.

This cowardice might be due to a lack of self-confidence. He ran away from his house when the head of the house was decided. Before the Vetto fight, he is shown to suggest multiple times of running away. The Vetto fight was the game changer for his character development.

Asta, Finral, Vanessa vs Vetto

Apart from hesitating to fight, he also likes to flirt with ladies. Although, he does not succeed in any of his attempts but he carries on. Unlike a pervert, he just likes to flirt with ladies for the thrill of it. At one time, he thought this nature of his to be a curse given by the devil.

Fights Fought By Finral

Initially, he uses his spatial magic for menial tasks such as transporting things and people across different locations. But, the game-changer was the Vetto fight. In the beginning, he thought of escaping and not fighting but when he heard Asta fighting and not giving up, it also gave him the courage to participate. He provides excellent support along with Vanessa to Asta and almost defeats Vetto.

Finral vs Langris

Later on, another memorable fight of Finral would be the fight between two brothers during the royal knight's exam arc. Langris tries to intimidate his older brother before the match, but Finral does not get intimidated. During the fight, he hits Langris with a new spell- Fallen angel flapping.

Through this, he is able to change the position of his opponent or change his own position. Eventually, Langris’s magic is overpowered and Finral loses and is injured severely. Although he loses the match, he does not hesitate to fight in it which shows his character development. Overall, Finral is one of the best side characters from Black Clover.

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