Which Bleach character are you based on your MBTI Type?

Which Bleach character are you based on your MBTI Type?

Because each character in Bleach is so distinctive, their relationships are stronger and have a greater bearing on the events of the long-running series. The series' cast is quite diversified, and new characters are added during each story arc.

The moral principles and psychological attributes of each character are gradually revealed throughout the course of the television series. This makes it simple to identify each character's Myers-Briggs personality type. The 16 types of the MBTI include Extrovert and Introvert, Sensing and Intuition, Thinking and Feeling, and Perceiving and Judging. These various characteristics combine to provide the ideal example of a personality, which can then be readily applied to various characters in Bleach.

Yoruichi Shihoin - ENFP


Yoruichi is the ideal ENFP; she is vivacious and frequently eager to provide Ichigo and his buddies a helpful hand whenever they need it. She severed links with the soul society and now works with Urahara in his store. Yoruichi is highly uninhibited, much like the ENFP she is.

She frequently defies commands and does what she feels is right, which is why she abandoned the Soul Society and her impressive list of titles. Yoruichi is gregarious and creative, and he succeeds at assisting others in achieving their objectives.

Toshiro Hitsugaya - INTJ


Captain Hitsugaya is surprisingly somber and stern for someone his age. Being a youthful Shinigami, he constantly feels the need to be treated with more respect. His position as captain was not acquired by accident.

Hitsugaya embodies the ideal INTJ. He makes plans for everything and is incredibly rational and strategic. Since Gin Ichimaru, he has been regarded as a young prodigy and as an adept strategist and tactician by his peers.

Kisuke Urahara - INTP


Except for his closest friends and family, Urahara comes across as being incredibly indolent and laid back. Fans and characters just assume that when he initially appears in the series, he is merely a stupid, inebriated shop owner who is prepared to assist Ichigo in his mission to save Rukia. But he is much more than that.

Urahara is an inventor with a voracious need for information. He observes Ichigo and how strong he is despite being a stand-in soul reaper. Like an INTP, Urahara develops a fierce love for whatever piques his interest.

Byakuya Kuchiki - ISTJ


Byakuya consistently demonstrates his incredible dependability as an ISTJ for his family and friends. He believes he must uphold the law and the legal system under all circumstances, even if it means putting Rukia to death.

Byakuya has a keen understanding of logistics and is highly pragmatic. He continues to respect the guidelines, regulations, and customs of the Soul Society and always accepts accountability for his deeds.

Renji Abarai - ESTP


Throughout the entire series, Renji is intelligent, vivacious, and incredibly loyal to his friends. He enjoys living life on the edge and has good social awareness. He is the ideal ESTP because of these qualities.

Many fans have come to the conclusion that Renji behaves much like an edgier version of Ichigo. They are fiercely devoted to their loved ones and equally headstrong. Renji is hence the more outgoing version of Ichigo.

Orihime Inoue - ESFJ


Both mentally and physically, Orihime is as helpful as they come. By building barriers and treating their wounds, she helps her allies. She also offers her pals unwavering moral support, lifting them up whenever they are going through any form of difficulty. She is friendly and well-liked among her peers and is constantly eager to assist those in need. Orihime is the ideal ESFJ because of these qualities.

Uryu Ishida - ISTJ


Like Byakuya, Uryu is an ideal ISTJ because of how logically he makes judgments. Despite this, Uryu continues to support his buddies whenever they need him. He uses his Quincy powers to help in combat and is a very trustworthy character.

Uryu is the kind of person that respects conventions and regulations. Due to the long-standing competition between soul reapers and Quincies, he initially thinks he must destroy Ichigo. However, he rapidly realizes that he is free to make his own decisions and does not have to follow the beliefs of his people.

Chad (Yasutora Sado) - ISFJ


Chad is a true introvert who may not speak much, but he is devoted to his friends and would go to great lengths to protect them, which makes him the ideal ISFJ, also known as the Defender.

Warm-hearted ISFJs are constantly prepared to safeguard, defend, and preserve their loved ones from danger, whether it be psychological or physical. Chad consistently stands by Ichigo, Rukia, and the others and is always ready to provide a hand to those in need.

Rukia Kuchiki - INFP


Rukia, the second primary character after Ichigo, is the reason why Ichigo initially acquired his soul reaper abilities. Rukia is a fantastic INFP. Even if it could take them some time to fully warm up to someone, INFPs are always ready to stand by and assist their friends. Rukia grows fond of Ichigo and comes to rely on him more than anybody else.

Rukia is continually willing to encourage Ichigo in his undertakings and experiences the same joy when he succeeds, exactly like the INFP she is. On first contact, Rukia could come off as reserved and tranquil, but this is normal for an INFP because they have an inner flame and passion that completely defines them.

Ichigo Kurosaki - ISTP


Ichigo is the ideal ISTP, just as Rukia makes the ideal INFP. Even though he is one of the rare shonen characters who is described as an introvert, Ichigo frequently needs some alone time to think things through. He doesn't really express his emotions all that much, but his behaviors are very clear.

Fans discover that Ichigo is something of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to supernatural talents as the series progresses. He is an ISTP because he is a soul reaper, Quincy, hollow, full bringer, and so much more.

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