Can Hatake Kakashi Open The 8 Gates?

Can Hatake Kakashi Open The 8 Gates?

The Eight (8) Gates are blockers for the flow of Chakra in an individual’s body.

It is the brain’s way of preventing and protecting the human body from harming itself due to overexertion.

An ordinary individual only uses 20% of the full potential of their body.

To open up the gates and remove these blockers, one needs to go through immense training.

Training their body to adjust to the backlash the body receives after opening the gates.

The person needs to improve their physical strength and their speed to keep up with the boost of chakra.

Eight Gates And The Users

We won’t go into details and bore you by nerding out about the Eight Gates. But, let’s go over them briefly.

a diagram showing the 8 gates

1st Gate of Opening: removes the user’s mental constraint and able to perform “Front Lotus”

2nd Gate of Healing: increases the physical strength of the user and heals rapidly from exhaustion

3rd Gate of Life: able to perform the “Reverse Lotus”

4th Gate of Pain: increases the speed and helps improve the “Reverse Lotus”

5th Gate of Limit/Closing: increases the strength of the users and the “Reverse Lotus”

6th Gate of View: increases all the abilities allowing the user to perform the “Morning Peacock”

7th Gate of Wonder: allows to perform “Daytime Tiger”; single punch creating a pocket of compressed air

8th Gate of Death: allows performing “Evening Elephant” and “Night Guy” but the user heats up from inside and gets cooked inside-out ultimately turning into ash.

The Users of The Eight Gates

a man using his powers to fight an enemy

Might Duy, took twenty years to learn to open all Eight Gates. He learned from his father Might Duy, to open all the gates.

Rock Lee, learned from his teacher Guy, and by adulthood, he mastered all Eight Gates.

Metal Lee, Rock Lee’s son, is capable of opening First Gate but subconsciously.

Hatake Kakashi can open the First Gate shown during a Cliff Climbing Exercise.

Now that we have established some information, let’s ask the question;

How Many Gates Can Kakashi Open?

Using Eight Gate is like signing a deal with the devil. While it gives you immense power it harms your body ten-fold.

Hatake Kakashi is an ex-ANBU with powers in the level of a Kage.

He has intelligence par with Shikamaru, taijutsu though basic can be paired up with Might Guy and a keen sense of smell.

Moreover, with his Sharingan, he has copied thousands of technique which make his strong on his own.

When it comes to Eight Gates, we know Kakashi can open the First Gate, Gate of Opening.

But, Kakashi it seems has mostly relied on his chakra and its technique.

He developed “Chidori” because he thought it would take more time to add nature chakra to “Rasengan”.

Kakashi may have learned to open the first gate in order to release the limits it possesses in the mental capacity of an individual.

As an ex-ANBU, Kakashi can endure the strain it causes in the body which is not much.

Opening the First Gate also gives a subtle boost of power and makes the taijutsu refine.

man with injuries on his face staring at the readers

Kakashi in the anime opens his First Gate to climb up a rocky cliff as a part of a training exercise.

This instance we all know about. But there is another instance in which Kakashi performs “Front Lotus”.

In the anime, we see Kakashi performing the “Front Lotus”, but in the manga fans can see him opening his First Gate.

Hatake Kakashi, as fans speculate, may be able to open the Second or Third Gate and tolerate the pain and backlash the body receives.

But, not more than that, because we all know one of Kakashi’s weaknesses is strength.

Moreover, having Sharingan (overuse of which leaves him bedridden for days) and adding Eight Gates to it would probably kill him from chakra exhaustion, won’t you say!!

Also, he never trained in taijutsu as much as Guy or Rock Lee.

Without the training regimen that they went through it is physically impossible for anyone, without superhuman strength, to open the Eight Gates.

Kakashi as well is no exception especially because he relies on his chakra techniques to defeat his opponents.

So, can Hatake Kakashi open the Eight Gates or not, the answer is a matter of physical strength and resilience.

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