Can Ichigo save Soul Society from Yhwach?

Ichigo Kurosaki escapes Quilge's Jail to face off against Yhwach. Can Ichigo defeat the Quincy leader?

Can Ichigo save Soul Society from Yhwach?

Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen S017E07 “Born in the Dark” was the much-awaited episode of the series with Ichigo Kurosaki finally arriving at Soul Society. With Yamamoto Genryusai’s heavy defeat, Yhwach is determined to eliminate Soul Society.

What did Yhwach mean when he said “My Son, Born in the Dark?” How did Ichigo vs Yhwach fight go? Was Ichigo able to stop Yhwach? Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 7 gave viewers goosebumps when they showed the original Gotei 13.

Yamamoto vs Yhwach Conclusion

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Stern Ritters & Yhwach

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 7 “ Born in the Dark” started off with a young Shunsui sneaking into Yamamoto’s room only to be caught and receive a good earful scolding.

The scene quickly shifts to the Original Gotei 13 as described by Yhwach “a group of killers” that banded together. Indeed, the original Gotei 13 was quite powerful when Yamamoto was at the height of his powers.

Even at his dying breath, Yamamoto tries to stop Yhwach, but he is no match for him. Yhwach kills Yamamoto as he “dies standing”. He cuts the captain commander in half brutally and blames his arrogance for his loss.

In the flashback, Yamamoto explains to Shunsui that the monster that appeared was killed and will not appear again. Maybe, it was a foreshadowing of the future. Just as Yamamoto takes his dying breath, Shunsui feels the loss and screams in pain.

Shunsui’s fight is cut short as Stern Ritter “N” Robert Accutrone attacks him. The Soul Society is in a mess thanks to Yhwach and the Stern Ritters, but this is just the beginning. More foot soldiers of the Wandenreich appear in Seireitei.

Just as the Soul Society was on the brink of extinction, a known figure appeared from the chaos.

Ichigo arrives at Soul Society

the fighter saving the injured
Ichigo saving Akon

Kurosaki Ichigo kept struggling in the Quilge’s Jail but at last, he was able to break free. Thanks to Third Seat Akon, Ichigo finally managed to land at Soul Society.

Ichigo was bleeding and angry, but nothing felt more hurtful than his bleeding heart. He felt that the Soul Society was in a mess and could feel everyone’s dying screams.

Kurosaki Ichigo took Akon to safety and went where a nearly dying Byakuya Kuchiki was lying.

Thankfully, Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai were not in danger just as Ichigo assured Byakuya. It was painful yet a strong feeling to see how Byakuya kept aside his pride and ego to ask Ichigo for help to protect Soul Society.

As usual, action speaks louder than words, without saying anything Ichigo quietly left off to meet the final boss, Yhwach.

The Stern Ritter felt when Ichigo Kurosaki arrived in the Soul Society. It’s impossible not to detect such strong spiritual pressure.

Yhwach vs Ichigo

Ichigo is a no-nonsense person, as soon as he found Yhwach, he attacked him. Yhwach didn’t want to encounter Ichigo for some reason and did not show any interest in stealing his Bankai, not that he could. Both of them exchanged fists and fought only for Ichigo to be crushed badly.

How did Ichigo escape Quilge’s Jail?

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Ichigo vs Yhwach

According to Yhwach, he made a mistake. Quilge’s Jail only works on enemies, not on Quincies. Yhwach regrets not sending an Arrancar to hold Ichigo. Sending a true-born Qunicy released Ichigo’s memories within his spiritual pressure.

As Ichigo was inside the Jail, his spiritual powers manifested and his memories were awakened. In a not-so-shocking twist, it was revealed that Ichigo Kurosaki has Quincy powers as he used Blut Vene to attack Yhwach.

The source of his Quincy powers is his mother, Masaki Kurosaki, who was a Quincy, a fact unknown to Ichigo. It seems like pretty much everyone knows about Ichigo’s lineage except for him. It’s high time Ichigo and his dad Isshin Kurosaki have a serious talk.

So, Yhwach did have plans to kidnap Ichigo and re-educate Quincy's knowledge but looks like it won’t be happening. Yhwach was relentless as he taunts Ichigo about his mother, which is still a sore spot in Ichigo’s heart as he felt guilty about his mother’s passing away.

An angered Ichigo released Getsuga Tenshou to fight off Yhwach but he’s not in a condition where he can win against the enemy leader. Ichigo is knocked out but just as Yhwach was about to deal a devastating blow to him, thankfully, his luck ran out.

Stern Ritter “B” Jugram Haschwalth informed Yhwach that their time limit was over when working outside the Schatten Bereich.

Shocked boy
Shocked Ichigo Kurosaki

Thanks to Aizen Sosuke’s meddling, Yhwach’s sense of time was affected. Of course, Haschwalth knew but didn’t say anything. Just as Yhwach and Haschwalth were about to return, Ichigo made one last attempt to attack. Unfortunately, Haschwalth was quicker and more powerful as he breaks Ichigo’s blade. RIP Ichigo’s Zanpaktou.

Just as Ichigo was in utter shock, Yhwach tells him to heal his wound and that he would meet him again, “my son born in the dark”. It doesn’t mean Yhwach is Ichigo’s dad but this confirms Ichigo’s Quincy lineage and his newly awakened power.

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