Men of the Harem Webtoon | Can Latil Win the Throne?

Men of the Harem Webtoon | Can Latil Win the Throne?

It’s time to explore some Fantasy webtoons if you are bored with the Isekai and time travel or romance series. Men of the Harem is the perfect series because not only it’s about women empowerment and totally handsome and efficient men.

Men of the Harem Webtoon is created by HereLee and Alphatart. This fantasy webtoon is available on Naver Line Webtoon and gets updated every Saturday. Latil, the next in line for the throne of Tarium gets betrayed by her first love. What will Latil do? Can Latil’s Harem get her to forget her first love?

The Beginning of the Heartbreak

Latil was the princess of the kingdom of Tarium. She was in love with the neighbouring Kingdom’s prince Hyacinth Karisen. Hyacinth arrived Tarium as an envoy and scholar. Latil and Hyacinth were a match made in heaven; but were they meant to be? When Hyacinth’s half brother Heium incited rebellion, Hyacinth went back to Karisen to claim the throne and free it from his half-brother’s rule.

hyacinth and his beloved

Helium was the choice of the ministers and many openly supported him, but as luck would have been, Hyacinth emerged victoriously and became the next emperor. Latil patiently waited for Hyacinth to send for her, and he did send a convoy. Hyacinth betrayed Latil and ended up Marrying Aini Daga, daughter of duke Daga. If inviting Latil to the marriage wasn’t enough, he asked Latil for 5 years after he divorces Aini. Total scumbag. Latil deserves better.

Meeting a Weirdo

Despite the insult, Latil was brave enough to represent Tarium and join the wedding banquet. Latil meets lady Aini, who declares that she will never give up on Hyacinth. Good, Aini please keep Hyacinth, because Latil is better of with other people.

Still heartbroken and turned to alcohol, she meets a weirdo, handsome but self-inflated ego, just like his brother. The mystery weirdo is none other than Klein Abisinaugh Karisen, Hyacinth’s younger brother. Klein misunderstands Latil and thinks that Latil is in love with him. The only person who has ever truly been beside Latil was sir Sonnaught.

Death of the Emperor

After Latil returns back, she was the next person to become the emperor. Her elder brother resigned from the contender and sought priesthood. Latil’s half-brother Thula wanted the throne to himself. He ganged against Latil and for over, a year became the emperor.

In the period, Latin’s father (emperor) was assassinated. Prince Thula and his mother Anaktcha disliked Latil. With the help and support of other nobles and Duke Atraxil, Latil became the next emperor. Latil orders Thula to be executed and locks away Anaktcha for life.

The peace of the kingdom is back, but deep down the prophecy might come true, that Latil can be a dictator. Latrasil Valentine Tarium, became the next Emperor of the Tarium Realm, the 19th emperor of the country.

After becoming the next emperor, Latil orders the Harem of Men, 5 people who will become the consort or concubines. In the beginning, people were surprised but Latil was convinced through solid arguments that she deserves 5 consorts. People from all walks of life can apply to join her harem.

Whether it was revenge or not, Latil sent an envoy to Karisen kingdom to get an eligible bachelor to enter her harem. Initially rejected by Hyacinth, his brother Klein was convinced that Latil sent the envoy for him. After talking sense into his brother, Klein accepted the invitation and entered Latil’s Harem. Meanwhile, Duke Atraxil’s son Ranamun Brautuscha was willing to enter the harem and win Latil’s heart. The only person who truly loves Latil is Sir Sonnaught, but he has no intention of expressing his feeling. Who are the remaining people of the harem?