Mieruko-chan | Can Miko Yotsuya Protect Hana Yurikawa?

Mieruko-chan | Can Miko Yotsuya Protect Hana Yurikawa?

There has been a plethora of anime series this year, not that I’m complaining, but Mieruko Chan was a hidden gem.

Initially, with no intention nor motivation to watch Mieruko Chan, this was a pleasant watch and almost perfect for a binge-watch.

It has the perfect element of horror, supernatural, and comedy. Miko Yotsuya, a high school student often ends up in a predicament when the “unnatural beings” start creeping her out along with her friend Hana Yurikawa.

More than a predicament, it’s near to nerve-wracking, scared emotions and Miko’s brazen outlook to absolutely deny the invisible horrible monsters walking around everyone, but only visible to her.

There’s also Yuria Niguredou, who can sense the monsters, but her vision is limited to the lower class of monsters.

What happened with Miko Yotsuya?

two girls together

Miko Yotsuya, an average high school girl is pretty much like every other girl.

Her life turned upside down when she suddenly started seeing horrible creatures, ugly, deadly, and extremely scary.

These gory spirits start haunting her and scare the hell out of her.

Fret not, because Miko has the solution, to ignore these creatures.

Miko was almost having a panic attack when one of the horrific creatures said “Can you see me?”

The logical situation that Miko came up with is to never acknowledge these creatures no matter what.

Unfortunately for her friend Hana, she cannot see these creatures.

Is Hana Yurikawa in danger?

As much as Miko wants to help, these creatures are attached to Hana’s positive energy.

Hana is Miko’s best friend and they often hang out together.

Yurikawa Hana can be a bit naive but annoying, but thanks to her there are often so many times Yotsuya Miko got saved from freaky situations.

Hana is constantly hungry and it’s possible the weird creatures are sucking her energy from her.

Right now she’s not in any imminent danger, but there are situations where Hana attracts danger. Thankfully, Miko saved her although Hana remains oblivious till the end.

Yuria Niguredou Hatred Towards Miko Yotsuya

the angry girl

The classic trope of misunderstanding is the case of Yuri Niguredou and Miko Yotsuya.

Yuria can see the spirits but can’t see bigger creatures who can be quite powerful.

When Miko and Hana went to get a magical amulet (bracelet), the beads kept breaking.

When Godmother gave powerful beads to Miko, the spirit broke them which led Godmother to close her shop.

Yuri worships her Godmother and hopes to become her student. Yuria can be a bit delusional but often she means no harm.

A bit longer due to past experience, she wants to expose Miko and befriend her by acknowledging she can see these creatures.

girls meeting an old woman

Unfortunately, a determined Miko understands the danger and refuses to acknowledge them.

This caused the famous choking incident, and Yuria is under the impression that Miko hates her.

Even worse, Yuria acknowledges that Miko is powerful and wants to get to accept the creatures.

The Arrival of Creepy Teacher

creepy sensei

When Miko and Hana found an abandoned cat, they posted an ad to find Neko chan a new house.

A weird creepy person showed up with lost’s of spirits and dark energy.

Miko immediately rejects the guy and does not give the cat to him.

Later, there’s a new teacher and who would have guessed it would be none other Mr creepy.

The creepy guy or Zen Toono is a cat killer for sure and attracts dangerous negative energy and spirits.

When Toono was teaching, there was a weird creature that almost targeted Hana and Miko.

Thanks to Hana’s hungry stomach, Miko perfectly escapes the dangerous situation.

Mieruko-chan is a perfect blend of horror and comedy and it’s interesting to see different situations and how she calmly handles them.

Zen Toono is quite a threat to Hana and Miko, wondering how she will handle him.

Keep streaming Mieruko-chan or you can wait for the series to start a good binge session.

Either way, Mieruko-chan is one of the best anime of 2021 and is definitely recommended to watch.

In terms of story, characters, music, and enjoyment, Mieruko-chan is a perfect blend.

Thanks for reading!