Classroom of The Elite Characters | Leads' Analysis

Classroom of The Elite Characters | Leads' Analysis

The Classroom of the Elite Characters are indeed very different from each other. However, the main leads shared some other similarities that made them unique and indeed the protagonists. Classroom of the Elite is a high school anime, basically a light novel. Here are 3 main Classroom of The Elite Characters and their analysis.

1. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

kiyotaka under the night sky

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is one of the Main Classroom of the Elite Characters, a second-year student at Advanced Nurturing High School. Even though he is an average student, he still outshines due to his looks. However, Kiyotaka has the capability of reading the emotions of people.

Kiyotaka is pretty imaginative. His way of playing with rules to obtain his will surely needs to be applauded. The knowledge of history that he possesses is commendable, as he mentions different historical aspects throughout the series.

However, he is awkward when it comes to conversing with people. His communication skills are so weak that he messes up while talking. This in a way made him sort of an introvert, who usually remained alone. People actually thought that he was rude and blunt due to this social awkwardness.

Despite Kiyotaka’s social awkwardness, he is still a man of words. He fulfilled his promise when he came to Airi Sakura’s rescue. He isn’t that bad after all, or is he? Like he tried at least right? He helped Suzune out of nowhere. Kiyotaka’s concern was inherently genuine at that time.

He even lost 50,000 while helping Ken Sudo(one of the Classroom of The Elite Characters) from getting expelled from school. There are many such instances when Kiyotaka was genuinely helpful and caring. However, as calm as he was, he was not at all an attention seeker rather he disliked attention.

Kiyotaka made it look like Suzune saved Ken from expulsion just to avoid attention. He even made Ken believe, that it was Suzune and not Kiyotaka, himself. Perhaps showing off wasn’t really his thing because of his father.

Kiyotaka was never nosy about others’ matters. However, his anger was next level. Even at times, to achieve his goal Kiyotaka doesn’t mind going to any extent possible. All such features at what make him one of the best and main Classroom of The Elite Characters.

2. Kikyō Kushida

image displays the beautiful reddish purple eyes of kushida
Kikyō Kushida

Kikyō Kushida is also one of the main Classroom of The Elite Characters. Due to her friendly and loving nature, she’s pretty much popular throughout the school.

Boys in her school very often find her attractive. However, she loves to show off, unlike Kiyotaka. Kikyo often bragged about her popularity in the school. Kikyo didn’t mind going up to any extent in saving herself. She threatened Kiyotaka with falsely accusing him of sexual assault if he spilled a single word.

However, her mood changed like seasons, leaving others to think of what exactly is she. Undoubtedly Kikyo hated Suzune. Yet Kikyo always tried to befriend her when the latter declined each time bluntly. However, the reason for hatred was baseless.

Besides all these, she is a very organized teenager, unlike others. Kikyo used to prepare to-do lists while she was with people. Kikyo literally planned every meet.

3. Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita sitting in a depressing mood
Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita is also one of the main Classroom of The Elite Characters. She wasn’t bad at studies, but getting along with people and working together was a mess for her. That was why they placed her in D-class.

However, Suzune was more or less like Kiyotaka. But she was actually blunt, unlike Kiyotaka. Suzune never showed any emotions and was always serious.

She wasn’t sympathetic; she looked down on people. Suzune can be seen as the perfect example of an antisocial person. She admitted not having friends and even Suzune believed that friends pull you down.

Kikyo tried many times to befriend her, but she bluntly declined each time making Kikyo hate Suzune even more. However, Suzune admired her brother a lot, he was the president of the student council.

She basically feared him, especially when he tried to assault her. Well, Suzune was one of that classroom of The Elite Characters who grew throughout the series.

She cared but lacked the way to show it. I guess that’s what Suzune learned towards the end.

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