What Is Culling Game in Jujutsu Kaisen?

A spoiler-free explanation of the Culling Game.

What Is Culling Game in Jujutsu Kaisen?

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga continues to evolve and shock its readers beyond any predictability. At the foot of the devastating Shibuya Arc, Gege Akutami introduced us to the Culling Game.

The Shibuya event was planned and executed almost to perfection by pseudo-Geto aka Kenjaku. His next big megalomaniac plan, the Culling Game, is essentially a jujutsu sorcerers’ Battle Royale. Let’s break it down.

What Is Culling Game in Jujutsu Kaisen?

The Culling Game is a deathmatch between jujutsu sorcerers and non-sorcerers throughout 10 “colonies” in Japan. As the name indicates, Kenjaku probably aims to weed out the weaker sorcerers and humans and select the strongest one out for his grander objectives.

Once they join the game, the participants will have to kill their opponents to gain points. The Game has 8 default rules. As the game progresses, players are allowed to add one rule for their benefit in the game.

Suguru Geto during culling game
Suguru Geto aka Kenjaku

Where Will It Happen?

There are ten colonies throughout Japan where the game will take place. They are connected by barriers that form a line that sends humans in Japan to the other side. Other than Hokkaido, the colonies at different places form a line through the entirety of Japan.

The Rules of Culling Game

The Culling Game has 8 default rules-

1. After awakening a cursed technique, players must declare their participation in the culling game at a barrier of their choice within 19 days.

The awakened sorcerer would be anyone who was either made a vessel or had a Cursed Tehnnique awakened in them by Kenjaku.

Within 19 days of their Cursed Technique awakening, these sorcerers must enter one of the ten colonies of their choice and participate in the culling game.

Due to the fact that the awakening occurred on October 31st at midnight, the deadline for these players to participate is November 19th at midnight.

This includes Megumi’s sister Tsumiki.

2. Any player who breaks the previous rule shall be subject to cursed technique removal.

According to Shoko Ieiri's explanation to Maki, the cursed technique removal mentioned here does not simply prevent one from using their cursed technique.

It is also not accomplished through Idle Transfiguration.

The removal process will essentially tamper with a player's brain, eventually killing them.

As a result, an awakened sorcerer cannot refuse to take part in the culling game. This, however, does not only apply to awakened sorcerers.

If any sorcerer participating in the game decides to abandon the game halfway through, they will also be subject to Cursed technique removal.

Once you are in, you are in, you can not choose to quit the culling game.

3. Non-players who enter the colony become players at the moment of entry and shall be considered to have declared participation in the culling game.

Anyone who wishes to declare their participation in the culling game must enter a colony willingly.

The same is true for non-sorcerers. They will be considered culling game participants if they enter a colony at any time.

However, if a civilian is already inside a colony, they will be permitted to leave. The barrier can only keep players within a colony if they enter it voluntarily.

Civilians who do not wish to participate in the game but are somehow inside the barrier can simply walk out of it.

4. Players score points by ending the lives of other players.

We don’t need to explain this one.

However, we are very much concerned for the lives of the jujutsu sorcerers who somehow survived the Shibuya arc and its aftermath.

5. Points are determined by the game master and indicate the value of a player’s life. As a general rule, sorcerers are worth 5 points, and non-sorcerers are worth 1 point.

This rule is a bit vague, probably purposefully so.

Nothing concrete could be said about this one until the game actually begins.

6. Excluding the point value of a player’s own life, players may expend 100 points to negotiate with the game master to add one new rule to the culling game.

This one is probably the most significant rule for all the players involved.

To Megumi, this can be a way to save Tsumiki.

An important thing to note here is players can add new rules to the game but can not ask to remove an already existing one.

7. In accordance with the previous rule, the game master must accept any proposed new rule unless it has a marked and long-lasting effect on the culling game.

In case the players might use the previous rule to end the Culling Game or make it less deadly, this rule foolproofs the continuation of games under any circumstances.

8. If a player’s score remains the same for 19 days, that player shall be subject to cursed technique removal

The harshest rule of them all, when you are in the culling game, you can never stop playing.

The culling game is said to run for 2 months.

Players would have to continue to play ie kill until the game ends!

In addition to these pre-existing rules, Hajime Kashimo added the Culling Game rule number 9 after accumulating 200 points.

They are an ancient shaman taking part in the Culling Games.

Player Additions

  • Players shall have access to information on other players, such as name, points, the number of rules added, and the current colony.
  • Players may transfer any number of points between one another.

The culling game is going to be an exciting bloodbath, or a real tearjerker that you definitely aren’t prepared for, or both.

Either way, the game is going to start in a full-fledged way very soon in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

If you’re a manga reader, we hope our explanation for the game helped you understand it a bit better.

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