Daewi Han's Relationships with Mori Jin and other God of Highschool Characters

Daewi Han's Relationships with Mori Jin and other God of Highschool Characters

Daewi Han from The God of Highschool is one of the main characters. Commissioner Q invited him to participate in the GoH tournament held in Seoul. He practices Full-contact Karate. He is known as The Jade Emperor and The Sage of the East.

Of all the characters from The God of Highschool, Daewi Han is the most likable character. His character draws the audience. Let’s check out more about the Jade Emperor. Potential spoiler alert ahead!

Daewi Han entered the G.O.H tournament to support his ailing friend and get him possible treatment. His friend Seungtae Woo is diagnosed with cancer and is on his deathbed. For paying his hospital bills, he decided to enter G.O.H.

Daewi asked for 100 million from Commissioner Q, to which he says that G.O.H could cure his friend. On his way to the preliminaries, Daewi Han meets Mori Jin and Yoo Mira.

He is close with Mori Jin and Yoo Mira, and he really cares about both of them. He is extremely protective of Mori Jin. In the G.O.H. finals, Mori Jin defeats him. For South Korea’s G.O.H Nationals, Daewi Han enters the tournament with Mori Jin and Yoo Mira.

Relationships with other God of Highschool Characters

Mori Jin

mori jin

Daewi Han and Mori Jin are really close friends. He cares about Mori Jin a lot and is very protective of him. He is fiercely loyal and trusts Mori Jin and would go to any lengths for him. After Mori Jin disappeared, Daewi kept searching for him continuously. He cherishes Mori Jin and feels extremely grateful for becoming friends.

Yoo Mira

yoo mira

Like Mori Jin, Dawei is close to Yoo Mira as well. Together with Mori Jin, Daewi crashed Mira’s wedding after she dropped out of the G.O.H tournament. They were also teammates in G.O.H Nationals.

Mira and Daewi have romantic feelings toward each other. When they went to stop the king, Daewi sacrificed his life for Mira. After the events of Ragnarok, Yoo Mira and Han Dawei are estranged.

Seungtae Woo

Seungtae Woo

As part of the Mad Cows, Seungtae Woo and DaewiHan were close school friends. He joined the G.O.H. in order to pay his hospital bills and also to save his life. Park Mubong promised to help him save Seungtae’s life.

Mori Hui

mori hui
The Complete Mori Team!

Daewi Han protects Mori Hui when the King tries to attack him and in the process, loses his right eye. He never blamed Mori Jin for that, rather he really cares about both Mori Jin and Mori Hui.

It was Daewi who acknowledges Mori Hui as a different individual rather than just a clone. He helped him realize that he was his own person. Daewi gradually grew close to Mori Hui and accepted the fact that Mori Hui was his friend and not just Mori Jin’s clone.

Commissioner Q

Commissioner Q

Commissioner Q invited him to the G.O.H tournament. Q and Han Daewi had a mentor and mentee relationship. He even cooked for Commissioner Q occasionally in exchange for teaching him how to properly use his Charyeok. Later, Commissioner Q marries Daewi’s sister, which irritates and shocks Daewi.

Dae-Ryeong Han

Dae-Ryeong Han

Dae-Ryeong is Daewi’s elder sister who is very protective of him. She is supportive of Daewi but she calls him weak after he lost his eye. Dae-Ryeong cares about him and didn’t want him to fight. She later marries Commissioner Q.

The King


Ohkwang liked Han Daewi and didn’t see him as an adversary. The King apologized to Daewi for damaging his eyes. They played Baduk (Korean chess) together sometimes, usually Daewi winning the game. The king had faith in him and thought that he was the right candidate to pass on his powers.

His Abilities

Daewi Han’s borrowed power is Haetae, the Korean Mythical creature. Hatae (Charyeok) has abilities such as Hydrokinesis and Nitikinesis. Haetae can also use healing power using his saliva. With his charyeok, Daewi can utilize Full Contact Karate techniques in which he can make wind and water as one.

Han Daewi has different Charyeok techniques such as Water Shield, Water Dragon’s Storm, Light Beam, Twin Strike, etc. The Sage’s eye or the Wisdom of the sage grants Han Daewi different abilities. He is also able to heal to a certain extent using these powers.

Trivia About Daewi Han

Trivia About Daewi Han

After the Ragnarok arc, he was chosen as the Next Jade emperor by the King (Okhwang). Okhwang gave him the Wisdom of the Sage. Ironically it was the King who damaged his right eye, while Daewi was trying to shield Mori Hui.

After the King’s death, Daewi becomes the next Jade Emperor and leads the remnants of Nox, Bishop Xiaochen among them. The Sage of the East rises and becomes part of The Six after Ragnarok.