Death Note Ending In Anime And Manga Explained

Death Note Ending In Anime And Manga Explained

Death Note Ending was one of the best we have ever seen. ‘Death Note,’ like several other anime, was adapted from a manga by the same name. The storyline was very imaginative. The notion of Good vs. Evil was fantastic. For me, one of the most unforgettable aspects of the story is the cast, especially the two main characters, Light and L.

The book gave the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone written on the paper as long as they kept the person’s face on their head while writing it. The plot revolves around Light’s efforts to use the Death Note to carry out a global genocide of those he believes are unworthy of life.

These citizens are almost all criminals. Even though all plot details are the same, the manga and anime endings are pretty much different. Light Yagami became the task force’s chief of police and had eliminated L. Two other detectives had taken his place towards Ending.

Mello used force to bind Kira by capturing his family. But, he dies after Kira writes his name in the Death Note. Near is a similar intellectual to L. He persists and finally welcomes Light and his task force to a warehouse. Near reveals that he knows Light Yagami is Kira and provides evidence to support his claim. Light tries to deceive his way out of being trapped, but the evidence becomes undeniable.

Anime – Death Note Ending

light yagami and shinigami ryuk in death note anime

The anime ending was not that appealing to the masses. The light was in a warehouse. He managed to write his detective squad’s names and Near in a piece of Death Note hidden in his watch. However, Touta Matsuda shoots him twice in the hand and leg. Light flees and ends up in another building in an industrial field.

Ryuk was there on top of a chimney and told himself how he could write Light’s name in the notebook. 40 seconds after Ryuk writes his name; Light dies alone in an unknown building.

Manga- Death Note Ending

light yagami and shinigami ryuk in death note manga

The Manga Death Note Ending was quite appealing. The light was eager to escape. He orders Ryuk to write the names of his task force and Near in the notebook.

Ryuk accepts, but instead of the other people in the warehouse, he writes Light Yagami’s name. Light is skeptical. But Ryuk reveals the notebook to show his name written there. Ryuk does this because Light will rot in jail without his aid.

Moreover, Ryuk didn’t want to help him in the first place. He was there just for fun, after all. Hence, Light dies from a heart attack in front of the two detective teams after 40 seconds.

One of my favorite aspects of the Death Note Ending was how vulnerable Light felt at the end. Since L and Melo’s deaths, he had been much more reliant on his scheme and his manipulative abilities. Light Yagami was bound to make an error, just like Mello or L. He was so certain of his strategy that he didn’t have any backup plans.

There was nothing Light should have done as Mikami’s book turned out to be a forgery. He called out for assistance, but no one responded. I think he finally understood how his victims would have felt.