Did Katagiri Yuichi Betray Mikasa Tenji in Tomodachi Game?

Did Katagiri Yuichi Betray Mikasa Tenji in Tomodachi Game?

Things have been heating up ever since the third game. Katagiri Yuichi and Mikasa Tenji were playing the Tomodachi Game together in the third round. The game of the third round was complicated yet simple.

In the extravagant hide and seek where Yuichi and Mikasa are against a group of a strong team, chances are slim for them to win. There are two ways one can win and a betrayal is an option included. With the current setting will Katagiri Yuichi betray Mikasa Tenji?

What is the Third Game?

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The third game of Tomodachi game entails extreme planning, preservation, and betrayal. According to the rules, there are two groups within a team. One person who is a seeker has to hide from the opponent team and the rest players need to find the seeker who hides before the rival can find their location.

The problem in this setting is since Mikasa Tenji and Katagiri Yuichi as two men teams, the chances of winning are slim without exposing their location. The biggest hurdle set in the game was that players were kept hungry for 3 days before the game began.

The handicap was further a disadvantage for Yuichi and Tenji because neither of them had food. As Mikasa Tenjo decided to hide, he was dependent on Yuichi to supply him with food.

How to Win Tomodachi Game?

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Another problem was the fake teammate Maria sent by the management can be a roadblock for the team. According to the game rules, people can betray each other and side with the winning team. Of course, the debt will increase as well.

There are different ways to win the game. One, the seeker (the person hiding) can press the give up button, making the team lose automatically. Second violence against rivals is not allowed.

Use violence and the rivals win by default. The third option is to find their seeker before the rival ends the game. The real problem began when a player can face a psychological attack and can push the give-up button, especially in the case of Mikasa Tenji.

Tenji didn’t receive any communication or food in the first two days. It looked like Katagiri Yuichi betrayed Mikasa Tenji.

Did Katagiri Yuichi Betray Mikasa Tenji?

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Unfortunately, for Mikasa Tenji, he wasn’t forgiven for his previous acts. Katagiri Yuichi along with Maria Mizuse had no intention to look for Mikasa Tenji. Yuichi was strategically positioned near the enemy camp and didn’t bring food to Mikasa Tenji leaving him to starve for nearly 3 days.

The question persists if Katagiri Yuichi really betrayed Mikasa Tenji. Katagiri Yuichi offered to join the opposite team as well but was rejected by the shadow team leader Shinomiya Kei.

Kei was the real team leader of the group who was pulling strings from behind. Katagiri Yuichi is a man with a plan. There’s no way he would easily betray his team.

It was all part of his plan. He used Maria to lure the rivals and even went as far as to push Maria off the cliff. Yuichi was carefully observing Kei’s teammates and when the chance was right ran off with Maia.

Although Maria ended up as a pawn, Katagiri Yuichi served his goals and finally made a run. The rivals couldn’t do anything as they didn’t account for Katagiri Yuichi’s planning skills and intellect.

Yuichi used his observational skills and carefully planted seeds of doubt while making a run for Mikasa Tenji. After ditching Maria, as part of the plan, Katagiri Yuichi reached where Tenji was hiding. Thankfully, Mikasa Tenji didn’t give up and didn’t press the give-up button.

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Katagiri was testing Tenji and lucky for them neither of them broke the trust. After giving the food to Mikasa Tenji, Katagiri Yuichi was back with the plan. Use Maria as the lure to break their team. Katagiri was aiming to manipulate Hyakutaro and Chisato from the K group.

The plan even worked as Hyakutaro made a switch in Katagiri’s team to protect Maria. Was it totally planned, and the extent of Katagiri Yuichi’s plot can be barely understood? It’s not possible for him to account for everything.

The K Group leader Kei was actually relieved when the time bomb Hyakutaro made the switch to Katagiri’s team. Only the endgame will know who will win. Will Kei’s careful planning win over Katagiri Yuichi’s intellect, only time will time.

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