Did Maou and Yusha have a child Together?

Did Maou and Yusha have a child Together?

The Devil is a Part-Timer or Hataraku Maou Sama Season 1 ended in 2013. The new season of Hataraku Maou Sama made a comeback after a long time. Fans are overjoyed and ecstatic with the popular series returning after 9 years.

Season 1 ended on a high note with Sadao Maou managing the crisis but Sasaki Chiho ended up learning the truth. Her confession was left hanging for now. Hataraku Maou Sama Season 2 started with a mysterious baby Alas Ramus.

What is the identity of the baby? Is it an enemy? Why did the baby say that Maou is her father? Did Maou and Yusha have a child together?

What’s happening in the Maou household?

the mao gang

Certainly, one of the best things we missed was the Maou household. It’s fun and entertaining to watch the two demons bicker while Maou Sama just watches everything from the sidelines acting like a responsible adult and money earner for the household.

Shirou Ashiya (Alciel), the fearless and loyal demon general was trying to manage the household by dealing with chores and keeping the family from falling apart. Whereas the defeated demon Hanzou Urushihara (aka Lucifer) has become NEET and a freeloader at the Maou household.

angry alciel with lucifer

Lucifer ends up increasing their burden and gets at Alciel’s nerve while the two of them constantly bicker and Lucifer does not give a time of the day to him. All he does is online shopping and playing video games, without doing any real job to earn money. Poor Maou Sama has it rough.

yusha emily in season 2

What’s even more entertaining is the causal visits by Emi Yusha who mocks the poorness of their household. While regularly visiting their next-door neighbour Suzuno Kamazuki, all of them have become closer.

Suzuno Kamazuki, the chief interrogator of Ente Isla doesn’t mind the ruckus and frequently visits the Maou household.

At least, the only good thing is Sadao Maou and his workplace. Maou has a reliable superior at McRonalds with Mayumi Kisaki and coworker Chiho Sasaki.

Are Chiho and Maou dating?

mao going to work

Chiho Sasaki confessed her love to Maou Sama in the previous season. Maou did not answer or reject her feelings. Technically, there is still hope for Chi chan as long as Maou feels the same.

It’s quite difficult to say how Maou feels towards her but he is extremely protective of her and sees her as an important coworker. Chiho wanted to visit Maou at home, but he was reluctant as he felt something was weird at home.

Anyhow, they ended up visiting after it was raining and the thing that made everyone get so terrified ended up being a cockroach. Guess the great devil Maou Sama doesn’t like cockroaches so much.

Who is the mysterious baby?

main cast of season 2

While the confusion was ongoing, everyone including Maou and Emi was going cutthroat at each other. The sudden weird object that fell from the portal gate left everyone speechless.

Previously a mysterious woman send a baby to Ente Isla which ended up at Maou’s place. The unknown baby literally projected at Maou and called him his father. Leaving everyone speechless especially, Chiho chan who was jealous and worried about Maou having a wife and family somewhere.

alas ramus and chiho

Maou was flabbergasted but constantly declined to be the father of the unknown baby, Alas Ramus. Alas Ramus pointed out Emi Yusha as her mother which left everyone more confused and suspicious while a worried Chiho was crying about how she wanted a role reversal.

It was clear that the baby was neither Maou’s nor Yusha’s. After constant wondering, people were thinking about what to do with the baby. Taking poverty into consideration as well, Suzuno Kamazuki offered to raise the baby but Maou rejected her.

crying alas ramus

Maou took the responsibility and decided to raise Alas Ramus until her family shows up. Technically they did not have a child together but Maou and Yusha will have to raise Alas Ramus together as the child wouldn’t part with either of them.

It became weird for Maou when Chiho chan and Suzuno ended up taking Alas Ramus to his workplace. Thankfully, Mayumi gave Maou a day off to raise their baby.

The situation gets confusing and weird as Yusha confides to Suzuki about the baby. The situation took a plot twist when Alas Ramus, Yusha and Maou ended up going to the amusement park together.

While Maou took an effortless look to take the baby out, Yusha didn’t let her guard down and went in style to play the perfect part of the mother. As usual, a concerned Ashiya followed Maou on their date with Chiho tagging along.

Chiho is kind-hearted and previously gave them the necessary items for the baby while genuinely caring about Maou. Her heart was torn in two watching Maou go out with Emi on a date, how she hoped she could be the one.

It was surprising to see them worried and follow the trio while elsewhere Lucifer could sense something troublesome happening. How will things unfold now that a mysterious baby has shown up from Ente Isla?

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