5 Most Disturbing Moments In Classroom of the Elite Season 1

5 Most Disturbing Moments In Classroom of the Elite Season 1

Classroom of the Elite is a light novel series written by Shojo Kinugasa. It became one of the most-watched novel series and gained fans from all over the world. At first, it would seem as if it is a normal high school drama, where the two protagonists fall in love and create friendships that last forever. It is definitely not any of that.

The plot follows Kiyotaka Ayanokouji and his endeavor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School. It takes place in futuristic Japan.

The story initially starts off in a more light-hearted tone, but slowly gets darker as secrets and lies are told. This anime shows an interesting twist on what we can call the ‘negative’ traits of a human being.

Ayanokouji meets the other protagonist, Suzune Horikita who seems to be an independent, not-to-mess with kind of girl. He along with Horikita is in D-class, which is dumped with the ‘inferior’ students.

Everyone in this world has another side to them, an alter ego, some are brilliant at masking it and some use it to their advantage. And so begins their school life of trying to move up to class A and become the top student.

The story has a good play on how human manipulation works, revealing that the cause is much deeper than it actually seems. The fans who’ve watched this anime not only love it for the visuals and the riveting plot, but also for the unexpected thought-provoking moments that it brings us. It’s an unusual anime. Here are 5 Daunting Moments That Come With a Psychological thrill.

1. Ayanokouji’s Marks

Ayanokaouji in a dark night sky

Ayanokouji seems like a smart guy who is quiet and reserved. He’s also seen as this mysterious guy who doesn’t reveal much about himself. So, when it’s revealed that he scored 50/100, exactly half of a hundred, it was out-of-the-blue.

Not only did it seem intentional, but it seemed like he wanted to prove something to someone. Almost like provoking someone by scoring half on every test attended. It seems like a mere coincidence but has a much bigger motive to it.

2. Horikita’s Weakness

Ayanokouji saves Horikita

Horikita, right from the beginning of the series seems like an aloof, cold-hearted, and intellectual girl. She doesn’t believe in friendship and detests any form of relationship.

Her goal is to reach class A and become the top student. She seems like the type to handle anything that comes her way, someone who doesn’t show her weakness. On that note, it was very interesting to see her falter and become weak in front of her brother, Manabu Horikita who also happens to be the student council president.

He is an apathetic guy who feels ashamed of her. And he openly expresses his distaste toward her and degrades her, which clearly affects her. Manabu was not afraid not to hit his own sister.

Shocking as it was for fans, Ayanokouji saved the day by easing the situation in a way he deemed fit. Her “damsel in distress” moment along with her acceptance of her degradation indeed showed her more ‘human’ side.

3. Kushida’s Alter Ego

Kushida in a red uniform

Kikyou Kushida is a bubbly girl who is nice to all of her classmates. Turns out she has a darker past than one could imagine, beyond her façade. It could most definitely be called her “alter ego.”

That side of her was a refreshing turn on what a typical bubbly anime girl is- a cold-blooded, manipulative and violent girl. This side of her does not hesitate to ruin anybody’s life and manipulate people.

4. Ayanokouji’s Past

Ayanokouji as a child

Ayanokouji’s past is one of the most mysterious pasts that did not reveal much information. It was clear as day that his past shaped him into what he was.

The only things we know are that he was subjected to scientific tests when he was a child, by his own father. He experienced no love and as shown throughout the series, he shows psychopathic tendencies. He seems emotionless and secretive.

5. Ayanokouji’s Real Motive

Ayanokouji in a depressing mood

While few things were revealed about his past, we don’t know all the details which leads us to believe that his actual motive might be something bigger than just becoming the top student.

His attitude toward others is just a façade, he doesn’t consider anyone a friend or an ally. He was brainwashed into thinking that everyone is just a tool in this merciless world. The end of Episode 12 was certainly surprising and left us wanting more.